The 48 Hour Film Project

At the Cannes Film Festival

Fourteen 48HFP films have been selected to screen at the Cannes Film Festival, the most well-known film festival in the world! Our films will screen at the Short Film Corner as part of the Marche du Film. Below are the films that will screen at the Palais on Tuesday, May 19, at 11:30am.

- "Aidan 5" by Jakson (Columbus)
- "Amaranto" by Urban Team (Rome)
- "Backwoods" by Studio Bib Simmons (Milwaukee)
- "Birthmarked for Death" by Dorkus Rainbowpants (Minneapolis)
- "A Briefcase of Love" by Ghee La Roche (Portland, Maine)
- "Four Minutes Till the End" by Team Film Classics Productions (San Antonio)
- "Fused" by thefyzz (London)
- "The Hall" by Hungry Camera Company (Toronto)
- "Moment of Silence" by Par-t-com Productions (Los Angeles)
- "An Old Scam" by Ha'amoraim (Tel Aviv)
- "Robot Love from Another World" by Pizza Infinity (Cincinnati)
- "Salam" by Indievisual Studios (Honolulu)
- "Transfert" by FatCat Films (Paris)
- "Vaakalaudalla" by New Dawn (Finland)

posted April 29, 2009

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