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Cannes Film Festival Debut!

Roll out the red carpet! A selection of the "Best of 2006" films were shown at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner on Thursday, May 17th, including:
- "Tooth and Nail" by Cinema Syndicate (Portland, OR)
- "Stairwell C" by Vaughn Juares (Minneapolis)
- "Skinned Alive" by Sputnik (Portland, ME)
- "Maten al Payaso" by Afafas (Miami)
- "Owensville" by Shaolin Monkeys (Washington, DC)
- "Doughboy Beware!" by Biscuits and Gravy (LA)

Filmmakers Sean McGrath, Vaughn Juares, Jeremy Koller, and John Stuhldreher were at Cannes for the screening.

In addition, eleven films made especially for Cannes made their debut. These films were made as part of a Paris invitational. Find out more information, or watch the films and vote for your favorite!

posted May 14, 2007

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