The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project Fall Shootout

What Happened During Their Weekend?

The Fall Shootout filmmakers share stories from their wild weekend of filmmaking.

the flood of 06

it was a great weekend to stay inside and edit. portland received an apocalyptic amount of rain. all goats used in the film were drowned. But hey, at least they have their spirit immortalized in cinema, right?



We had a great time. Best part was working with great people. The whole thing was crazy and the worst part was cutting great footage to fit the 3 minute time constraint. Great job TEAM SMOKEY.

Grounded by Bush

This weekend seemed crazier than the past weekends even though we had a 3 minute film limit.

First issue was that we were assigned Film de Femme. A cool genre, but we weren't expecting it, especially since we only had one female cast member available. But we worked it out and came up with our story.

We managed to secure a plane and the weather for the weekend was looking good. We met up with the pilot on thursday to talk about when we could take flight over the weekend. No matter what we got for a genre and story line, we would work around his schedule. We found out that President Bush was flying into town and that there had been flight restrictions put in place on saturday but luckily the airport was far enough from the Air Force Base that they wouldn't effect us too bad.

Saturday comes, the weather is looking to be ok, and we get a call from the pilot. All flights are grounded while Bush is here. Our entire shooting schedule that was planned on Friday night just got shot. The weather was going to be worse by the time the restrictions got lifted so we started making backup plans. Shifted scenes around and hoped that we could get what we needed on Sunday if all was good. The weather up here changes on a dime, for instance it was a record 80 degrees yesterday but we are expecting snow today.

Sunday comes, we managed to get all the major scenes done on Saturday, only the airplane stuff and some mountain hiking remained. We looked outside and it couldn't have been a more perfect day. Crystal clear skies, no smog, and no Bush.

Went up for an hour, got everything we needed and inserted the scenes into the final edit.

I don't think I've ever worked harder for 3 minutes of film. Fun fun weekend, and can't wait to see everyones.

Team Garceworks