Saint Louis, Missouri June 14 - 16, 2013

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Anonymous Productions for winning Best Film of 2013. Their film Rhymer's Block will go on to represent Saint Louis against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2014.

1st Place: Best Film of 2013

Rhymer's Block by Anonymous Productions

2nd Place: Best Film of 2013

Forever Friends by Untitled Sequence

Required Elements

  • Character: Paul or Paula Sweeney, Substitute Teacher
  • Prop: an umbrella
  • Line: "I don't recommend it."

2013 Film List

  • A Flag Day Story by Fish 'N Bicycle

    A man finds his patriotic spirit.

  • Accept No Substitutes by SoYCD


  • Al Fresco by goBRANDgo!

    Two brothers come together over a poor decision

  • Attack of the Umbrella Abomination by Tequila Mockingbird

    Science experiment goes awry and wreaks havoc on small town.

  • Backyard Karate School II by Sneakypants

    Yes Dojo!

  • Blink by Shadyrow

    Everything changes with a Blink

  • Bloody Instructions by Banjo Frog

    Paula falls for the wrong guy: her student. She knows she must end it, but Kenneth has other ideas.

  • Captain Komitis and the Missed Connection by Movie Camera Militia

    Captain Komitis and geeky wannabe chase after the same woman in a classic case of mistaken identity

  • Cyber Genetics x-periment by Smile Factory Films

    Troubled mutant teens

  • Embrace The Machine by Love Light Media

    Amara, a spiritual guide, has developed of system of time travel using the mind as the machine.

  • Forever Friends by Untitled Sequence

    These guys are gonna have a monster of a weekend.

  • Generation Screwed by Captain and his Mates

    An aging, recently laid-off and divorced man struggles to find his way among a younger generation.

  • Happy Hour by Brainfreeze Production

    A trip to the neighborhood bar doesn't mean it's the end of the world, or does it?

  • Her by Spasm of Enthusiasm

    Two best buddies reunite after a year apart

  • Intro to Experience by Avenues

    Feel what it feels like.

  • Keenokno by CbadeProductions

    most dope

  • Lesson Learned by Fake Shemps

    A high school student seeks revenge on her mean teacher,

  • Maidens & Monsters - The Quest for Charisma by Boxing Clever

    The quest for love is a game decided by a roll of the dice.

  • Method by Mole Man Movies

    A professional mix-up

  • Mind Controllers by Cantaloupe Meltdown

    It's a challenge to the death with a new set of controllers. Mind Controllers.

  • Murphy's Law by Los Hermanos Politicos

    Two high school students with a problem have a miscommunication with the school janitor, or is he?

  • Once Upon a Crime by Space Dolphin Pictures

    Paul was having a good day

  • Open House by Swamp Dogs

    I don't recomend it

  • Pardon My French by Newtonian Physics

    Temptresses French Treat

  • Pauly's Shore by extraMedium Productions

    Best summer ever!

  • Plan B by Creative Wolf Productions

    If you can't have kids what's your Plan B?

  • Rhymer's Block by Anonymous Productions

    A man takes a vacation day to find the perfect rhyme.

  • Rumination by Sons of Malarkey Productions

    A survivor of a recent car wreck is haunted by apparitions.

  • Split Time by Nepenthe

    Time travel is invented and hijinks ensue

  • Sugar High by VAMOOSE

    Paul rides the ultimate high until his world falls apart in a sugar crash.

  • Super Power Princess by Good Robot

    Little girl dreams of being a super power princess

  • Superheroes Never Die by Super Movie Bros.

    Episode 27 of the Canadian hit show

  • Tales From the Eclectosphere by The Eclectosphere

    A world where nothing is as you probably would have liked to to have been...

  • The Apprehension by LoungeCorps

    An FBI agent must apprehend a suspect with whom she's developed a true friendship.

  • The Driver by Executive Productions PRESENTS:

    A man accused of murder recalls his night of the crime.

  • The Ideal Substitute by House of Badger

    A job interview takes a very strange turn for Paula Sweeney

  • The Last Call by Little Drummer Dude Productions

    Things would have looked a lot better if he let the call go to voicemail.

  • The List by SoIL Media

    Spy vs Spy with Kung Fu

  • The New Substitute by Morning Star Productions

    Some people take birthdays VERY seriously.

  • The Peculiar Plight of Paula Sweeney by SuperFriends Wanted

    I Could Be Hot For Teacher

  • The Reunion by The Truffle Shuffles

    The truth about Paul

  • The Revengers by Bubble-Wrapped Fish Productions

    Three superheroes saving the world.

  • The Seat Next to Me by Pixel Pear

    A love that wasn't meant to be - would you take a chance?

  • the traveler by The ¡fin! niche

    "I need a blowjob and a raise, but I think we're both barking up the wrong tree"

  • The Woman Downstairs by 88mm Productions

    A social misfit develops an obsession with his downstairs neighbor.

  • Think Outside by Imaginary Banana

    The powers of a mysterious box force two campers to wrestle between greed and self-preservation.

  • Top of the Class by BearhounD7

    Top of the Class

  • Traffic Jam by Semi-Clever Productions

    After a tragic accident several travelers are forced to come to grips with their lives.

  • Use It by The Exacerbaters

    A man struggles to enjoy his lunch in peace after he encounters an eccentric stranger.

  • XXX000 by mShorts

    After sharing a sex tape, a couple discovers that what people really want is not what they expected.

  • You're My Best Friend by Wemaboyeah

    Best Friends stay together even after death

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