The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project
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What Happened During Their Weekend?

The HDFS filmmakers share stories from their wild weekend of filmmaking.

Portland Deja Vu

So you've been there. Suddenly you have a half hour before the deadline and you still haven't watched your movie beginning to end. But you push it... you allllllllllllllllllllways push it, don't ya? Tweaking, cutting, cutting, and tweaking. So now you're F***ed and with barely any time left you notice there's a huge glaring glitch staring at you. So you freak out, go back, fix it, render, burn, and just hope that that police escort you're owed from way back when comes through in the clutch. Our film Tooth and Nail was the last one turned in on time for the Portland competition. You woulda thought we learned our lesson with that close call, but no, you'd be wrong. We have the memory capability of fruit flies. So now we have a producer flying through the streets of Portland with the movie in tow like there's a woman in labor in the backseat. But we made it. I think we had two minutes to spare, so why were we worrying, right?

With regard to shooting, everything went great. Our idea Friday night pretty much was executed 100 percent. We got "Family Film" as our genre and dealt with a 3 year old for the whole weekend. Hope ya like it!

Magnetoscope Pictures

We had a great...but stressful time. Completed the project on time, but with only minutes to spare. Curious to know if anyone was shooting 720p as opposed to 720pn? We have made three movies this year and I believe this one pushed us closest to the limit.