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Past Films of the Week


Aug 11: "Help Me Rhonda"
Rhonda Moellering is a hypochondriac who is just trying to figure out why she doesn't feel good, but she inadvertently acts heroically instead. [Washington, DC, 2007]

Aug 4: "When You Grow Up"
A woman travels deep into space to leave a mysterious seed in a mailbox. In Japanese with English subtitles. [Fall Shootout, 2006]

Jul 28: "Single White Fowl"
Theresa moves into a new place with a new roommate. While they initially feel like birds of a feather, their relationship eventually goes foul. [Denver, 2007]

Jul 21: "Latino Roadshow"
On a beautiful day at Cesar Chavez Flea Market and Tortilla Factory watch as people find out just how much their prized possessions are worth in this parody of Antiques Roadshow. [Austin, 2006]

Jul 14: "Fool's Gold"
In this vintage after-school special, superstar high school athlete Bolt Speedstone has a run-in with bling, the drug with the ultimate high. [Cincinnati, 2007]

Jul 7: "A Bit Off Key"
A documentary crew follows Melissa, a woman who has everything she needs to be a rock star—except talent. [Albuquerque, 2009]

Jun 30: "Lizzie Strata"
Enjoy this World War II era adaptation of Lysistrata, in which the women withhold sex from the men in order to put a stop to war. [Washington, DC, 2007]

Jun 23: "The Grownups"
Two couples wallow in the aftermath of a dinner party gone horribly wrong. This one goes out to the filmmakers from Austin who will make films this weekend. [Austin, 2009]

Jun 16: "Attack of the Hot Female Alien Man-Eaters"
Two man-eating alien women from Planet Wellesley come to earth to search for men to devour, but their culinary plans are foiled when one of them begins to fall in love. [Richmond, 2009]

Jun 9: "Western Promises"
Cowboy Billy Bob Robinson stars in one of the shortest 48HFP films ever--unless you include the many deleted scenes and interviews, which the DC Dogs do. [Baltimore, 2009]

May 26: "Met Anna...."
In "Met Anna..." ("With Anna..."), a couple talks to us about how they pretend that every date is their first. In Dutch with English subtitles. [Amsterdam, 2009]

May 19: "The Belgian Pretzel"
Conyer can't figure out how to approach Kristy, so his friend Seamus steps in to help, gathering a team to employ the foolproof tactics of the Belgian Pretzel. [Seattle, 2009]

May 12: "11"
A janitor, while cleaning a gym, bitterly narrates the life of a prize-fighter who used to practice there. [Athens, 2009]

May 5: "Paperboy!"
The paperboy happily and tunefully delivers his papers, until a flat tire leads him to an underground lair of iniquity and...lettuce. [Boston, 2006]

Apr 28: "Gwendolyn Dangerous and the Great Space Rescue"
In this campy ode to sci fi serials, Gwendolyn Dangerous boards the ship of Hassan the Heinous in an attempt to save her sister from being his slave. [Washington, DC, 2010]

Apr 21: "A Love Not Standing"
In honor of the beginning of the United States tour this weekend in Dallas, we have last year's winning film from Dallas. "A Love Not Standing" follows the story of a man whose first dates are ruined by his anxiety, with hilarious results. Will he be able to keep himself together tonight? [Dallas, 2009]

Apr 14: "Nicht nur der Himmel ist blau"
On April 12th at Filmapalooza at NAB Show in Las Vegas, the best film of the 2009 tour of the 48 Hour Film Project was announced: "Nicht nur der Himmel ist blau" ("How to Fly High"). This mockumentary tells the story of an environmentalist group who uses YouTube for the good of the world and the detriment of Lufthansa. In German with English subtitles. [Berlin, 2009]

Apr 7: "Transfert"
This week's film of the week is an encore: the best 48 Hour Film Project of 2008. "Transfert" is about an airline pilot who has a supernatural experience and then doesn't quite seem himself. In French with English subtitles. [Paris, 2008]

Mar 31: "Tales from the Bottle"
In this musical comedy, a man wakes up in the park without his pants and must piece together the events of the night before. [Portland, Oregon, 2006]

