The 48 Hour Film Project

The Portland 48 Hour Film Project (Oregon)

What Happened During Your Weekend?

The Portland filmmakers share stories from their wild weekend of filmmaking. (Blogging ended shortly after the filmmaking weekend.)

Team Twins head West!

Sarah, our team leader, had an auspicious dream the night before this year's kickoff. We would make a Western, starring the twins. Sarah - playing their Mom - would be interviewed in the kitchen. She'd explain that she was raising her kids right, preparing them to be good, responsible farmers. Then we'd see the twins, collecting eggs, chasing goats, and riding horses. Somehow, we'd get a different take on things from watching them... A Western Mockumentary.

It didn't turn out exactly that way.

We drew Western as our genre, true to Sarah's dream. But as we started brainstorming on Friday, things spin off in a quite different tack. We tried to be very mindful of the realities of trying to wrangle toddlers as talent. You'll decide how well we pulled it off.

Casual Dog Productions is pretty well equipped - we weren't lacking for gear. But only two of us had heavy duty technical skills. And we didn't have a generator, a 10k HMI, or a 10x10 scrim, so shooting in bright mid-day sun on location at Rae's farm was a big challenge. But we tried to embrace our limitations, to turn them to our advantage. See if you think the look we developed in post was effective.

We shot most scenes with two cameras, a GH4 and an XF300. For the dialog scenes, we shot double system with a Sennheiser MKH 50 and an H4n. We ran into a small problem in post, though, when Plural Eyes seemed to mess up the 4k clips from the Panasonic camera. We worked around it. During the whole 12 hour day of shooting, we got most of what we'd planned, even though one or another of our stars was often melting down. We hardly used any of the truck load of lights we'd brought along.

Sarah and I spent got an early start on Sunday - after a second night of just a few hours of sleep. Premiere Pro worked pretty well, but I missed the better organizational, editing, and trimming tools in Avid. We paced ourselves well, but had a near-disaster near the end. We were rendering our final cut, then 20 minutes in to the render we realized we'd sent the wrong sequence to the media encoder. It was missing our two last audio edits! Can you spot them?

It has been a great experience, and we are as proud of our achievement as we are thankful for all the help we received. We have already begun planning for next year, when our stars will be almost potty trained.

- Ricardo Ismach, Team Twins

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Tuberius here from team Wild Hunt.

Finally woke up from some much needed rest. I lost 3 lbs running around making art this weekend. I won't miss them, they were just slowing me down from getting to the next scene!

I wanted to do the 48 hour film project because I love the stories of how filmmakers run into problems last minute and have to find a quick solution.

Here is ours:

Friday, after arriving at Kick off with so many knots in my stomach I could barely eat I received a text from our chosen location: their neighbors were holding a wedding with a dj on Saturday.

I woke up Saturday morning after 2.5 hours of sleep, I still had another Draft to write, still had to build a set, still had to get costumes and cast. Our drone pilot informs me at this point that the drone had crashed. Then my producer gets a call. Our gaffer was on his way with a generator, lights, slider and follow focus but he was in an accident.

We were running out of time to start shooting. My team pulled through, we filmed around the wedding, our make up team built our tent (good job, ladies) and we borrowed a generator from a friend.

I got to make my own creative solutions this weekend, I got to live one of those stories. I got to make a film I'm proud of.

I lost 3 pounds, but I found 26 amazing people who love film as much as I do.

Thank you Team Wild Hunt, and thank you 48 hour film project.

- Tiberius, Wild Hunt

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