Amsterdam, Netherlands 2 - 4 maart 2018

Get Ready for A Colorful Challenge!

The weekend? 2 - 4 maart 2018

The challenge? To make a LGBT+ film in only 48 hours!

Films made for 48 Hour Pink will be screened at the Roze filmdagen in Amsterdam. The winner of the 48 Hour Pink will be screened in cinemas across the Netherlands as part of the Gay Night program. On top of that the Roze filmdagen will support you in getting your film to international film festivals.

What's so special about the 48 Hour Film Pink Project?

The 48 Hour Pink celebrates LGBT+ themed films, by connecting filmmakers and LGBT+ film fans. As with the flagship competition we all know and love, filmmakers will create short films in only 48 hours - with required elements and all.

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  • Regular: 148€ EUR/team eindigt vr, 2 maart
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vr, 2 maart 2018 @ 18:00 - 19:00


zon, 4 maart 2018
19:30 uur om op tijd te zijn

Premiere Screenings

zon, 11 maart 2018 @ 21:30

Deelnemende teams


  • 2 Bier, 1 Cola! Glenn Haaster, van
  • DEZE MEID Valerie Bisscheroux
  • Not quite there Martijn Krediet
  • Outseen Celeste Filius

Films uit voorgaande jaren

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