Mar 24: "Sweetie"
A man has engages in scientific experiments in his basement, all the while talking to a woman in his freezer named Sweetie. [Albuquerque, 2007]

Mar 17: "Regenmakers"
In "Regenmakers" ("Rainmakers"), a model leaves her producer boyfriend and, while hitchhiking, is picked up by a mysterious woman, with whom she forms a strange bond. In Dutch with English subtitles. [Breda, 2009]

Mar 10: "Opening Night Jitters"
Harry Heartburn is directing a new play, but the rehearsals aren't going well, there is drama among the cast, and the mafiosi creditors insist on being paid now. Clearly the opening night needs to be a success...or else! How will our director and his cast handle the pressure? This film goes out to the teams in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, who have the opening night of the 2010 Tour this weekend! [Boston, 2006]

Mar 3: "Rich Dillson, Realtor"
Realtor Rich Dillson gives two rats a tour of a potential apartment in this single-shot film. [Boston, 2007]

Feb 24: "Take the Body and Run"
Two buddies collect their friend from the morgue and go on a road trip to fulfill his dying wish. [Portland, Oregon, 2008]

Feb 17: "Tag"
A man receives a call from his long-lost brother, asking him to meet him at a nearby hotel. This suspenseful film feels like it was directed by Stanley Kubrick...despite being shot entirely with Legos. [Washington, DC, 2006]

Feb 10: "Love is a Battlefield"
Two filmmakers discuss the script for the romance movie they are about to shoot, which is brought to life by colorful drawings and Matthew McConaughey. [Philadelphia, 2009]

Feb 3: "Quillions"
A family sings their way through a caper to steal the quill that the Founding Fathers used to sign the Declaration of Independence. Amazingly, the film is all in one shot. This film won the Panasonic HD Filmmaker Showdown for the 2008 Tour, in which 48HFP teams made movies in HD with a Panasonic HPX500. [HD Filmmaker Showdown, 2008]

Jan 27: "Disconnected"
A woman finds herself on a deserted road near a phone booth and unravels the mystery of why she is there. [San Diego, 2007]

Jan 20: "Flight to Freedom"
An illegal alien and her unborn child fight for the right to stay in the United States. The catch? They're Canadian geese. [Cincinnati, 2006]

Jan 13: "Half Trick Pony"
McGinty's Twelve-Tent Traveling Circus must reduce its numbers by one. They're going to abandon one of the men who wear the donkey suit. Will it be the front? Or the behind? [Minneapolis, 2006]

Jan 6: "Possibilities"
Three writers discuss different plots for a short film involving Reginald H. Higginbotham, a diplomat. All of their story ideas seem strangely...familiar. [Boston, 2008]


Dec 30: "Occupational Hazard"
In a corporation beset by hostile takeover, a man writes poignant and hilarious letters to his friend and colleague, who has been transferred to the front lines. [Washington, DC, 2005]

Dec 23: "Honey and Babe in Christmasland"
Amusingly and tragically, Christmas brings Honey and Babe exactly what they paid for. [Albuquerque, 2009]

Dec 16: "A Very Hot Date"
In this upbeat film, Trey sings his way through his preparations for a very hot date. [Little Rock, 2007]

Dec 9: "Go Human"
Brad has feelings for a woman that he works with, but there's one problem: he's a puppet and she's not. [International Shootout, 2008]

Dec 2: "TGIF: The Musical"
An office sings for joy as they prepare to leave work for the weekend...but will they be able to leave on-time to start their weekend plans? [Los Angeles, 2009]

Nov 25: "Salam"
A cab driver picks up an Egyptian passenger who has a mysterious mission. [Honolulu, 2008]

Nov 18: "Rubbers"
Spudgy and Jan McGonnagle are rubbers...grave rubbers. In this dry and hilarious mockumentary, they talk about their history of rubbing together. [Boston, 2004]

Nov 11: "Buying Time"
An elderly woman prepares a sizeable gift. This Melbourne film bested 39 other films to win the International Shootout in 2008. [International Shootout, 2008]

Nov 4: "Zombie Attack"
Two locals hide out in a barn in the midst of a zombie attack and discuss ways to get out of town. [Machinima, 2007]

