New York, New York May 31 - June 2, 2013

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to ROARing Video for winning Best Film of 2013. Their film Once A Loser will go on to represent New York against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2014.

1st Place: Best Film of 2013

Once A Loser by ROARing Video

2nd Place: Best Film of 2013

Midnight Rollers by Phantom Friends

3rd Place: Best Film of 2013

Platonic Parts by Pizza Kid Productions

Required Elements

  • Character: Cam or Cat Dean, Ad Executive
  • Prop: a trophy
  • Line: "When do you expect her?"

2013 Film List

  • directed by OTEK TV

    Cam Dean lives life "as directed" on his special day

  • Aphrodite's Arrow by Wiseguy Industries

    After a daring heist, three criminals must decide what to do with their hostage.

  • Apt. 2B by Captain Purple

    A couple moves into a new apartment and gets a startling introduction to their unbalanced neighbor.

  • Babe? by Spring Street

    Her boyfriend has been kidnapped, what's she gonna do?

  • Bait & Switch by Viaduck

    A New York Ad Exec is taxed with getting a trophy fish to a commercial shoot on time.

  • Bill hates bears by Cup O'Meat

    bill hates bears and it causes unexpected results

  • Blowin' Up by Pizza Party

    Freedom isn't free.

  • Breach by The Third Cuckoo Clock

    A businesswoman seeks help when confronted with a difficult situation.

  • Canned Meaning by Brain Fry Productions

    A disgruntled ad executive searches for the meaning of life...

  • Car 2924 by Thursday Shoots

    A train comes to a screeching hault when a passenger finds her pearls are missing.

  • Crazy On You by Digital Media Engine

    Nothing is more binding than a sister's love

  • Crown Me Fly by Casino Life/OzeehEnt

    Ad executive struggles to get his next client as he fights for his job.

  • Dark Romance by 8mm films

    An ad exec has a secret admirer

  • Death Strike by EFAS Productions

    After an attempt on his life, the rookie detective takes matters into his own hands.

  • Downsize by Bestow Productions

    Several employees attempt to save their jobs when their company is downsizing

  • Dumpster Diver by Gold Bug Productions

    A guy extracts personal information from innocuous conversations to steal their identities

  • Escape by Rough Cut

    Cat Dean is about to whistle-blow on the biggest client of her agency. Will she succeed?

  • Flyerboys by Swell Gents Productions

    Two flyerboys decide to fight for their block!

  • Fruit Bearers by Imagine 2 Life Studios

    This Bitter Earth; What Fruit It Bears

  • Fun Run by Proud Muddy

    Cat Dean tries to get back a lost sense of fun in life by entering a run/walk competition

  • Fuzz by Killer Goose Films

    A group of cops prepare for the biggest bust of their careers.

  • Going Out With a Bang by Nice Productions

    Gangsters have to whack their old friend, but decide to give him one last fun day before they do it.

  • Hanging Charlie by Ruby Squared Productions

    When one man's attempt to commit suicide fails, he seeks unconventional help.

  • Hope by Eagle and Bull

    The only thing left at the end of the world.

  • How To Throw A Great Party by Square Productions

    Housesitting gone awry. Young girl has to deal with a creepy neighbor.

  • IN TOUGH TIMES by Functionally Hungover


  • It Man by Black Sheep Productions

    A mobster has a meeting with an agency

  • Killer Apartment by Thing One

    The unsellable apartment

  • Know More Tomorrow by film team six

    Assassin goes on a vacation to kill

  • L'Intervista by Team ommfline

    Sometimes the hardest part about getting a job is getting to the interview.

  • Lucky 13 by dv-apes

    Two neglegted teens try to get their father's attention.

  • Midnight Rollers by Phantom Friends

    The Midnight Rollers summon more than they can spare.

  • Next Time by BS&B Media

    A husband & wife cope with the fallout from her magical reappearance after a 3 year absence

  • Office Ninja by Fat Cow Production

    A daydream can become a reality...sort of...

  • On The Market by Funny Outlandish Name

    Business as Usual

  • Once A Loser by ROARing Video

    A lifetime loser overcomes a sinister conspiracy to hold him down.

  • Opportunity Cost by ARP FILMS

    Cam's race to success results in realization of the true rewards in life

  • Our Time Together by MAKING PRETEND Productions

    A desperate father brings his unconnected family together for memorable camping vacation.

  • Overtime by Serpent Power Productions

    An ad agent and his art director have to work on weekend and encounter a strange intruder

  • Phoenix of Nature by Zomeflux

    A story of scientists, adventurers and human hybrids all seeking the same powerful, stolen artifact.

  • Platonic Parts by Pizza Kid Productions

    A man and his robot friend get some heartbreaking news

  • Post No Bills by Team Rag Tag

    Morality is called into question as top Ad exec Cam Dean, promotes a new form of advertising.

  • Power Up, Power Out by flipmeover

    A young girl struggles with her super powers not coming of age.

  • Project Strangeway by Big Red Penguin

    Jean Pierre's couture infests the fashion world.

  • Prudence by Armada Films

    Prudence Stillwater has been exploited, abused, and forgotten… Until now.

  • Psychic of the Year by Joseph Road Studios

    The 8th Annual "ESP" (Esteemed Society of Psychics) Convention

  • RELATIONSHIT by Sekret Media

    Fall In Love With Sekret Media

  • Relentless by Abracadabra

    Replace Your Better Self

  • Rest by Operation Wango Bango

    The story of a restless man.

  • Sea King by Rashly State

    The Sea King ventures to New York City in hopes of bringing his long-lost daughter back to her roots

  • Sheryl by POINT & SHOOTERS

    An expert in high tech holographic animals has a strange way to deal with her grieving.

  • Socially Illiterate by Ripple Productions

    Two friends, 24 hours, DING DONG DITCH, let the fun begin!

  • Spinach Quesadilla by Both Hole Films

    Two bounty hunters search for an outlaw...

  • The "Quest" by NOPE

    A man completes an epic quest, only to learn that the reward is not what it seems.

  • The Ballad of Cat Dean by Fix It In Post Productions

    Cat ethics are pushed to their limits as he crosses paths with a relentless gang

  • The Craigslist Files: Donny and Charlotte by West of Worldly

    We provide the facts, its up to you to decide

  • The Federation of Retired Superheroes by SnakeCharmer Entertainment

    old superheroes vs new superheroes

  • The Florist by Gray Gotham

    A man takes extreme measures to win the heart of the woman he loves.

  • The Friday Before Christmas by The White Liars

    It's the Friday before Christmas and the boss won't let her employees go home

  • The Hit by Baby Mammoth Productions

    A single father hitman takes an introspective look into the true nature of the job

  • The room next door by Roleplayer Productions

    An Advertising Executive suffers from Paranoia

  • The Shootout by

    To make his strict wife happy, Cam Dean leaves his life as an ad-exec to become a cowboy.

  • The Three of Us by Team Magic Johnston

    Disgruntled ad executive struggles with an unexpected pregnancy, finding an unusual way to cope.

  • The Trophy Room by Straeon Stars

    Two strangers in need of a reboot go on vacation and find an inconvenient circumstance isn't so bad.

  • To Whom it May Concern by Earthquake Studios


  • Trophy Wife by Gary Licker


  • Trophy Wife by Pictish Productions

    Man's life is transformed when he is given a trophy at work.

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