Los Angeles, California August 7 - 9, 2015

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Amalgamated Grommets for winning Best Film of 2015. Their film The List will go on to represent Los Angeles against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2016.

1st Place: Best Film of 2015

The List by Amalgamated Grommets

2nd Place: Best Film of 2015

Zoe and The Prince by MOXIE

3rd Place: Best Film of 2015

Painted by Bad and Classic Productions

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November 6 - 8, 2015

Required Elements

  • Character: Cash or Carly Fitzwater, Best Friend
  • Prop: a handbook/instructions
  • Line: "No. Guess again." ("Nope. Guess again" is also acceptable.)

Audience Favorite: Group A

My Lunch by RAWMIX Productions

Honorable Mention
Passage 379 by Kid McLain Films

Audience Favorite: Group B

Bad Ass Security Handbook by Trinoceros

Honorable Mention
Find Me by Hidden Door Films

Audience Favorite: Group C

Nakama by Children of the Corman

Honorable Mention
The Porlock by Double Deuce

Audience Favorite: Group D

Rerouting by Slushpile Entertainment

Honorable Mention
Robotic Cop by Absurd Caca Roach Experiment

Audience Favorite: Group E

Clone Counseling by Squared Pictures

Honorable Mention
Zoe and The Prince by MOXIE

Audience Favorite: Group F

CASH & MCCAIN: Crime Cops of Crime by 48 1/2 Hour Films

Honorable Mention
Mostly An Accident by Sethward Productions

Audience Favorite: Group G

The Three Bees by Rivers INK'D

Honorable Mention
Ghost Stories by Underhill Films

Audience Favorite: Group H

The List by Amalgamated Grommets

Honorable Mention
Omega-Man by Deluxe Shoes

Audience Favorite: Group I

Superfly by PEMERT Pictures

Honorable Mention
The Thing by The Sandbox

Audience Favorite: Group J

Painted by Bad and Classic Productions

Honorable Mention
Too Much To Cover by Alchemical

Audience Favorite: Group K

Lazie by French Connection

Honorable Mention
Time is Money by Reel 4 Studios

Audience Favorite: Group L

Coming up Short by Metal Pixel Foundry

Honorable Mention
Chicken by Clubhouse 122

Best Writing

The List by Amalgamated Grommets

Clone Counseling by Squared Pictures

Best Editing

Superfly by PEMERT Pictures

Best Directing

The List by Amalgamated Grommets

Best Cinematography

Painted by Bad and Classic Productions

Best Sound Design

Find Me by Hidden Door Films

Best Musical Score

The List by Amalgamated Grommets

Best Actor

Jacob DeMonte-Finn Clone Counseling by Squared Pictures

Honorable Mention
Ron Christopher Jones The List by Amalgamated Grommets

Best Actress

Sofia Rosinsky Zoe and The Prince by MOXIE

Honorable Mention
Alexandria McCale Mostly An Accident by Sethward Productions

Best Ensemble Acting

Zoe and The Prince by MOXIE

Best Graphics

Plane of existence by Upper State Entertainment

Best Costumes

Zoe and The Prince by MOXIE

Best Set Design

Wicked Ways by Just Shoot It!

Timeless by PlanetFroth

Best Use of Character

We Made a Pact by Transplant Pictures

Best Use of Prop

Bad Ass Security Handbook by Trinoceros

Best Use of Line

Lazie by French Connection

Best Use of Genre

Nakama by Children of the Corman

The List by Amalgamated Grommets

Best Visual Effects

Superfly by PEMERT Pictures

2015 Film List

  • ¿Por Qué? by Gold Thunder Cookies

    A nostalgic fan travels to a convention hosted by fanatics of a cancelled telenovela.

  • 11th Hour by Do It For The Reel

    A man battles with addiction, struggles with relationships, all in search of happiness

  • 3 X 5 by Latin Kings
  • A Cowboys Hat by Beagle Benz and Bentley

    Lost during a hike, a young woman and her dog are aided by a mysterious cowboy.

