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Genre Requirement 48 Hour Film Project

At the Kickoff Event each team draws TWO genres from a hat.

At the Kickoff Event each team will be assigned two genres - one from Group #1 and one from Group #2 as listed below. Your team may decide which one to use for your film. For years we've had everyone's favorite pairing Musical or Western, but now each and every genre will be paired.

With this change, the Wild Card option has been eliminated. Your film must be true to one of the genres you have selected — and no trading with other teams!

Got it all? Well, be warned... We switch up the options each year - just to keep you on your toes!!

?לא מכירים את 48 שעות

Required Elements

In addition to drawing a genre, each team will be required to include an assigned character, prop and line of dialogue at the Kickoff Event.

מידע נוסף

Combining Genres

You may combine genres (e.g., a silent comedic buddy film) - however, your official assigned genre must be clearly represented in the mix.

Adherence to Assignment

Did you know judges base part of their scores on a film’s adherence to assignment? This refers to the genre and required elements.

Genre Group #1: 2017 48 Hour Film Project

Fish Out of Water
סרט אהבה
סרט אילם מידע נוסף
סרט אקשן/הרפתקאות
סרט התבגרות /נעורים
סרט חבר'ה
סרט מלחמה (או אנטי מלחמה)
סרט מסע
סרט מסע בזמן
קומדיה שחורה

Genre Group #2: 2017 48 Hour Film Project

Music Film מידע נוסף
אומנויות לחימה
מדע בדיוני
סרט לכל המשפחה
סרט ספורט
סרט תקופתי/ היסטורי
פילם דה-פאם (Film de Femme) מידע נוסף

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