Oct 28: "The Lemonade Stand"
Suspecting that the little girl who runs the neighborhood lemonade stand is actually the devil, two friends devise a cunning plan to banish her back to hell. Happy Halloween! [Boston, 2009]

Oct 21: "Keyed"
The morning after a rambunctious party, Stuart's morning routine is stopped by a realization: he doesn't know where his car keys are. Fortunately, an answering machine message puts him on the right track to solve the mystery. This thrilling comedy beat out 200 films to win the National Film Challenge in 2008. [National Film Challenge, 2008]

Oct 14: "Sweep"
In "Sweep" ("Coup de balai"), Detective Fenouil investigates the case of Paul Petit, the insurance executive, who was murdered by being impaled on a broom. The language not safe for work—at least if anyone in your office speaks French. In French with English subtitles. [Geneva, 2008]

Oct 7: "Last Words"
In "Last Words" ("Mes Maux pour le Dire"), a man wakes up one morning and knows that today is the day to complete the task which he has been planning for 25 years. This film is not safe for work—it has some tasteful nudity. In French with English subtitles. [Paris, 2007]

Sep 30: "The Can Man"
A serial killer dubbed the Can Man has murdered four people in Bombay, leaving behind an aluminum can and a nimbu mirchi (a string of lemons and green chiles that according to tradition wards off evil). Inspector Jaaved enlists the help of the precocious Detective Vijay, who is the only one who can tell him whether the suspect in custody is the Can Man. In English and Hindi with English subtitles. [Mumbai, 2008]

Sep 23: "Vintage"
A catburglar bests the security of an auction house to retrieve a 200-year-old Bordeaux Chateau Lafite. [London, 2008]

Sep 16: "Training Way"
Two detectives solve crimes from the comfort of their Segways. [Richmond, 2008]

Sep 9: "Booster Rocket"
After breaking up with his girlfriend, a man reflects on his childhood imaginary friend: an astronaut. [Washington, DC, 2005]

Sep 2: "240"
A young man volunteers for a mysterious egg-eating contest with an even more mysterious opponent and—the most mysterious of all—one solitary, red egg. [Boston, 2006]

Aug 26: "The Quimby Files"
Tom Quimby may seem like just another child, but he's actually a spy, and it's his duty to bring the secrets of his neighborhood out into the open. [Boston, 2007]

Aug 19: "The Didier Chronicles"
Bobby Jo's boyfriend was eaten by a tree demon, and she is almost as well, but in the nick of time, she's saved by Bert Didier, an axe-wielding tree expert. The two team up to take the battle back to the tree demon. Language is not safe for work. [Portland, Maine, 2007]

Aug 12: "A Monkton Family Christmas"
Seven-year-old Kylie Monkton narrates the story of her family's Christmas on the road, but she doesn't quite understand the reason for their travels. [Miami, 2007]

Aug 5: "Training Film"
A man is stuck inside a training film about clear communication, and he'll do anything to escape. [Pittsburgh, 2008]

Jul 29: "The Trade"
In this atmospheric thriller, two gentlemen meet to complete a deal. [Inland Empire, 2008]

Jul 22: "Phenomenal Me"
A very short detective—who is also quite a ladies man—uses his ESP and his gun to save women in trouble. Language is not safe for work. [Louisville, 2007]

Jul 15: "Wir Wollen, Können Aber Nicht"
In "Wir Wollen, Können Aber Nicht" ("We Want To, But We Can't"), four men have a plan to escape East Germany, but the plan has one big problem, which only one woman can solve. In German with English subtitles. [Berlin, 2008]

Jul 8: "Moment of Silence"
All the sounds in Ronald's life are created by his own personal foley artist, working deep in the recesses of his mind. Suddenly, things take a turn for the worse when nothing sounds as it should. "Moment of Silence" is featured on our Best of 2008 DVD—get yours! [Los Angeles, 2008]

Jul 1: "Tinkerin'"
Tina Walton works behind the counter at a kitsch shop named Tinkertown, when dashing Detective Mills comes in to ask some questions about a recent rash of burglaries. [Albuquerque, 2008]

