Meet the Producers

A small team of dedicated Headquarters staff and a vast team of City Producers bring the 48HFP to our cities each year. This group of individuals come from many different backgrounds and from many different countries but share the commitment to make the 48HFP fun, fair and creatively invigorating.

Mark Ruppert Creator / Executive Producer

Mark came up with the idea for the 48 Hour Film Project back in 2001. As a filmmaker in his own right, Mark's belief in the power of creativity led him to challenge filmmakers to see what they can do in a single weekend.

The results have been phenomenal as the 48 Hour Film Project has found a place in 130 cities around the world--with more than 325,000 people having participated to date, creating more than 25,000 films.

Mark heads the international organization that runs the 48 Hour Film Project, coordinating more than 110 producers around the world. Mark's producing experience includes films, theater and special events. He has emceed award shows, international forums and his own talk/variety show.

Liz Langston Co-Founder / Executive Producer

Langston co-founded the 48HFP back in 2001. After years as a nerdy researcher she found that making movies was much more fun. Even she is surprised that spreading this love of filmmaking has met with such a large response. In 2011 Langston launched a spin-off 48HFP project – the 48 Music Video Project, and in 2012, launched the 48 Horror Project, which is rapidly spreading worldwide.

She manages the 48HFP; develops new opportunities; oversees marketing, social media, and public relations; engages with the press; and biennually spearheads the 48HFP's Film Festival, Filmapaplooza. She lives in Albuquerque, where she also produces the local 48HFP Film Project. She frequently attends film festivals and travels to 48HFP cities to connect with filmmakers and City Producers.

Christina Ruppert Director of Operations

Ruppert manages the day-to-day operations of the 48HFP, helps our City Producers manage their cities, documents and improves procedures, updates our website, and manages projects that involve the rest of the HQ staff. She lives with her husband Michael and sons Patrick and Charlie in Washington, DC.

Laura Schlecht Director of Web Operations

Laura is an actress, director and producer - having worked on numerous projects for both stage and screen. She currently resides in Houston and is involved with many local arts organizations.

Laura maintains the 48 Hour Film website and assists the rest of HQ with the day-to-day operations of the project.

Brian Bowers Asst. Dir. of Oper. / Newsletter Editor

Brian is responsible for hiring new city producers in the US and internationally. He works with existing City Producers to help manage their cities, assists with social media outreach, and writes the monthly e-newsletter. He is the City Producer for Cleveland, OH.

Kris Thompson Web Assistant

Charniece Richardson Sponsorship Manager

Charneice is the newest member of the 48HFP Team. She manages sponsorships and sponsorship events such as the New Amsterdam “It’s Your Town” invitational. She is also a playwright, and the winner of an x prize as well as a mother of 2.

