Houston 48 Hour Music Video Project

October 4 - 6, 2013

The 48 Hour Music Video Project visted Houston the weekend of October 4 - 6, 2013. Bands (or songwriters) and filmmakers from all over the Houston area teamed up to see who can make the best music video in only 48 hours.

Spotlight on...

Brunson Theater

Press the play button above to listen - this is an example of the artist's work and is not necessarily the song that will be used for the music video.

Band Members
Ryan Guidry, Guitar, Keyboard & Vocals
Chase Hamblin, Guitar, Keyboard & Vocals
Jennifer Henley, Bass & Guitar
Andy McWilliams, Drums & Guitar
Bill Royall, Guitar, Keyboard & Vocals

Genre: Rock/Pop

Website: facebook.com/brunsontheater

Texas has a dirty secret creeping up from the Dirty Bay. Although it's affecting the air right now...it's not toxic. The stories you will hear confront a toxic subject but you will likely enjoy the journey whether you're skimming the surface or digging in deep.

It will demand your attention while warming your heart. Even on the haunting songs you'll find yourself singing like a child. This effective and rich bed of harmony support every note. It seems impossible to hear a two minute long song spit out 21 chords yet never get in the way of the melody. No, this is not jazz. This music is for everybody.

This is rock music from a band known as THE BRUNSON THEATER. The music native to Texas new and old covers a wide variety of styles but the forbidden music that's been spinning around the Dirty Bay for a while recently spawned a piece of work incompatible with any southern musical heritage.

THE BRUNSON THEATER are releasing their debut album, "WE LAND SOON", in the winter of 2013. With veteran musician, Ryan Guidry, singing, writing and arranging the album promises to be one of the most melodically infectious and satisfying rock records of the past 15 years. Imagine Peter Gabriel era Genesis sung with Justin Hayward's (Moody Blues) timbre cross pollinating with The Beach Boys and Radiohead into a palatable flowing collection of songs informed by The Beatles.

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