Jun 24: "The Hall"
A nervous fellow tries to impress his lovely neighbor, but to do so, he must face his biggest fear: a giant menacing owl. "The Hall" is featured on our Best of 2008 DVD. Also, Hungry Camera's trip to Cannes with "The Hall" was featured on Roger Ebert's blog. [Toronto, 2008]

Jun 17: "An Old Scam"
In this off-kilter comedy, two old men hold up a drug store in an attempt to obtain an elixir of youth—and befriend the pretty cashier in the process."An Old Scam" is featured on our Best of 2008 DVD. In Hebrew with English subtitles. [Tel Aviv, 2008]

Jun 3: "Backwoods"
A small-town cop investigates a mysterious massacre of a group of campers. It's featured on our Best of 2008 DVD. [Milwaukee, 2008]

May 27: "Long Night"
A woman is called away from her friends to help out her ex-boyfriend during a long night in New York City. [New York, 2007]

May 20: "Robot Love from Another World"
Three visitors from another world are stranded on Earth without their ship and without their robot. But at the last moment, a chance encounter leads them to possible salvation in this homage to 1950's Science Fiction B movies. "Robot Love" is featured on our Best of 2008 DVD. [Cincinnati, 2008]

May 13: "Klaüs"
Klaüs is a withdrawn employee of a furniture store who one day meets a woman who might be able to bring him out of his shell. [Salt Lake City, 2007]

May 6: "Kitchen Aide"
In this light and original film, three kitchen appliances—Irene, a dishwasher; Betty, a telephone; and Helen, a convection oven—take care of and get to know their new tenant, Raymond, who is still broken-hearted from the loss of his wife. [Philadelphia, 2008]

Apr 29: "Stand Up Mandy"
Mandy Myers, a musician looking for a big break, is playing a party that a major record executive is expected to attend—but how can she play a good show if she can't stand up without her guitar strap? [Boston, 2007]

Apr 22: "Main Cabin"
Air Franc (prononced "Air Frank"—not to be confused with Air France) is an airline with a mission: to rise through the ranks and get to the top. This is their story, as told by a few of their priceless staff. [San Francisco, 2005]

Apr 15: "Aidan 5"
In this somber city of clones, a cop sees the same face on every corpse: his own. It's one of the 15 films featured in our Best of 2008 DVD. [Columbus, 2008]

Apr 8: "Birthmarked for Death"
A rookie mob executioner and a discovered undercover cop form a wacky friendship over their love of substitute teaching as they head to the forest that will be the cop's gravesite. It's one of the 15 films featured in our Best of 2008 DVD. [Minneapolis, 2008]

Apr 1: "Fused"
"Fused" follows the story of a charming bloke who is set up on a poorly-matched blind date at a dinner party...but all the while he's falling for the girl downstairs. It's one of the 15 films featured in our Best of 2008 DVD. [London, 2008]

Mar 25: "Weeds"
In this starkly beautiful film, a woman plants a garden of letters and watches them grow. [Milwaukee, 2007]

Mar 18: "Transfert"
The best 48 Hour Film Project of 2008, "Transfert" is about an airline pilot who has a supernatural experience and then doesn't quite seem himself. In French with English subtitles. [Paris, 2008]

Mar 11: "Romp and Circumstance"
To celebrate our first anniversary of the 48HFP Film of the Week, we give you our favorite 48 Hour Film Project about...the 48 Hour Film Project. "Romp and Circumstance" is about a team of spies who will stop at nothing to find out the character, prop, and line of dialogue for the 48 Hour Film Project. [Washington, DC, 2005]

Mar 4: "I Will Not..."
Matt is a dutiful police officer who is unlucky in love—because he's arrested his last five dates. Can he stop himself from arresting another? [Baltimore, 2006]

Feb 25: "JoBeth"
JoBeth is an unpopular teenager whose difficulties getting along with her peers are her least concern in this sad and beautiful film. [Greensboro, 2007]

Feb 18: "US Air Marshalls"
You don't know who they are. You don't know where they are. They're undercover. And when it comes to disguises, yes, they're that good. These are trained professionals making sure you get to your destination safely. These are US Air Marshalls. [Los Angeles, 2004]

Feb 11: "Killing Time"
Steven and Thea work near each other, but their hobbies couldn't be further apart in this sweet and slightly disturbing romantic comedy. [Boston, 2007]

