Featured Films Amsterdam, Netherlands

"My Pleasure" by Tripple3Film & Faber's Fabels Amsterdam, NL 48HFP 2016

Relations are reevaluated when a hero doctor visits the man he saved during the war

Local Awards
  • Best Film 1st Place
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Directing
  • Best Use of Line

Koeboy Amsterdam, NL CINEKID 2017

SPRING! Amsterdam, NL 48HFP 2017

On y va Amsterdam, NL CINEKID 2016

My Pleasure Amsterdam, NL 48HFP 2016

Unforgettable Amsterdam, NL 48HFP 2015

Geen Kunst Amsterdam, NL CINEKID 2015

POP! Amsterdam, NL 48HFP 2014

Geen Klote! Amsterdam, NL 48HFP 2013

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