  • A LION FROM NEBRASKA by Popcorn Jelly Bean

    She's come a long way to find her mate.

  • A World Away by YoungPros

    A couple endures crossing the border into United States.

  • Addling by Bench Warmers

    Imagination is like a free bird.

  • All is Fair by Two Man Crew

    3 veterans confront the past

  • Always Down by Danger Cracking

    A young woman, with the help of her best friend, struggles to overcome a tragic loss.

  • AMBER ALERT by Lion's Claw Productions


  • Anger Management by Creative Suspect

    Man joins an anger management class filled with women.

  • Attack By Day by The Spicy Tacos

    A young girl jogs her last lap, in excersise, only to get attacked with total bluntness.

  • Back In Tent City by RockPaperScissors
  • Back To School Blues by Squad 33

    A camera crew follows a group of middle school teachers getting rowdy on their last day of summer

  • Bad Ass Security Handbook by Trinoceros

    A rookie security guard relies on a mysterious handbook only to discover true confidence lies within

  • Beach Bonanza at Botany Bay by Spirit OnScreen

    An eccentric director documents his attempts to develop a new beach party musical.

  • Best Friends by $14 French Fries

    No, guess again

  • Beware the Moonlight by Crowned Prince Productions

    If you purchase a mermaid off the black market for exploitation and profit... read the instructions.

  • Billy by The Four Filmsmen of The Cinemapocalypse

    A chronically disappointed boy plots his revenge on Santa, and learns what it takes to be an adult.

  • Birthday Boy: I Got Ur Back by Sleep Disorderlies

    A man in an open relationship receives an invaluable gift.

  • Bro Night by Yumtown Pictures

    To Bro or Not to Bro

  • Bury by BLOODSHOT productions

    Two best friends head out for a normal day, or so they think...

  • Cabin 54 by Quality Pictures International

    An escaped convict has a chance at redemption.

  • Carly & the Revelation of Bliss by Maiden Voyage Productions
  • Cash & Carry by Team 33 Productions

    Carly Fitzwater & Magno-Man rescue Carly's Dad from a kidnapper.

  • CASH & MCCAIN: Crime Cops of Crime by 48 1/2 Hour Films

    Because sometimes crime makes no sense

  • Chasing Cash by The Iceberg

    Two best friends turn against each other after a train robbery goes wrong.

  • Chicken by Clubhouse 122

    A woman battles her inner demons in hopes of creating a few more.

  • Ching-Vega by Fist The Mountain

    A blind nurse falls in love with the wrong woman.

  • Clone Counseling by Squared Pictures

    A man and his clone go in for therapy.

  • Code 77 by Ponyland Filmindustri

    Old highschool friends find themselves on opposite sides of the law.

  • COMING DOWN by Hey! What's the Big Idea?

    When the end of the world comes, will the ends of yours come too?

  • Coming up Short by Metal Pixel Foundry

    Role players fantasies come to life

  • Complicity by D. Padraic

    Facing the convergence of technology and medicine.

  • Consumed by No Payne Productions

    A couple puts their trust in a mysterious stranger to save their possessed friend.

  • Continuitous by Tasting Zoo
  • Courting, For Amatuers by It's Like Science

    A robot attempts to woo its human companion.

  • Crazy Ei8hth by Spartans

    during a chaotic group therapy session, a woman finds support from an unlikely source.

  • Cures Anything by HD Savannah

    Sometimes you find comfort where you least expect it.

  • Curiosity by Nightpantz

    Why look for something if you don't want to find it.

  • Cutting Imaginary Ties by COILED IT Films

    An exterminator of imaginary friends faces a tough choice that re-defines his passion.

  • Daemon by Clash Act

    A demon from hell instructs a minion on how to control a human on earth

  • Darling by Omniclysm Productions

    Inspiration Can Be Hard To Find

  • Did it work by Two Countries

    We can't know what we want until we can't have it any more.


    2 girls recruit their best friend to help them dispose of a body.