Jessica Jones Executive Assistant

Austin Madrid Asst. Dir. of Operations

Nicole Haddock Post Production Manager

Kristen Wurth Social Media

City Producers

Aaron Johnston Columbus, OH

Afonso Fontão Castelo Branco, PT

Agnieszka Sękowska Katowice, PLWarsaw, PLWrocław, PL

Akram Moncer Tunis, TN

Alessandro Pederzoli Mexico

Alex Iureș Bucharest, RO

Alexander Garcia New Orleans, LA

Alvaro Velusco Bogota, CO

Alyne Harding Austin, TX

Andrea Nilosek Portland, ME

Angélica Rojas Buenos Aires, AR

Anthony Ambrosino Providence, RI

Anthony Paderewski Savannah, GA

Austin Anderson Minneapolis, MN

Austin Madrid Albuquerque, NM

Aymen Moncer Tunis, TN

Barbara Massara Buenos Aires, AR

Bart Dokter Leeuwarden, NL

Ben Guaraldi Boston, MA

Ben Hlavaty Oklahoma City, OK

Bill Rainey New Orleans, LA

Blerina Berberi Halifax, CA

Bobby Gott Buffalo, NY

Brian Bowers Cleveland, OH

Brian Higgins Salt Lake City, UT

Bruce Sales Asheville, NC

Bryce Young Kansas City, MO

Caillin Basson Windhoek, NA

Camilla Demichelis Mexico

Carlos Llanten Santiago de Cali, CO

Carlota Escobar Astrelli Santiago, CL

Carmen Gonzales Cochabamba, BO

Caroline Kenealy Amarillo, TX

Caroline Kioko Nairobi, KE

Cea Larkin Omaha, NE

Chad Thomas Louisville, KY

Chris Ackerman Jacksonville, FL

Chris Overpeck Indianapolis, IN

Christina Ruppert Washington, DC

Christopher Cherry Toronto, CA

Cory Greene Paducah, KY

Cyndi Pederson Des Moines, IA

Danielle Sumita Shanghai, CN

Danny Ohman Dallas, TX

David Duponchel Lima, PE

David Stott New York, NY

Deborah Gordon Nashville, TN

Dennis Nieh Taipei, TW

Dolores Marimón Córdoba, AR

Doug Lantz San Juan, PR

Doug Yeager Cincinnati, OH

Duane Trammell San Diego, CA

Dylan Drummond Dundee, GB

Eddie Fritz Detroit, MI

Ellie St. John Richmond, VA

Elly Zainalabiden Kuala Lumpur, MY

Erik Van Overloop Antwerp, BE

Ester Stigliano Rome, IT

Eva Basteiro-Bertoli Rome, IT

Evelyn Pollard Huntsville, AL

Florencia Sader Punta del Este, UY

Francesco Pozzi Madrid, ES

Gabe Wardell Atlanta, GA

Gal Greenspan Israel

Gary Underwood Dallas, TX

Graham Trelfer London, GB

Gus Guillen San Jose, CA

Hans Groenendijk Rotterdam, NL

Hisham Samie Cape Town, ZA

Iris Carter Greensboro, NC

Jared Stepp Milwaukee, WI

Javier Valencia Arequipa, PECuzco, PE

Jeannette Rainey Hampton Roads, VA

Jeff Hahn Little Rock, AR

Jerry Vasilatos Chicago, IL

Jessica Palmaccio Rome, IT

Jessica Singh Durban, ZA

Jessica Turner Indianapolis, IN

Joana Borges Hong Kong

João Loff Lisbon, PT

Joel Bates Tampa, FL

Jutka Bari Budapest, HU

Kahmeela Adams Pittsburgh, PA

Kat Touschner Saint Louis, MO

Kris Thompson Houston, TX

Kristen Hamill Adelaide, AU

Kristin Nolan Denver, CO

krk nordenstrom Seattle, WA

Kyle Snavely Orlando, FL

Landee Bryant-Greene Paducah, KY

Laura Schlecht Houston, TX

Leanne Westphal Los Angeles, CA

Liz Langston Albuquerque, NM

Louise Knowles Edinburgh, GBGlasgow, GB

Lynn Samson Aberdeen, GB

Manila Mazzarini Rome, IT

Marcelo Mendez Contreras Cochabamba, BO

Maria Gracia San Martin Punta del Este, UY

Mariela Cardozo Paravicini La Paz, BO

Marion Pallier Aquitaine, FRBrest, FRBrussels, BE • and 10 more

Mark Ruppert Washington, DC

Matt Grehan Brisbane, AU

Maureen Correa San Francisco, CA

Melissa Robison MachinimaWashington, DC

Michael Elmore Seoul, KR

Michael Westphal Los Angeles, CA

Mickella Simone San Francisco, CA

Mickey Davis Des Moines, IA

Mihai Nitu Bucharest, RO

Mircea Banu Bucharest, RO

Naomi Smith Adelaide, AU

Neal Hartman Geneva, CHLausanne, CH

Nicholas Chee Singapore

Olivier Dussausse Aquitaine, FRBrest, FRBrussels, BE • and 10 more

Onur Akmehmet İstanbul, TR

Paul Ratner Prague, CZ

Paula Martinez Atlanta, GA

Peter Balint Vienna, AT

Petra Ratner Prague, CZ

Pierre van Megen Eindhoven, NLNijmegen, NL

Preeti Gopalkrishnan Mumbai, INNew Delhi, IN

Rachel Guaraldi Boston, MA

Ramses Petronia Curaçao

Rich Newman Memphis, TN

Richard Schut Amsterdam, NLBerlin, DEBudapest, HU • and 3 more

Ró Sawyers Windhoek, NA

Robert Dragot Tirana, AL

Robyn Sarvis San Diego, CA

Roman Hatala Bratislava, SK

Ryan Haberern Amarillo, TX

Ryota Mori Osaka, JPTokyo, JP

Sabrina Oertle Inland Empire, CA

Sam Goldblatt Edinburgh, GBGlasgow, GB

Samantha Decker Philadelphia, PA

Sandra Lupu Bucharest, RO

Sarabeth Fox San Antonio, TX

Shahril Musa Kuala Lumpur, MY

Shao Wei Goh Singapore

Sierra Shea Madison, WI

Sophie Jouanlong Aquitaine, FRBrest, FRBrussels, BE • and 10 more

Steve Nash Toronto, CA

Teresa Seina Omaha, NE

Thomas Overend Melbourne, AU

Tony Mark Grand Cayman

Tony Tabona Gaborone, BW

Trish Clark New Haven, CT

Tsogtbayar Namsrai Hohhot, CNMongolia

Will Fisher Charlotte, NC

Ying Tong Chng Singapore

Yogi Chopra Mumbai, INNew Delhi, IN

Zuzana Novakova Bratislava, SK

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