Feb 4: "Who is Bert Didier?"
Bert Didier is a SWAT officer. Becky Bailey is a receptionist at a periodontist's office. This film amusingly and captivatingly outlines their deep friendship with a constant stream of trivia about them and their lives. [Portland, Maine, 2007]

Jan 28: "Eleanor Stops by for a Bite"
Ruff Corporation and the American Etiquette Board present a short documentary on how to comport yourself like a proper young lady while at lunch with a couple who is very improper—frighteningly so. [Boston, 2007]

Jan 21: "Lethal Cotillion"
A young boy tells his grandmother a story of the Hatuchama, a secret society with supernatural powers, only to discover that she has a secret of her own. This film won the Shootout in 2007. [Fall Shootout, 2007]

Jan 14: "Feels Like Drowning"
A couple is off on a romantic getaway, but the woman is haunted by memories of waterboarding from from her military past. This emotionally poignant film was part of the Panasonic HD Filmmaker Showdown for the 2007 tour, in which 48HFP teams made movies in HD with the Panasonic HPX500 camera. [HD Filmmaker Showdown, 2007]

Jan 7: "Abla Nara"
"Abla Nara" ("Helpless Man") takes place in an alternate dimension where the traditional roles of men and women are reversed, leading to humorous results. As the men wait on their wives, they discuss the particulars of their world. In Hindi and English with English subtitles. [Mumbai, 2008]


Dec 31: "Franz Kafka: The Happiest Man in Happytown"
Franz Kafka is just a happy guy who is not at all sensitive to the misery of his fellow countrymen...but that all changes when an insect comes to dinner. [St. Louis, 2007]

Dec 24: "Seasonal Disorder"
A couple attends a holiday party in their new neighborhood with disastrous, sidesplitting results. [Washington, DC, 2007]

Dec 17: "White Bitch Down"
The best 48 Hour Film Project of 2002—the first time we gave out the grand prize—"White Bitch Down" features the details of a small gang cleaning up after a mysterious crime. [Atlanta, 2002]

Dec 10: "Recharging the Batteries"
In this light comedy, a married couple is having difficulties with their sex life and seeks help from a therapist. [Atlanta, 2005]

Dec 3: "The Chip in My Head"
Since the second year of the 48 Hour Film Project, Bill Dyzsel (a.k.a. CinemaSolo) has made 48HFP films in a novel way: all by himself. That's right, he writes, shoots, directs, edits, scores, acts and sings in each film. And he's not only our most solitary filmmaker, he is also our most prolific, having completed over fifteen films in seven different 48HFP cities."The Chip in My Head" is one of our favorites of his work. Watch as Secret Al Simon reacts to the chip in his head. [New York, 2005]

Nov 26: "Food Plus"
Made for the Equal Exchange Invitational this September (where filmmakers created short films about being "dangerously disconnected from our food"), "Food Plus" gleefully narrates the future of food itself. If you're in the mood, check out the other Equal Exchange Invitational films. [Equal Exchange Invitational, 2008]

Nov 19: "Multiverse"
A man waits for his plane in an airport and begins to imagine his life with the woman seated nearby—only to discover another man is imagining his life with her! In their hilarious shared fantasy, the two men compete for her affections. This film won the first Panasonic HD Filmmaker Showdown, in which 48HFP teams made movies in HD with the Panasonic HVX200 camera. [Panasonic HD Filmmaker Showdown, 2006]

Nov 12: "Do What You Can"
"Do What You Can" is an upbeat music video in which fantastical creatures do what they can to help disaster relief. It was created as part of the Red Cross Invitational to celebrate the Red Cross' 125th Anniversary in 2006. Just watching it makes us want to do what we can. [Red Cross Invitational, 2006]

Nov 5: "America's Next Top Superhero"
Perennial sidekick Brainiac is searching for a new boss, so he devises a competition to find America's Next Top Superhero. Watch for the character (Spudgy McGonnagle, Pastry Chef), the prop (a garden hose), and the line ("So what's the plan this time, Brainiac?"). [Boston, 2004]

