Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida July 29 - 31, 2011

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to electroscope for winning Best Film of 2011. Their film '77 will go on to represent Miami/Ft. Lauderdale against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2012.

1st Place: Best Film of 2011

'77 by electroscope

Required Elements

  • Character: Andy or Anne Stirling, Journalist
  • Prop: fast food catsup or mustard packet
  • Line: "Say it like you mean it."

Audience Favorite: Group A

Skip Nation by Team Peopleintrees

Audience Favorite: Group B

Fair Well by Broken Promise

Best Writing

Skip Nation by Team Peopleintrees

Best Editing

Human Again by McDolfo Media

Best Directing

'77 by electroscope

Best Cinematography

'77 by electroscope

Best Sound Design

Perfect Pair by PROCYON

Best Musical Score

'77 by electroscope

Best Ensemble Acting

Skip Nation by Team Peopleintrees

Honorable Mention
Quantum Soldier by Underlab Studios

Best Graphics

Perfect Pair by PROCYON

Best Special Effects

Human Again by McDolfo Media

Best Choreography

Skip Nation by Team Peopleintrees

Best Costumes

To The Red Moon by Rockin CAM Studios

Best Use of Character

The Hook Up by extreme delray

Best Use of Prop

'77 by electroscope

Best Use of Line

The Upper Hand by Nomad Creative

2011 Film List

  • '77 by electroscope

    A Photo-Journalist in the 70s tracks down his lost love.

  • 1236 by Rising Stars

    A woman is in fear of losing the three things she treasures the most. Her fears reach their zenith on the most important day of her life. These 3 treasures are her sanity, her husband and her life.

  • A Cult of Personality by Full Moon Films

    Anne Sterling, a college journalist, is close to breaking a huge news story on controversial self-help guru, Matthew Park, but her slipping grades cause her to lose the story to fellow journalist, Callie Rivers.

  • A Wish or Something by Liberty Lounge Films

    Things never seem to work out for a young editor in an office, until one day her wishes are heard. However, sometimes our wishes do not lead to happiness and in this case it is the "Something".

  • Ageless Heroes by Marraccini Productions

    Retired superheroes rise to save community's communications systems.

  • Best Man by Tropical Films

    Man obsessed with an unusual friend is torn between saving his wedding engagement or continue a friendship that is not accepted by his fiancée.

  • Cowboys and Indians by EastWest

    Dane Sterling, a cowboy from Texas, loses his dad, which starts him on his way to finding his previously unknown sister.

  • Decoherence by Copyright Infringement

    Journey into the deepest chasms of a man's sou;.

  • Fair Well by Broken Promise

    Detective trys to unravel a twisted night of goodbyes.

  • Hear No Evil by Bokeh Productions

    After loosing his hearing during a routine work assignment, a Journalist faces the consequences of telling the truth.

  • Human Again by McDolfo Media

    A news journalist is in search of a man with special powers. What she does not realize is that he is right under her nose.

  • minus 5 by Cash, Money, Bidness.

    A zealous reporter and her team experience surreal events in an abandoned hospital.

  • Not There by Full Moon Creative LLC

    A man is starting to come to terms with the demons of his past and having to face the consequences.

  • Patch by Relevance

    Whatever it takes, small town sheriff gets what he wants.

  • Perfect Pair by PROCYON

    Faced with a bad blind date a women utilized all of her talents to create a unique way out.

  • Quantum Soldier by Underlab Studios

    sometimes you need time to save yourself

  • Say It Like You Mean It by AIU Media Production Club

    When a young journalist meets the girl of his dreams, he must either overcome his shyness or risk losing her forever.

  • Skip Nation by Team Peopleintrees

    Anne Stirling Journalist informs America with what they need to know today.

  • Table for 2 by Finite Film Group

    4 couple at a cafe illustrate the ups and downs of modern day romance

  • The Hook Up by extreme delray

    A hungover journalist with a lack of swagger retraces her steps to uncover the details of last night's manhunt.

  • The Upper Hand by Nomad Creative

    a cop awakes to a kidnap and murder scene

  • The Visitor by Jorge Ferragut

    A couple’s happy hour turns dangerous after a seemingly chance encounter with a dangerous stranger. Or is he? And what’s up with the flashes?

  • To The Red Moon by Rockin CAM Studios

    This period piece follows the lives of a quiet neighborhood during the 1950's while examining what was the true source of where information originated before it was given to the general public.

  • You don't like it? by Tuxedo T-Shirt Productions

    Andy Sterling is depressed with his life and just can't get a break. Not even after getting laid.

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