Minneapolis, Minnesota May 31 - June 2, 2013

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Collision Pictures for winning Best Film of 2013. Their film The Wolf at the Door will go on to represent Minneapolis against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2014.

1st Place: Best Film of 2013

The Wolf at the Door by Collision Pictures

Required Elements

  • Character: Bobby or Betty Bulmer, Farmer/Gardener
  • Prop: a lamp
  • Line: "She told me it's a secret."

2013 Film List

  • All's Chair In Love And War by Two Jackets Productions

    After months of conflict, a paranoid man meets an admirer, who hopes to help him defeat his rival.

  • An Alerian Tale by Squirrels in a Bucket

    Sometimes a secret really is just that

  • Bank Shot by Flip Script Films

    Two brothers prepare to face the consequences after botching bank robbery.

  • Billion Doller Assassins by Brain Damaged Anonymous


  • Blind Justice by 952 Films

    A detective struggles to solve the hardest case of his career while coping with his disability.

  • Burnt to the Touch by The Adolescents

    "She told me it's a secret"

  • Campground Creeper by Stranger Things Studios

    A day of camping goes wrong for two groups of campers when a strange man invades their privacy.

  • Click Bait by JD FILMS

    When virtual REALLY meets reality

  • Cucumber by tranquility

    Hopeless romantic searches for love in a garden.

  • Eating the Sun by Honeybaby Films

    Family secrets, good scotch, and bloody strangers at the end of the world.

  • Family Meeting by Above-the-Line Entertainment

    The Martin family has a lot to hide. Unfortunately, they record everything.

  • First Night by Day Two Studio

    There's a first time for everything

  • Future Home Owners by Commodity Productions

    Is your home up to code?

  • I Am In Hell by Slam Productions

    A suspenseful modern myth about love & loss, memory & death

  • Laundry Day by Waking Hour Productions

    Just an everyday argument between a mother and daughter

  • Life's A Chord by AoCiM

    When life is out of sync, strike a chord.

  • Lord of the Thighs by Girls Aren't Funny Productions

    Seven women get locked in a gym and have to fight to survive.

  • Marco Polo by Eyetography

    A new homeowner's oversight.

  • Menage a spy by Atlas Grove Productions

    Four spies try to outwit each other, one spy wins.

  • Ninja Barn by IAMgrams

    Four rebel teens trapped in a barn come face to face with the assassins of the night.

  • No Soliciting by Fire Beast Arm

    A suburban housewife is visited by two organic food farmers of suspect motive.

  • Paint by Inaccurate Vernacular

    Inspiration can come from anywhere..

  • Plamps by Fourth Place

    A curious neighbor searches for the truth about her neighbor's glowing garden...

  • Quorliana by Full House

    Sometimes a car is more than enough.

  • Reservoir Duds by Green Shelf Productions

    After a heist gone wrong, the super villains begin to suspect that one of them is a super hero

  • Resolution by MSB Kaizen Digital Productions

    Resolution, a Holiday Film about a guy who tries to share his feelings despite his fear of rejection

  • Room for Rent by Gold Coin

    Guy kicks roommate out and embarks on the weird search for his replacement.

  • Roomies by twoguyswithglasses

    Three roommates struggle to live together.

  • Secrets in the Ground by We-Grillin-Tonight Films

    No Secret Stays Hidden

  • Secrets Prevailed by Tasty Little Biscuits

    A Father fights for his honor, daughter, and vegetables

  • See You Soon by Ring of Productions

    An extraterestrial's vacation on Earth has an unexpected result

  • Shady Business by Kickback Productions

    A door-to-door lamp salesman has a rocky day on the job.

  • Shattered by Fresh Produce Productions

    One half of a couple becomes infected with a zombie virus, eventually affecting another couple too.

  • T.I.G.H.T.S. Training Video by Pixelated Productions

    Earn Your Tights!

  • The Crackdown by Spinning Beach Ball of Death

    Biker is arrested, booked, and charged with speeding around Lake Calhoun

  • The Floral Avenger by Cinema Toast Productions

    An unlikely hero faces (or outruns) the evil Daisy Bashers.

  • The Gardener by Intersection Studios

    A sale of a table between two gardeners while a serial killer is on the loose.

  • The Healing Musical by Green Sea

    Kale Kokopelli produces a musical to heal the world.

  • The Inheritance by Minnestota Filmmaker Meetup

    Anthony unexpectedly inherits a lamp from his deceased grandmother; trouble ensues.

  • The Journey Within by Stinky Kid Productions

    There comes a time where you must decide to face things

  • The Long Con by RedShirtConvention

    Con Man gets a leg up in his endeavors, but at what cost.

  • The Rub by Sunny-a-Bunch Productions

    A hobo is obsessed with killing lamp-rubbers.

  • The Sandwich of Earl by Lighten Up, Francis

    Two master gardener private investigators (MGPI's) work to match the bite to crime

  • The Wolf at the Door by Collision Pictures

    A revenge scheme turns volatile when a home invasion becomes more than a man bargains for.

  • Things to Do by RED 23 FILMS

    Bob's quite existence, is suddenly interrupted by seeds from his past.

  • To be Frank by Cogent Pictures

    Man sent to impersonate his boss has seconds thoughts about fulfilling his mission

  • Tooth For Tooth by Hugonians

    Sometimes the answer to the mystery is revenge.

  • Trafficing in My Garden by MTSLTV


  • Tuna lamp by Send Help Films

    The girl that broke his heart 25 years ago has died. He takes a long trip to the funeral for closure

  • Uncle Bobby's Will by The Scando Casters

    Who Got the Money?

  • Vacuum Has Two Yous by Sominia

    Elizabeth is a vacuum saleswoman...but is she who she says she is?

  • We're Together Now by Giraffe Crew

    Seth goes to visit his girlfriend in college.

  • What She Would Have Wanted by Sidekick Cinema

    Your Best Friends Aren't Always The Best

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