Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania July 10 - 12, 2015

Winners Coming Soon

Our judges are currently deliberating on the 2015 winners. Awards will be determined for a number of categories, including Best Film, which will go on to represent Pittsburgh, PA at Filmapalooza and vie for Best 48HFP Film of 2015.

Required Elements

  • Character: Sara or Seth Tremaine, Newbie
  • Prop: A Coffee Mug
  • Line: "You can't take it with you." or "You cannot take it with you."

Best Of Screening

Fri, Jul 31, 2015 @ 6:30pm
The Holywood Theater
1449 Potomac Avenue, Pittsburgh 15216

Audience Favorite: Group A

restart by Pittsburgh Game Changers

Audience Favorite: Group B

Fuzz Enuttz by Command Pictures

Audience Favorite: Group C

Sara Tremaine by Children of the Corman

Audience Favorite: Group D

Change by So Fresh! Films

Screening Groups

Group A Sunday, July 19, 2015 @ 3:00pm

  • Color Negative Joe Wilson
  • Confluence Productions Ted Haynes
  • Dirty Mirror Productions Brock Viering
  • Dynamite Carrot John James Lynn
  • Elder Androids Kyle Mohr
  • Pittsburgh Game Changers Cheo Tyehimba Taylor
  • Sinister Dream Productions Nick Kizina
  • Team 47 Lauren Kuntz
  • The DuBoonatics Michael Gafner
  • The Kartwheel Klub Micah Taylor
  • Unplanned Comedy Woody Drennan

Group B Sunday, July 19, 2015 @ 7:00pm

  • 4TWELVE Pictures Zack Eisenfeld
  • Beard Machine Christopher Friedrick
  • Blue Knight Productions Ian Livingston
  • Command Pictures Maura Snyder
  • Everything But The Name 1 Edwin Huang
  • Flying Penguin Productions Matthew Haider
  • Locust Street Lance Parkin
  • Long Knuckle Studios David Kost
  • Raging Render Chris Bollinger
  • Rumble Pack Mindy Cooper
  • Scrambled for Life Russel Douglas
  • Well Known Strangers Dave Forman

Group C Monday, July 20, 2015 @ 7:00pm

  • Beginnings Jackie Druga
  • Carnegie Screenwriters Bob Scott
  • Children of the Corman Darin DiNapoli
  • Falling October Productions Alexander Cronin
  • Procrastination Productions Corey Becker
  • Ricecakes Jessica Lee
  • Sgt. Hullabaloo and the Sioux City Wrangles Martin Connolly
  • Sibling Rivalry Michelle Wright
  • Team Visionary Josh Wendt
  • Tough Brets Katie Funaki
  • USS Improvise Karen Forney

Group D Tuesday, July 21, 2015 @ 7:00pm

  • Blind Tiger Films Josh Hausman
  • Destiny's Adult Dan McKosky
  • Everything But the Name 2 Nathan Fullerton
  • Gaff Tape and a Prayer Mike Hanley
  • Go Fly A Hull Productions Gary Ciangiarulo
  • Goat Milk Fudge PJ Gaynard
  • Mini Milers Noah Fatsi
  • R. Walker Productions Rodman Walker
  • ShadowFrame Jason Boyer
  • So Fresh! Films Nick Verzilli
  • Visionary Pioneers Jeremy St-Hilaire
  • WallRose Pictures Michael Ernst

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