Richmond, Virginia July 18 - 20, 2014

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to FILMIAMO! for winning Best Film of 2014. Their film Lexxxus will go on to represent Richmond against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2015.

1st Place: Best Film of 2014

Lexxxus by FILMIAMO!

2nd Place: Best Film of 2014

No Mercy by Pixel Drop

3rd Place: Best Film of 2014

New Faces by Double Take

Required Elements

  • Character: Pete or Peggy Wiltz, Architect
  • Prop: flowers
  • Line: "You don't have a clue, do you?" (or "You do not have a clue, do you?")

Audience Favorite: Group A

aDrift by final.revised

Audience Favorite: Group B

typer by Team S.H.I.E.L.D.

Audience Favorite: Group C

No Mercy by Pixel Drop

Best Writing

No Mercy by Pixel Drop

New Faces by Double Take

Best Editing

No Mercy by Pixel Drop

Best Directing

Ink by Shields Shoes

Best Cinematography

Long Pig by Housecat

aDrift by final.revised

Best Sound Design

Long Pig by Housecat

New Faces by Double Take

Best Musical Score

typer by Team S.H.I.E.L.D.

Best Acting

Lexxxus by FILMIAMO!

aDrift by final.revised

Honorable Mention
New Faces by Double Take

Best Graphics

No Mercy by Pixel Drop

Best Special Effects

Long Pig by Housecat

Best Choreography

Lexxxus by FILMIAMO!

Best Costumes

The Passing Scribe by Icy Edge Productions

Best Use of Character

Flowers for Daniel by Crimes of the Art

Best Use of Prop

aDrift by final.revised

Best Use of Line

Lexxxus by FILMIAMO!

RVA 48HFP Honorable Mention

Crypt Crawlers by Idol Hand Productions

Space Trailer by MWL Films

2014 Film List

  • According to Plan by Cinematic Theatrics

    A brilliant inventor creates a device that might help him correct a mistake from his past.

  • aDrift by final.revised

    After finding out their daughter is dying of cancer, a father struggles to cope.

  • Babyface by The Dandy Lions

    A recent college grad goes in for an interview, but the boss is a little younger than he expected.

  • Couch Surfer by Team TBA

    A man is unhappy with his 9-5 and sets out for new experiences.

  • Crypt Crawlers by Idol Hand Productions

    Two boys try to throw the party of the year. But they're finding out, it's harder than it looks!

  • Cut to the Chase by namechange studios

    When two old friends reconnect, Chase gathers the courage to admit her feelings.

  • Down The Rabbit Hole by 24 Frame Rebels

    Down we go Rabbit.

  • Echo by Class Axe

    A couple is torn between the job of a lifetime and a father who can't let go.

  • fame robur by ARRO Studio

    Saving the world one flower in the past...

  • Flowers for Daniel by Crimes of the Art

    Film noir the old fashioned way. Well, old fashioned if the femme fatale had five O'Clock shadow.

  • For Ava by Arthrospira

    A broken man fixates on a stranger across the street.

  • Get Down And Pray by Pointer Pictures

    After the apocalypse a roamer discovers an abandoned church that is very much occupied.

  • Inferior Design by Richmond Comedy

    An Interior Design magazine is looking for a new writer. The applicants are less than applicable.

  • Ink by Shields Shoes

    A young boy is unhappily thrown into another era where he makes some discoveries about himself

  • Lexxxus by FILMIAMO!

    Confident pole dancer heals a broken bachelor party.

  • Long Pig by Housecat

    A cutthroat architect has a bone to pick with a local BBQ joint.

  • New Faces by Double Take

    A meth addict support group misunderstands "sharing stories."

  • No Flowers For Dead Men by ChinaGreenElvis

    A gang of U.S. Marshals use their fists to coerce a captive bandit into leading them to hidden gold.

  • No Mercy by Pixel Drop

    A vigilante cowboy finds love, danger and talking flowers.

  • One of Us by Atlee

    Man joins a cult.

  • R.O.A.R. by Sweet and Sour

    Two animal restraint officers finally get their chance to catch the White Phantom

  • Sauced! by Scalawag Pictures

    A saucy Mafia dinner turns deadly

  • She lives! by More guys and a camera

    One man trash, becomes another mans treasure

  • Space Trailer by MWL Films

    Two kooky spacecampers pick up a hitchhiker in this pilot of a new series from MWL Films

  • The Filmaholics by That Cville Girls Team

    Film Contests are Addiciting

  • The Passing Scribe by Icy Edge Productions

    A career change...

  • typer by Team S.H.I.E.L.D.

    A young lonely man finds love in an electric typewriter

  • U-Turn by Leading Man Studios

    "We're going on a road trip."

  • Voicemail by Smith Brothers Productions

    A normal guy is suddenly the target of deadly killers when becomes involved with the wrong woman.

  • Wait...?! Here's My Card by That's Punny Productions

    An impassive detective is out to take down an enigmatic villain with a very unusual modus operandi.

  • Zemblanity by Oscar's Heroes

    You don't have a clue, do you?

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