  • Duel Reality by PodBrother Nation

    What is your duel reality?

  • Embryo by Dream More Than Sleep

    In the future a woman is reborn after an unprecedented act.

  • Entry Level by Team Awesome

    Recently Unemployed Alex comes to terms with her situation during her latest interview.

  • Eradication by Video Collective Productions

    An alien escapes from a military prison to usher in the destruction of earth.

  • Expectations Day by Sneaky Varmint

    A Valentine's Day non-conformist has a heart to heart with her phsychie administration.

  • Extra Room by Happenstance

    It's ok to say no.

  • Family Impossible by Another 48 Hour A Team

    An eccentric mother and daughter relationship is strained after a missing handbook resurfaces.

  • Find Me by Hidden Door Films

    While searching for her best friend, Dani receives "help" from a handbook titled: How To Find Me.

  • Finders Keepers by Wayward West

    A girl wakes up in a clown's apartment and fears her life may be in danger.

  • Fireworks by Storymore

    In a bar where everyone knows Sam's name, San discovers that Carly wants to know him a bit better.

  • Fitzwater & Mutton by ArtBstract films

    A elderly woman and her best friend go after a purse-snatcher

  • Fixing It by Non Compos Mentis

    A mechanic does his best to fix a broken relationship.

  • Fractured Triangle by GOMA PRO

    Even best friends aren't safe from doubt.

  • Fun Run by What About Watson

    A gay guy and his straight best friend go on a Valentine's Day theme run...an all lesbian one.

  • Game Of Rooms by Retro Gold Entertainment

    When 5 friends discover their vacation home only has one good bed they will do anything to claim it.

  • Get The Hell Out Of My House! by B.A.M.F.

    A young woman discovers her destiny when a naked man appears in her living room.

  • Ghost Stories by Underhill Films

    A group of recently deceased humans adjust to the afterlife.

  • Go to Bed by Nerdhaven Films

    A young boy deals with bedtime fears

  • Gone with the Wind by Danny Schramm Films

    Friendship should be a breeze

  • Got Your Back by Last Minute Productions

    Two women take on a diamond heist that tests their friendship when they encounter another crew.

  • Grace by James Drake Films

    A raw look at the feelings millions subdue

  • Hairball by Rush to Print

    Two hapless cleaners get up close and fursonal with their work.

  • Hotel de Condor by Unsanctioned

    Federal agents meet the mysterious Deep Jowls to acquire the most damning evidence from Watergate.

  • How To: The Musical by One More for the Road

    He wants in. She wants on

  • HR-48 by Zontal Productions

    A terrified woman must decide to give up or fight amidst a deadly outbreak.

  • I'm Still Here by Work Of Fae

    Two sisters struggle to cope with their new reality before it's to late.

  • Involuntary by Weekend gig

    You need Trust to get away with murder.

  • LA.me by OWL Prod
  • Late November by Brooklyn 2 La Productions

    Letti (27) the surrogate for her friend, has to tell her she miscarried but is too afraid

  • Lazie by French Connection

    When romance meets the film set

  • Left to Right by Tool Truck Productions

    A guy in the not so distant future needs love/sex

  • Lets Ride by teamLAC

    One night can change a lifetime

  • Lilies by Collection of Bodys and Thoughts

    Life is better appreciated under extreme circumstances.

  • Love and Voodooo by ONE WAY PICTURES

    A woman looking for love encounters a Voodoo master who gives her what her heart desired.

  • Love at First Flight by International Cinephiles

    A lie takes flight as a man tries to impress a woman on their first date.

  • Love Signs by The (tony) Starks

    Sometimes in love, actions speak louder than words.

  • LOVE, GENEVE by Come With Me If You Want To Film

    Two teenage

  • Lovebirds by Dutch Boys

    Two friends go for a hike and meet a mysterious stranger.

