The 48 Hour Film Project

The Providence 48 Hour Film Project

What Happened During Your Weekend?

The Providence filmmakers share stories from their wild weekend of filmmaking. (Blogging ended shortly after the filmmaking weekend.)


You can do a lot in 48 hours. For sixteen of those hours, you can sleep! That leaves you with thirty-two hours to go out to breakfast, do some shopping, have lunch, take in some local theatre, enjoy Waterfire, and then repeat the entire process! Or, you can grab a group of your friends and tell one hell of a story through the 48 Hour Film Project. And the stories we will see on screen are important, some will make us laugh, some will make us cry; but it is the stories that happened behind the scenes that will matter. These are the stories we will tell our coworkers with bleary eyes on Monday morning. These are the stories we will tell our friends and family. For Radioactive Theatre Company, the one thing that jumps out the most is perseverance. To begin with, we are all novices when it comes to film. After all, we’re theatre people! Add in the fact that the 48HFP is the first thing we have done as a group and you can understand why perseverance comes to mind. It didn't matter to anyone on our team that we were scrambling to find babysitters for the seven children amongst us, or that the same scene took far too long to shoot and that by the end of it we felt a little insane. Or that we had a mini computer meltdown during the exporting process that would have sent some people crazy enough to throw their Mac out of the window. We kept on plugging. This past weekend I learned a lot. First, sleep is definitely over rated! On a more serious note, I discovered that with the right people, you can overcome anything from dogs that won't stay out of your shoot, to Macs that refuse to export. Who knew that you could have the most stressful fun in 48 hours? It sure beats sleep and a stack of pancakes!

- Shannon McLoud, Radioactive Theatre Company

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