Oct 29: "Under the Bed"
A woman is haunted by something under the bed in one of the most frightening 48HFP films of all time. [Washington, DC, 2006]

Oct 22: "Happenin' Town"
A dinner party, weighed down by wanderlust, is given new hope by a singing travel agent who shows them that they can travel the world right at home in Brisbane. [Brisbane, 2005]

Oct 15: "Caramba!"
Two salesmen duel for their jobs in this modern-day spaghetti Western. In French with English subtitles. [Paris, 2006]

Oct 8: "Time Cougars"
The Time Cougars, a squad of time travelers, go back in time to help a friend pass a vision test. This loony comedy beat out 200 films to win the National Film Challenge in 2007. [National Film Challenge, 2007]

Oct 1: "Piggy"
A hilarious parody of 1980's Sierra-style video games, "Piggy" walks us through the adventures and travails of...a guinea pig. [Boston, 2006]

Sep 24: "Room 303"
A man finds a camera in a hotel, and its strange set of stored pictures leads him to room 303. [Amsterdam, 2007]

Sep 17: "AndyMan"
While other superheroes are off saving the planet from destruction, an affable British not-quite-as-super hero named AndyMan uses his ability to predict the future to help us with the minor inconveniences of life—like badly tuned guitars and unrefridgerated leftovers. Language is not safe for work. [Sheffield, England, 2004]

Sep 10: "The Road"
In "The Road", Charles Fillmore (a Roads Scholar) narrates the history and impact of that ancient object made from rubble, voodoo, and the spine of a toddler: the road. [Boston, 2007]

Sep 3: "Den Førpagter Hüs"
"Den Førpagter Hüs" ("The Boarding House") is the story of a Bergmaneque hotel with doll proprietors which is asked to rent to a sequence of stranger and stranger guests. Watch for the line of dialogue: "This is absolutely the last time." In Danish and English with English subtitles. [Washington, DC, 2006]

Aug 27: "Baggage"
The best 48 Hour Film Project of 2003, "Baggage" begins with a woman rejecting a marriage proposal from her boyfriend. This decision leads her to unpack the baggage from previous relationships, quite literally—when she takes her psychological suitcase out from under the bed, her exes climb out, one at a time. You'll love this comic gem from the early years of the 48HFP. [Los Angeles, 2003]

Aug 20: "Manquer"
"Once upon a time, there was a boy named Alain. On his 10th birthday, his father gave him Suzette, the bicycle that had carried him to 12 Tour de France victories." So begins "Manquer" ("Missing"), which tells us the story of the love between this French boy and his bicycle. Told entirely in still photos, the film uses Chris Marker's style for a tale that is easy-going and warm. In French with English subtitles. [Seattle, 2006]

Aug 13: "Skinned Alive"
In the animated horror film "Skinned Alive", two talkative fish discuss the gruesome fortune of a human friend while ignoring their own fate. Made by Sputnik Films of Portland, Maine, the creators of this year's animated introduction to the 48HFP. [Portland, Maine, 2006]

Aug 6: "Love and Sappiness"
In "Love and Sappiness" a man visits his girlfriend's parents for their over-the-top Arbor Day celebration, and begins to think that he and she might not be a good match after all. [Portland, Oregon, 2007]

Jul 30: "The Spy Who Spied Me"
"The Spy Who Spied Me" is a fast-paced spy/detective/noir/comedy about Dick Chase, the superhero-spy-detective for hire who breaks hearts and solves crimes but just can't seem to pay the rent. [San Jose, 2007]

Jul 23: "Mimes of the Prairie"
The best 48 Hour Film Project of 2005, "Mimes of the Prairie" is a short documentary about the three peoples of the American frontier—the European settlers, the Native Americans, and...the mimes. One of the funniest 48HFPs ever made, it's also a lovely cinderella story: this was the first time these filmmakers had made a film, and it was Des Moines' first year in the 48HFP, and it won it all. [Des Moines, 2005]

Jul 16: "1,900 Lady Lane"
Before the Internet, there were 1-900 numbers. But not many people know that before 1-900 numbers, there were 1,900 addresses. "1,900 Lady Lane" takes us back to a time when virtual sex was conducted by the quill, where Master Betrand conveys his regard to Madame Ramsey, and vice versa. [San Francisco, 2005]

