The 48 Hour Film Project

The Mumbai 48 Hour Film Project

What Happened During Your Weekend?

The Mumbai filmmakers share stories from their wild weekend of filmmaking. (Blogging ended shortly after the filmmaking weekend.)

A dramatic yet wonderful 48 hours!

We faced all possible drama in those 48 hours, right from the cops questioning us twice, to our jeep tilting above a hill. Shooting our whole road movie in lonavala was literally a race against time. This 48 hours experience was the most unique and one of the best experiences for all of us. We learnt a lot about filmmaking and also about life. We learnt the value of time and money. We did have a lot of fun too.
Even though we missed out by just two minutes for the submission, we shall take part again the next year with the double the enthusiasm!

- Ashwin Swaminathan , Smokescreen

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Tumhaari Zindagi ke Adtaalees Ghantey!

Every hour there is a different story to explore, a magic to smell and a life of Cinema to embrace. Some sort of mission, we're the soldiers here. Raw materials have been handed over to us, now we need to decide, cook, bake and serve it within 48 hours, that's the challenge, that's the fun to shout within. This was the most adventurous journey of making a film, I've carried emotions, laughs, love and miracles!

- Vishal Nahar, Sparkling Poop

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