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4PFP Winners - Double The Action At CannesMonday, June 22, 2015

For most filmmakers, having their film screened at Cannes Film Festival is a seemingly unattainable goal to strive for, and even being accepted into the festival could likely be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But for Finnish director Joonas Makkonen that goal was met not just once, but twice--in the same year!>Makkonen's production company Jo-Jo the Dog Films won Best Film in the 2014 Four Points Film Project (4PFP) for their film Fine Artists. The 4PFP (formerly called the National Film Challenge) is a sister competition to the 48HFP, where filmmakers from around the world have 72 hours to create their films before they are submitted online. Fine Artists walked away with multiple awards, including Best Film and Best Directing for Makkonen's work on the film. The film was screened earlier this year at Cannes along with the rest of the 48HFP Official Cannes Selections.

2014 continued to be a busy year for Jo-Jo the Dog Films as they wrapped up work on Makkonen's first feature film Bunny the Killer Thing. Bunny is an English language horror comedy film that gives a nod to B-Horror and 80's exploitation films. The plot starts with a familiar tune but with a quirky twist-a group of youngsters traveling to a cabin in the woods for some fun are chased and hunted down by a strange half-human, half-bunny creature.

The concept for the film was based off a short they had originally shot in 2011 and then expanded into a feature length film. The short film made the festival rounds and eventually ended up in Cannes in 2013. From there the film generated enough interest that Makkonen was able to earn enough money from a successful crowdfunding campaign to turn the film into a feature, as well as picking up a distribution deal along the way. The new feature length version of Bunny the Killer Thing had its world premier in Cannes earlier this year, and has since been featured in other film festivals throughout Europe.>celebrity dresses

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