The 48 Hour Film Project

The Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project

See below for 2005 results.
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Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our Minneapolis winners! Coming soon on DVD "Best of Minneapolis 2005"
It will contain on the films from the list below. Watch this web page for more details.


Best Film
Team – Running

Best Directing
"Irv de Toilette"
Team - DBA Productions

Best Acting (Two-way tie)
Team - Central Services

"Von Convex"
Team - Granite Ridge Productions

Best Cinematography
"Into the Dark"
Team - Chow Fa

Best Editing
Team - In-Flux Films

Best Screenplay
"The Samaritans Grimm"
Team - Blanks Scene Films

Best Costumes(Two-way tie)
"Attack of Splenda"
Team - BillyNoMates

"Paper Hearts"
Team - Sleepy Eye

Best Special Effects (Two-way tie)
"Attack of Splenda"
Team - BillyNoMates

Team - Running

Best Sound Design
"Into the Dark"
Team - Chow Fa

Best Musical "Score"
"Into the Dark"
Team - Chow Fa

Best Musical "Song"
Team - Mesabi Tech

Special Achievement Award
Team Arrete Vite

Best Use of Prop
"Showdown in Suburbia"
Team - Prime Productions

Best Use of Line
"Paper Hearts"
Team - Sleepy Eye

Best Use of Character
"Von Convex"
Team - Granite Ridge Productions


Team - Mesabi Tech

"Paper Hearts"
Team - Sleepy Eye

"Showdown in Suburbia"
Team - Prime Productions

Coming soon the "Best of 2005 - Minneapolis" DVD

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Photo by Ryan Strandjord

Minneapolis Teams

301 Productions - JJ Gordon

Arrete Vite - Eric Grumdahl

Better Productions, Inc. - James Wenner

BillyNoMates - Susan Talbot

Blank Scene Films - Samuel Heyn

Board-of-Directors - Nick Abdo

Central Services - Joe Martin

Chow Fa - Kang Vang

Club Sandwich - Keith Hurle

Doing Business As (DBA) Productions - Catherine Campion

Dumb Llama - Brandon Lohstreter

Encyclopedia Films - Evan Cook

Exogesis Filmwerks - Vincent Rosso

Gallos Pintos Dose - Karl Ott

Granite Ridge Productions - Brett Tompkins

Grey Fence Productions - Paul Wichterman

Mesabi Tech - Mark Har

Hmoob Film - Kak Lee

Hurl Bert’s Players - Dann Hurlbert

I Want In... - Brian Prom

In-Flux Films - Seth Zimmerman

Licky Doggy - Korey Erb

Muxsters - Bruce Peterson

Nine Four Alaska - Vanessa Miles

Over The Line Productions - Mark Daoust

Prime Productions - Ryan Taylor

Revelation Pictures - Matt Silver

Right Mind Productions - Lance Bailey

RSVP - Ryan Schaddelee

Running - Bo Hakala

Shortshooters - Dave Ash

Sleepy Eye - Andrew Hunt

Snarling & Vicious Productions - Rusty Detty

Studio Juice - Justin Clarine

Team Omni-Fusion - Shane Nelson

The Brown Grapes - Jason Almendinger

The Kuntz Family Filmmakers - Jesse Kuntz

The Movie Dudes - Brian Walstad

You Shoot Like A Girl - Gennevieve Emery