The 48 Hour Film Project

48 Hour Film Project/Panasonic
HD Filmmaker Showdown

Five US city-winning teams competed in the 48 Hour Film Project-Panasonic HD Filmmaker Showdown on the weekend of January 25-27, 2008.

Panasonic loaned each team an HPX500 HD camera (with Fujinon lens, tripod plate, 4 16GB P2 Cards and an HPG10 P2 Gear) for the competition weekend. The winning team will receive an HVX200 HD camera to keep. Also, their film will screen at Filmapalooza in March.

Finalists for the HD Showdown

Team NameCity
The Branching Richmond
Cinema Syndicate Portland, Oregon
Integral Arts Washington, DC
Team Juicebox Seattle
XLAJ Houston

N Pictures from Miami was a finalist, but was unable to participate.

And the winner is...

Best Film of the HD Filmmaker Showdown
Integral Arts from Washington, DC, for "Lizzie Strata"

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Character: Jack or Jackie Fudd, subcontractor
Prop: a fruit (e.g., banana, watermelon, etc.—must be a prop)
Line of Dialogue: "Remember, it's a secret."
Genre: Road Movie