  • Lunch, Interrupted by PS Nice Productions

    A man, enjoying a quiet day in the park, is changed by an unexpected neighbor

  • Main Corpse by Hyro Flix

    Dale, on a mission to save his best friend, finds himself having to kill with the intent to save.

  • Meeting Don by Plus Ultra

    Inspiring actress decides to meet THE Don. Not for a good reason.

  • Minnesota by Rubicon Crossing

    Claire's family is meeting her new girlfriend, her brother's ex, after their parents' funeral.

  • Mostly An Accident by Sethward Productions

    Love is murder. Can you dig it?

  • My Lunch by RAWMIX Productions

    A woman investigates who stole her lunch.

  • My Shining Star by Mita
  • Nakama by Children of the Corman

    After a failed social experiment, a team of engineers get a glimpse of the positive impact.

  • NIGHT TERRORS by Evanture Films

    A woman struggles with night terrors brought on by the murder of her boyfriend.

  • Omega-Man by Deluxe Shoes

    A boy documents a possible Supero's life.

  • One Third by LA Filmmakers

    A drama that reflects three different perplexed views

  • Painted by Bad and Classic Productions

    Big Top, USA. Trading face paint for blood, by the gallon.

  • Passage 379 by Kid McLain Films

    When a prank goes wrong, a price is paid

  • Paths by Lightworks Pictures

    No one knows what life's path has in store for them.

  • Patience by Backbeat Entertainment

    Boredom is easy, Love is hard.

  • Pickles by Los Ocho Fantasticos

    Don't judge a book by its cover.

  • Plane of existence by Upper State Entertainment

    Your life is in the hands of your flight attendant.

  • Planetary Guide to the Planets by Electricool Video

    An alien reviews the planet Earth.

  • Psyched by Star Moon Heart Productions

    Inner Demons Get the Best of Michael (and his Therapist)

  • Quest for the Astral Eye by Balloon Pirate Productions

    A fantastic game brings an adventurer team on an epic quest to find an ancient magical artifact.

  • Rerouting by Slushpile Entertainment

    Love is ageless... ?

  • Response Time by Mole Man Movies

    A female police officer faces a moral dilemma when she shoots an innocent victim.

  • Robotic Cop by Absurd Caca Roach Experiment

    We can build him better, stronger!

  • Rolling with the Punches by Don't Quit Your Seagull

    Eric is spending his fave holiday, 420, in style, until his girl comes home to harsh his mellow.

  • Rule Number 4 by Hold For Plane Pictures

    Under dire circumstances, two friends discuss the rules of dating.

  • Safety First by Shake the Sky

    Safety First, Safety Last, Safety Always

  • Searching for Carla Fitzwater by Concrete Films

    A Japanese man visits a pen pal in America, only to be taken advantage of by some bad people.

  • Seraphim Tears by Red Tail

    No, Guess Again

  • Serially Hopeless by Ryan Johnson

    A young woman is struggling to live up to her fathers expectations

  • Shark Money by Scenetologists

    Creative teenagers can make money in ANY circumstance

  • Sheltered by Cultural Detritus

    With an impending tornado, one family's tensions rise

  • Sibilance by The New Century Mercury Players

    Two young sisters must rely on a mysterious outsider after being targeted for their unique abilities

  • Soul Keeper by ALCALIN FILMS

    A detective investigation is prompted after the disappearance of a scientist

  • Stalled by Silver Icon

    A series of obstacles that a female faces alone when her car breaks down.

  • Steal Magnolias by Mandi Eats a Muffin (and other adventures)

    Call the babysitter, uncork the chardonnay: two moms assemble a team for a heist - diamonds anyone?

  • Stranded Here by Meridian Media

    I feel more stranded here than I ever did on that deserted island.

  • Strange Mask by 3actplay

    Two friends and a mask. Things get weird.

  • Superfly by PEMERT Pictures

    A man's quest to kill a peevish fly take a turn for the extreme.

  • Suspect by Sunday Night Film

    A young woman on the run turns to a friend in order to avoid the detectives looking for her.

