The 48 Hour Film Project

Hear What Filmmakers Have to Say

"We are sooo tired."
— Atlanta

"It was awesome working with and meeting new people and coming together to create something. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely!"
— Chicago

"It took every virtue I had in my personality from patience to courage to sorority to leadership ability. Of course I will do it again!"
— Mumbai

"What a wonderful opportunity for friends from around the country to come together to produce a film."
— Miami

"Best fun weekend with a group of creative individuals—see you next year!"
— Atlanta

"We are a group of amateurs, but we found a couple of talented people to help with camera and editing. We had a grand adventure!"
— Austin

"Possibly the most fun anyone has ever had in Vegas without winning a million bucks."
— Las Vegas

"We had so much fun, and we learned so much. We're ready for more."
— Chicago

"We ran out of time."
— Austin