The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project

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The Judges Have Spoken!

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our Minneapolis winners!

Honorable Mention - Building Entire Set on Green Screen
"Der Hund" (Musical or Western)
Pantyhead Productions

Honorable Mention - Lack of Editing and Use of Single Take
"The Feminine Mystique" (Film de Femme)
Prime Productions

Best Use of Prop (tie)
"The Feminine Mystique" (Film de Femme)
Prime Productions
"Naked Abe" (Sci-Fi)
Free Range Film Festival

Best Use of Character
"Speaking of Weird" (Comedy)
Snarling & Vicious Productions

Best Use of Line of Dialogue
"Safe House" (Horror)
Urban Mountain Media

Best Music Score
"Buddy, Buddy" (Buddy Movie)
Mojo Solo

Best Music Song
"The Natural Channel" (Fantasy)
10% Movie

Best Special Effects
"Midnight Motel" (Spy)
Cut! Do it Again!

Best Sound Design
"Safe House" (Horror)
Urban Mountain Media

Best Graphic Design
"Single Female Sci-Fi Vet" (Sci-Fi)
Down with Steve

Best Costume Design
"Le Film Animal" ("Wild" Card &endash; Animal Film)
Arcus Productions

Best Screenplay
"Open House" (“Wild” Card – Ghost Movie)
7 Minutes Late

Best Editing
"Midnight Motel" (Spy)
Cut! Do it Again!

Best Cinematography
"Midnight Motel" (Spy)
Cut! Do it Again!

Best Acting for a Live Animal in Acting Role
"The Natural Channel" (Fantasy)
10% Movie

Best Acting Ensemble
"Megastorm" (Horror)
Climaxx Productions
"Speaking of Weird" (Comedy)
Snarling & Vicious Productions

Best Acting in Female Role
"Buddy, Buddy" (Buddy Movie)
Mojo Solo, Sarah Richardson

Best Acting in Male Role (tie)
"Buddy, Buddy" (Buddy Movie)
Mojo Solo, Brian Aylmer
"Open House" (“Wild” Card – Ghost Movie)
7 Minutes Late, Rich Kronfeld

Best Directing
"Open House" (“Wild” Card – Ghost Movie)
7 Minutes Late

Best Film
"Buddy, Buddy" (Buddy Movie)
Mojo Solo

Audience Awards for the Minneapolis 48HFP

The audience has spoken!

Audience Award Winner: Group A
"Der Hund" by Pantyhead Productions

Audience Award Winner: Group B (tie)
"Le Film Animal" by Arcus Productions
"The Day the Earth was Attacked for Six Minutes (and 58 seconds)" by I Want In...

Audience Award Winner: Group C
"Open House" by 7 Minutes Late

Audience Award Winner: Group D
"Plot Hole" by Below Average Entertainment

Audience Award Winner: Group E
"Mournin’ Wood" by Board of Directors

Audience Award Winner: Group F
"Single Female Sci-Fi Vet" by Down with Steve

Audience Award Winner: Group G
"Naked Abe" by Free RAnge Film Festival

Congratulations to all of our award winners and everyone who made a film in just 48 hours!

Liens 48HFP


Photo by Ryan Strandjord


Character: Jason or Jill Myers, Veterinarian
Prop: a portable music player
Line of Dialogue: "They will get them if we let them."

Minneapolis Teams

10% Movie, Alex Kuznetsov
2 Jacks or Better, Jonathan Patridge
7 Minutes Late, Keith Hurley
Adolf Hippo, Brett Morse-Karzen
Anamorphix, Jatin Setia
Arcus Productions, Jesse Gangl, Dave Machacek Aleshia Mueller
ASL Productions, Amanda Kruse
Awkward Silence, Alex Bowes
BeetleBack Productions, JP Wenner
Below Average Entertainment, Matt Gibson
Best Kind of Productions, Damian Walker
Board of Directors, Nick Abdo
Calamity, Paul Blakely
Climaxx Productions, Jeremy Wilker
Clockwork Distractions, Adam Forsgren
Cogent Pictures, Joel Kreisel
Cut Do It Again, Alex Gabriel
Cut Print Film Club, Mike Baltz
De Novo Productions, Dawn Ackerman
Dead Horse Films, Joshua Ruegg
decaying productions, brian vanhout
Deep Focus Productions, Brenda Harvieux
Demarcation Terminal, Josh Leuze
Die Videomannschaft, Greg Carlson
dismay, aaron ripplinger
DiXeL, Kym Carranza
Down With Steve, Tapio Haku
Dr. Mrs. Judy Peevis, PhD, Liz Malanaphy
Dusty Road Productions, Bill Bonde, John Sarracco
Fantasy Flight, Christian T. Peterseb
Fifth Wheel, Susan Panelli
Forbidden Donut Productions, Jon Cazares
Free Range Film Festival, Mike Scholtz
Gallos Pintos Tres, Karl Ott
Game 7 Films, Adam Fielitz
GOAL!Films, chad calease
HEM Productions, Roger Bindl
Hi-Def Chefs, Nick Hillyard
Hula Hoops and Business Suits, Matt Houselog
I Want In..., Brian Prom
Insomniacs, Matthew Thompson
Itchy Menace Productions, John Lundquist
jellyfishgreen, Brandon Lohstreter
Jump Cut, Jon Julsrud
l’etoile productions, Catherine Campion
Lights Down, Deborah Moe
Lownap, Ben Krueger
Luminosity, Jason Almendinger
Miax, Alex Voshell
Mojo Solo, David Matenaer David Matenaer, Daniel Reifenberger
Mr. Bob’s Spanish Class, Joseph Jolton
Mystery Tramp Films, Steve Sturdevant
Niff’tei Boing, Michael Traynor
Northern Star Productions, Maria Petrenko
Pantyhead Productions, Eric Mueller
Premere Productions, William Morgan
Prime Productions, Ryan Taylor
Rogue Cognition, Willson Borchert
Schmidt Video Productions, Joshua Schmidt
Snapko Productions, Jake Perron
Snarling & Vicious Productions, Rusty Detty
Spirit Fingers, Molly Getty
Spontaneous Productions, Buddy Ricker
Team Baloney, Justin Flesher
The Greek Squad, Alex Barbatsis
The Kuntz Family FilmMakers, Jesse Kuntz
The Other End Productions, Patrick Kinne
The Sloppy Mutts, Eric Sturm
The Video Crew, Jerry Griffin
TMJ Productions, Edward Linder
To Be Determined, Kara Bancroft
Triple 20 Entertainment, Brian Walstad
Troubleshooters, Dennis Steele
Urban Mountain Media, Harrison Reeder
Wafer Thin Productions, Rick Beddoe Mark Engebretson
Walk the Dog Productions, Samuel Mark
We-Grillin-Tonight Films, Nathan Block
Willow’s Eye, Derek Qualle
WingClipped Spaceship, Dave Manthei, Will Vincent
Ziegler Productions, Nathan Ziegler