  • Tango and Cash by The Film Brewery

    A heartwarming story about a boy and his dog ;)

  • The Decider by The Hills are Alive with Purple Deathbots

    A Planetary surveyor is sent to Earth to decide whether it's worth saving or not

  • The Fight by IZZO Entertainment

    The choice is their's

  • The Friendship Compendium by Orange Mocha Frappuccino

    A young woman acts as a paid best friend for a troubled youth.

  • The Hidden Gun by Team Rocket

    What he finds within will change his mission... and his life

  • The Honest Truth by TSH Productions

    A High School girl comes into her own and found her father unaccepting

  • The Hunted by Addison 10

    An FBI agent must rescue her son from a serial killer she's been tracking.

  • The Last Light by Century Films
  • The List by Amalgamated Grommets

    Its never too late to fulfill a dream

  • The Little Picture in Her Wallet by ABE Entertainment

    An atheist visits a religious cult with the hope of saving her dying son.

  • The Meeting by The one that says bad mother fucker on it

    A group of serial killers meet to talk about their addiction. A young woman stumbles upon the group.

  • The Modern Woman's Guide to Stalking by Rocketfunk

    A woman stalks her stalker.

  • The Objective by Hi-Fi Features

    Just when you thought you knew it all

  • The Pen and I by Grizzly Peak Films

    A woman's art is challenged when the only pen in the office goes missing

  • The Porlock by Double Deuce

    While a composer writes his greatest masterpiece, he is interrupted by his obnoxious neighbor.

  • The Red Room by Sneaky Little Frog Productions

    Two girls mistakenly awaken a demon while vacationing at a beach house.

  • The Shock Syndrome by The Cupcake Mafia

    A coming of age story of an awkward teenage girl and an unsuspected party guest.

  • The Thing by The Sandbox

    A young couple is threatened by bumbling thugs when they are mistaken for the owners of a mansion

  • The Three Bees by Rivers INK'D

    A young man must risk revealing his friends' deepest secret to his girlfriend

  • The Visitors by Lucky Penny

    The door is locked and a selfless woman must face her troubled past to move on.

  • The World's Greatest by Do It Live! Productions

    A team of history's greatest (s)pies must stop Y2K.

  • Tim by Hero Q.

    Tim's boring life is foretold by a Narrator until Tim decides one day to not listen.

  • Time is Money by Reel 4 Studios

    Five roommates attempt time travel in the name of rent.

  • Timeless by PlanetFroth

    What would you do to get a precious memory back?

  • Too Much To Cover by Alchemical

    A young journalist has a make-it-or-break-it interview with an eccentric action star.

  • Trial by Fire by Chemical Sunset

    If you don't respect the game, the prize could go up in flames.

  • True Love Waits by FilmJoe

    A man's best friend helps him change humanity

  • Unleavened Peeps by Pixstaff Media

    2 friends. 2 holidays. One holy night.

  • Uptown Bunk by Feastmode

    A group of survivors pass the time in a bunker.

  • Wake by Flight of the Violet Bulldogs

    Lost in the wilderness, a man finds his fate in a vagabond motley crew.

  • Wake Up Call by Too High McFly

    A man wakes up stranded with a set of instructions for his survival

  • Watchman by Macabre Hobby

    A woman hires a private detective to help her find her stalker, only to find her new best friend.

  • We Made a Pact by Transplant Pictures

    Estranged friends encounter odd circumstance due to childhood promises.

  • Wicked Ways by Just Shoot It!

    Thou Wilt Not Suffer a Witch to Live

  • Wolf Punch by Vest Films

    Superhero named Wolf Punch who gets a lesson in humility after recklessly sacrificing his sidekick,

  • World's Greatest Detective by 48 Hours Later
  • You Can Count on Me by Semper Vigilans Films
  • Zoe and The Prince by MOXIE

    A little girl annoys her uncle with a romantic fairy tale about a princess who battles the evil forces of Dark Lords with the help from her band of warrior women to discover love is the greatest power of all.

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