Houston 48 Hour Music Video Project

October 4 - 6, 2013

The 48 Hour Music Video Project visted Houston the weekend of October 4 - 6, 2013. Bands (or songwriters) and filmmakers from all over the Houston area teamed up to see who can make the best music video in only 48 hours.

Spotlight on...

Johnny Raygun

Press the play button above to listen - this is an example of the artist's work and is not necessarily the song that will be used for the music video. More samples may be available here.

Band Members
Zach Kimmel, Guitar & Vocals
Jono Lacy, Drums & Vocals
Thomas "Pippy" Colbourne, Bass & Swagger

Genre: Rock

Location: Houston

Website: theraygunmusic.blogspot.com

Johnny Raygun is a hard rock trio from Houston, Texas. We believe in power, energy, and levity. We've been a band for almost seven years, and have over 20 original songs and almost 50 covers in our arsenal. We've recorded one album of all-original music and are currently working on a second.

Jono and Zach were in high school together and eventually got together to play in a band their junior year. They played together for a long time, and then stopped for some reason. Jono went off and did a whole bunch of side projects and learned a bunch about music that made him like really indie and folksy stuff.

Zach went on his way and joined a couple of other bands and got really into metalcore for a while. There was a time when you couldn't talk to the guy without him roping you into some nonsense about breakdowns. He used to use the word "metal" to describe things he liked. Everyone was very worried about him.

Eventually, though, Jono and Zach started playing music together after one of the bands Zach was in imploded. It was just the two of the for a little while, and it was definitely something exciting.

Zach was at Guitar Center one day—one random, fateful day—just looking around various noisemaking devices, when he happened to notice Pippy trying out bass pedals. Somehow Zach got up the nerve to talk to a stranger, and asked Pip to try out for one of Zach's soon-to-be-imploded bands. He did. Some experts say that the extra gravity that Pip brought to his first practice is what made the band implode, like a red giant.

It didn't matter. Just a couple weeks after Jono and Zach started playing together again, Zach called Pippy up and the hit machine roared to life.

The Raygun has had the cops called on them six times and counting for noise violations. Things are looking up, however, since the last visit was not accompanied by threats or citations—instead, it ended in high-fiving.

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