Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida August 6 - 8, 2010

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to DC Dogs for winning Best Film of 2010. Their film Palindrome will go on to represent Miami/Ft. Lauderdale against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2011.

1st Place: Best Film of 2010

Palindrome by DC Dogs

Required Elements

  • Character: Doug or Daphne Whyte, Fundraiser
  • Prop: a brush
  • Line: "What do you mean?"

Audience Favorite: Group A

Palindrome by DC Dogs

Audience Favorite: Group B

Drill Me a New Hole by Extreme Delray

Audience Favorite: Group C

Almost Super Heroes by WEDJE

Best Writing

Music in the air by Fire Castle Productions

Best Editing

Palindrome by DC Dogs

Best Directing

Music in the air by Fire Castle Productions

Best Cinematography

Vox Angelica by Captain's Table

Best Sound Design

Music in the air by Fire Castle Productions

Best Musical Score

3 Seconds by The Silver Lakotas

Best Actor

Music in the air by Fire Castle Productions

Best Special Effects

Palindrome by DC Dogs

Best Choreography

Darkness in Shadows by peopleintrees

Best Costumes

Vox Angelica by Captain's Table

Best Use of Character

The Brown Ultimatum by 2CD

Best Use of Prop

Vox Angelica by Captain's Table

Best Use of Line

Seeing or Believing by Mars

2010 Film List

  • ))<>(( Forever. by New Earth Army

    A long engagement, and judgmental friends leave a young couple questioning the value of their relationship.

  • 3 Seconds by The Silver Lakotas

    Man obsessed with beating the stock market discovers he can shift time not realizing the price.

  • A Tale of Two Couples by Undigested Corn

    A roller coaster ride of two young couples trying to find true love

  • Almost Super Heroes by WEDJE

    Heroes With not so quite Magnificent powers.

  • Bull buddies by Black Sails Pictures


  • Curtain Call by Up In Front

    Life long theatre employee is in for a long night of cleaning, following a successful fund-raiser. Little does he know that he'll be giving the performance of a life time that very evening.

  • D. W. by The Shitty Beatles

    The search of Daphne White

  • Darkness in Shadows by peopleintrees

    A boy´s curiosity leads him to the unknow world of the shadows

  • Detective Hill by Quasar

    Detective Hill finds her

  • Dissension by The Dopplegangers

    One man attempts to save his sister from the consequences of his past.

  • Drill Me a New Hole by Extreme Delray

    Gulf Oil Spill...a Different Perspective

  • Galvanized by Penumbra

    A girls who uses writing to get her mind off things, gets more than she bargained for when everything she writes starts to happen.

  • He's Waiting For You by Classy Hands East

    A young female hunts for love online and ends up dating madman.

  • INGA AND US by Marraccini Productions


  • Jimmy Hoops and the Brush of the Gods by The CinemAsylum

    Jimmy Hoops is about to have a brush with danger.

  • Last Run by Finite Studios

    Amid a heist, a man discovers that he has stolen more than he bargained for when the heist victim turns out to be a Presidential Candidate

  • Let Me In by Qcam Productions, Inc.

    Zach goes on a trip to the store for his mother to buy a toothbrush and runs into a very inconvenient store clerk,

  • Love's Endless Dance (Rain) by Exploding Horse Productions

    sell them brushes!

  • Lunch Money by Alarming Karma

    An unsuspecting special needs girl is preyed upon by a con man.

  • Music in the air by Fire Castle Productions

    The untold story of Hansfree, an air band

  • Neighbors by Penilican Pictures

    A suburban middle-aged man overcome by paranois suspects there's more going on next door than meets the eye.

  • Palindrome by DC Dogs

    A man pushed to his limits, takes matters into his own hands to get a little peace and quiet.

  • Pastel by Mupalia Pictures

    Doug White exploits father's death to "fundraise."

  • Rescue by VP & B Club

    A Time traveler tries to rescue his lover from an unearthly being

  • Scorn Fatale by Underlab Studios

    A Private Investigator must rescue her kidnapped son, discovering not all roads lead to a good end.

  • Seeing or Believing by Mars

    A young woman seeks to end her relationship with a ghost by calling Ghost Ridders.

  • Sick Love by Cine Road Films

    Sometimes you can love your children so bad is sick

  • SoBe Love by Missing Frame

    Where broken hearts get reattached..

  • Soup of the Day by Nomad creative

    a normal day at a restaurant goes completely wrong

  • The Brown Ultimatum by 2CD

    When you're in trouble, there's only one solution. The Brown Ultimatum

  • The Case of the Jack in the Box by KRK Productions

    Due to one phone call a PI turned fund raiser is forced to reopen a 5 year old murder case, that through her investigation finds that it wasn't murder, that it was a suicide, meanwhile three suspects go to jail for attempted murder because at the time of their crime the victim was already dead but nobody knew it. In the end, justice was served.

  • The Exchange by TIMESTITCH STUDIO


  • The Four Bidden by Dharma Films

    A peculiar fundraiser lures a unique crowd of individuals to a silent auction. Unbeknownst to most attendees, the auctioneer is secretly attempting to increase the bids.

  • Two Percent by Innovative Approach

    What do you mean

  • Vox Angelica by Captain's Table

    A priest without faith finds hope in the voice of a silent singer.

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