The 48 Hour Film Project

The Miami 48 Hour Film Project

What Happened During Your Weekend?

The Miami filmmakers share stories from their wild weekend of filmmaking. (Blogging ended shortly after the filmmaking weekend.)

Fortune smiled on us: Random acts of kindness

Throughout the weekend, the inherent goodness of people was repeatedly revealed. For example: Team Leader Carlos Yela had posted on Craigs List to find support. This is how we got Celine Borroto Alvarez, a talented child actor. When we approached her about being a Girl Scout in our film she said yes -- but didn't own a Girl Scout uniform. Her mom posted a notice on Craigs List asking to borrow one, and a complete stranger loaned it to her.

A purely selfless, generous act.

Then, when our location wasn't as anticipated and we needed a living room in which to film, Celine's mom called her cousin who generously allowed us to film in her lovely home. Despite it taking way more hours than expected, the family was gracious and kind to us, exhibiting a patience I admire. (And admittedly lack myself!)

The next day, needing another location and prop, I called upon my circle of friends and was unquestioningly given use of a beautiful heirloom instrument by one friend and a magnificent bedroom by another.

The marvelous behind-the-scenes documentary filming by Gabriel Marchisio, music by Dave Jia and help provided by Nile Harris and Tyler Knutt were all pro-bono and much appreciated.

So many acts of kindness by so many people made this project possible.

- Janet Carabelli, Internet Actors

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"A Second Chance" behind the scenes documentary

Check out our behind the scenes documentary, a big thanks to Gabriel Marchisio for such a great job!!

If you'd like to know more about our team you can visit:

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- Carlos Yela, InternetActors

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Just on time!

Entry submitted, team ready, props and wardrobe arranged (kind of) and so we waited for the kick off meeting.

The big day came, all the teams were there as well as me on time but with a little piece of paper missing, the leader agreement, I was lucky enough to get one in there. The genres were being given out and then we were called out loud "InternetActors", I put my hand inside the plastic bag to finally reveal our genre "time travel", after that moment all went crazy.

Janet, Jorge and I got together to brain storm about the plot for the story, later on our friend and re-known script writer Michael Chasin joined us, from the beginning we wanted to make something meaningful, that talks about current times and a few hours later "A Second Chance" was born.

A Second Chance is a story that talks about a woman in a toxic relationship who is given a chance to go back in time to change her reality but she doesn't know how to do it, there are a couple of twists in the story and some interesting characters that make it great, taking in consideration that it was filmed and produced in 48 hours I really think we made a great film.

We had to drive many miles and work around a bad weather both days, but all the effort was worthy.

We submitted the film 5 minutes before the time was over on Sunday, we were so proud of ourselves! We made it just on time!!

The screening day came and most of the team was there, all cheering for our short, we were scheduled to be the sixth movie to be screened, the other movies were great but when ours was in the big screen, time just passed so fast that I couldn't notice our 7 minutes were over! Some of the audience in the room had the same comment, I think that was one accomplishment already, our movie was entertaining!! wohoo!

Anyways, this is my second year participating but my first year as a team leader, I think it was a great experience and we all worked hard to make this film a reality and maybe who knows we might win something! we'll see in a few days.

Our team of creative actors and producers from did a great work in this test, we managed to be organized, professional and proactive at the same time, with a team of great diversity in age, race and genre. I am really proud of everyone for this great project!!

If you'd like to know more about our team you can visit:

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- Carlos Yela, InternetActors

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On Time & Feelin Fine

This is our second year competing and it was a much better experience for us. Last year we ran out of time, had to make crazy cuts (too much footage), and the lav mics quit.

This year we developed our story during the drive back home from the the Kick-Off, and a quick stop at Starbucks. We got so involved in our story that we slowed to a dangerous speed of 35mph on I95. We stayed up most of the night writing, getting gear ready, coming up with props.

The 48hr project is so much fun for us. We like meeting the other filmmakers, and watching the wheels turn as the genres are handed out.

We are looking forward to next years competition. Here is a crude trailer for our movie

- Stevie B, Eves Evolution

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We did it!

We did it, on time and with style!
I can't wait until the screening.
Really, we had some decent sized problems to over come.
Starting out with hours and hours of writer's block.
Time Travel, as it turns out is not the easiest genre to write a story about.
Sat at Ihop tried to write ... confusion.
Went home.
We prayed.
Then Cynthia realized she lost her iphone. It's still missing.
So that took her out for a while. She went to sleep sad
and I was sitting at an empty word document.
Jonathan and Shanice came up with a few stories
and as they translated them from German to English they said that a guy "shows" his time machine to his friends.
But because of the accents, I heard a guy "sells" his time machine ....
and a story was born ... finally.
Sherri got our location on Saturday morning, and it was excellent, worth the wait.
Gotta mention rain on the camera equipment..... Thank you John and crew.
You are the best. I seriously was seconds away from calling it a day.
You guys pulled it through even in the rain.
I hope your stuff is ok.
Greg! I called you at 1:30 in the morning to ask you to be Jesus!
and ... you answered the phone!
and ... who knew that Jesus wore such expensive clothing?
Thanks for going to the costume place and picking that up Saturday morning.
Had a great time!

- Gaetano Fasulo, Destiny Bender

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Managed to take a nap. It was nice.

- Guitar Guy, Lowe Morale

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