Jul 9: "Hook Her"
"Hook Her" tells the story of a sad and lonely man who is helped by a strange fisherman to find the woman of his dreams. But there's a catch... [Seattle, 2005]

Jul 2: "Turning Boint"
In "Turning Boint" a suicide bomber seeks out the best speech therapist in Israel to help him learn Hebrew well enough to deliver his bomb. But as she teaches him the intricacies of Hebrew, they begin to fall in love. In Hebrew and Arabic with Hebrew and English subtitles. [Tel Aviv, 2007]

Jun 25: "Moved"
The best 48 Hour Film Project of 2004, "Moved" is a fast-moving tale of coffee shops, armed robbery, telekinesis, superpowers, and filing. [Atlanta, 2004]

Jun 18: "The Monitor"
In this psychological drama, a woman finds herself trapped in a Escher-esque prison of office restrooms and searches for a way out. [New York, 2005]

Jun 11: "Stale Mate"
A famous actress meets a mortician in a strange yet upbeat tale of a love that could never survive. [Minneapolis, 2004]

Jun 4: "Morning Sickness"
In "Morning Sickness", D-Bob and Growler's irreverent radio show hits a snag when they are required to play it straight with a sex doctor. There's nothing quite as funny as the funny guys trying to be serious. [Houston, 2007]

May 28: "Late for a Date"
"Late for a Date" follows a gentleman who is trying to get to his date, but is running just a little bit late. As he traverses the town, it seems like circumstances are conspiring to make him later and later, to his chagrin and our amusement. Be sure to watch through the end credits! [Las Vegas, 2006]

May 21: "The Golden Tiki of Djbuti Buti"
The supervillain Mullet has stolen the Golden Tiki of Djbuti Buti, and only one man can recover it. By day, he is Oliver Barnes, a mild-mannered accountant. But at night, he's...Naked Man! Hearkening back to the Adam West's Batman, "Golden Tiki" packs in a satisfying conclusion and a lot of laughs on the way. [Baltimore, 2005]

May 14: "Les Champignons de Paname"
"Les Champignons de Paname" ("The Mushrooms of Paname") tells the story of a documentary filmmaker investigating the mushrooms growing all over the streets of Paris, only to discover they hold a terrible secret. In French with English subtitles. [Paris, 2005]

May 7: "Dòn"
A man is trapped in a fantasy world and believes he is Don Quixote de la Mancha. Perhaps, though, it is not a fantasy world after all. In Italian with English subtitles. [Rome, 2007]

Apr 30: "The Kumbio Takedown"
In this wickedly funny film, two detectives are hot on the trail of a mafia kingpin, but their attention is on an entirely different issue. [Washington, DC, 2007]

Apr 23: "TimeCatcher"
The best 48 Hour Film Project of 2007, "TimeCatcher" ("אדון הזמן") is about a superhero who—just by looking at people—can tell how much longer they have to live. We join him for the final few minutes of his own life. In Hebrew with English subtitles. [Tel Aviv, 2007]

Apr 16: "Tooth and Nail"
The best 48 Hour Film Project of 2006, "Tooth and Nail" tells the story of a Senator haunted by a horrific revelation: he's a vampire! Take a break from the 2008 election and follow the wickedly funny reelection campaign of this undead politician. [Portland, Oregon, 2006]

Apr 9: "The Guts and the Glory"
A small town is in the midst of a zombie attack—but there's a surprising twist. You'll like it even if you don't usually like horror films. Be sure to watch through the end credits! [Boston, 2006]

Apr 2: "Pitch Imperfect"
A high school English teacher tries to convey to his unrequited love what she's meant to him for the past four years in this warm and lively film. [Boston, 2005]

Mar 26: "Breakin' Bread"
"Breakin' Bread" is a zany and hilarious retelling of the Last Supper in which John gets a little help from Matthew, Mary Magdaline, Peter, V. Kirk, and Judas to throw a party for Jesus. [Las Vegas, 2005]

Mar 19: "Owensville"
In this tender and sweet family film, two very unusual people form a friendship that changes their lives forever. [Washington, DC, 2006]