San Diego, California August 5 - 7, 2011

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to FortyOneTwenty for winning Best Film of 2011. Their film The Exchange will go on to represent San Diego against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2012.

1st Place: Best Film of 2011

The Exchange by FortyOneTwenty

2nd Place: Best Film of 2011

Sublime Intervention by Cane Toad Productions

Required Elements

  • Character: Lance or Lora Altman, Athlete
  • Prop: a ticket
  • Line: "Please keep it to yourself."

Audience Favorite: Group @

>less than Average by Essentials Productions

Sublime Intervention by Cane Toad Productions

One Mistake by Almost Bold

Revelations by Bastard Kids of Michael Bay

True Love For Dummies by Renegade Swine

Audience Favorite: Group B

The Exchange by FortyOneTwenty

Best Writing

Troy Elliott This is Peter. by The A-Team

Best Editing

Yat-Long Poon Therapydome by That Muchbetter

Honorable Mention
Donald Farmer Admit One by Platt Productions

Best Directing

Matt Jensen The Exchange by FortyOneTwenty

Best Cinematography

Matt Mangham The Exchange by FortyOneTwenty

Best Sound Design

Sublime Intervention by Cane Toad Productions

Best Actor

Omari Bobo The Exchange by FortyOneTwenty

Honorable Mention
Spencer Farmer Therapydome by That Muchbetter

Best Actress

Emily Chang One Mistake by Almost Bold

Honorable Mention
Lisa Galer My Robohubby by The Playful Platypuses

Best Ensemble Acting

What's Your Fantasy? by Amalgamated Grommets

Best Special Effects

Box by Vicious Films

Honorable Mention
Smooth by Deo Volente Media

Best Costumes

What's Your Fantasy? by Amalgamated Grommets

Best Use of Character

Full Count by Cudafunk

Best Use of Prop

What's Your Fantasy? by Amalgamated Grommets

Best Use of Line

Poster Boy by J3

Best Title Sequence

What's Your Fantasy? by Amalgamated Grommets

2011 Film List

  • >less than Average by Essentials Productions

    A somewhat less than average man comes to terms that he will never emerge from the shadows of his superhero wife.

  • 1-900-RED-CAPE by Dawson Digital - Bubba

    Superheroes For Hire - now advertising

  • 48 minutes: A Special Report by Quixana Productions

    The Dark side of Gummie Bears

  • Admit One by Platt Productions

    A distraught woman is reliving emotional memories while she prepares for a life altering event.

  • Back Splash by Just Impossible

    Be careful what you wish for - it could have consequences.

  • Baited Breath by Acting Professionally

    A dejected superhero fights for the girl of his dreams

  • Best For The Film by Red Eye Production

    A woman finds that the top of the corporate ladder is not what it seems.

  • Bigfoot Cometh? by S.K.Y PRODUCTIONS

    The legend is born...

  • Box by Vicious Films

    Survive the game, Collect them all.

  • By Appointment Only by Dawson Digital - Teesa

    Psycho Girl wants a birthday party

  • Captain Presto and the Gadiators of Zoobidore by Legion of Doom

    When the Captain's friend disappears, she must battle a new foe to save him.

  • Chosen by Blue Bus Collective

    A mystical being searches for her sucessor to save the world.

  • Differences by Potato Duck Productions

    In their divorce lawyer's waiting room, two complete strangers meet and find they have more in common than just irreconcilable differences.

  • Dirty Souls by Ithaka Enterprises

    Before there was internet, before Titanic, before the west was won, there was murder, betrayal, and buried secrets.

  • Écarté by Megamilk

    Dancer struggles to redefine her identity.

  • Epiphany Of Honor by Resterous

    Young mans entire life changes due to 9/11 tragedy.

  • Everyday Unusual by So to speak films

    When amature athelte, and office assitant Lora Altman is out for her usual run, a very mundane evening turns into a life changing adventure, as unknown powers hypnotize her into a trance. Her only hope is an unlikley pair of guirdians sworn to protect the meek souls that entcounter evil.

  • Facade by ROMIX Productions

    A delivery that becomes complicated.

  • Family Bond by KokoPelli Productions

    A very dysfunctional family

  • Finding Melody by Puppetography

    A young woman finds her true self.

  • Footnotes of an Avenue by El Capitan Pictures

    A weekly series follows the adventures of a hitchhiker as this weeks episode features her meeting a rather strange family.

  • Full Count by Cudafunk
  • Group Romance by Organized Khaos

    A romantic Tale of different perspectives

  • Hardkour Parkour by Lab Rats

    Please, keep it to yourself

  • Here Lies Bart by Black Sheep Pictures

    Four friends reminisce about the wild antics of their unusual friend Bart, on their fourth anniversary pilgrimage to his grave.

  • Homeward Boogie by Running Shadow Productions

    In the shadows, old friends are hard to find.

  • little people by Hemlock Cinema

    Two bitter friends, who are on their last job of their last client of a failing business, are shooting Christmas background video of a scene whose sentient inhabitants attempt to screw up the videoing subsequently infuriating the men until one kills the other with a miniature Christmas tree to the temple.

  • Loser's Luck by SD Film Club

    Two brothers find a mysterious to change thier luck...

  • Meal Ticket by Actodirect

    A guy looking for a personal trainer mistakenly finds a competitive eating coach

  • My Robohubby by The Playful Platypuses

    A businesswoman ventures outside the normal realm of dating to find happiness.

  • Not sure by No Show

    Not sure

  • Obsidian by Regalis Films

    My city screams. But my camera doesn't hear it.

  • Omega Squad: Resolute by Ariodite Films

    In your darkest hour you always have friends.

  • One Mistake by Almost Bold

    A Man faces a desperate moment while in competition with an office rival.

  • One Way Ticket by Hunter Productions

    Dealers of Death seducing a lonely man

  • Poster Boy by J3

    Posting is the new "in" sport. It's highly competitive, it's so much better than planking, and it's definitely not for everyone. Dallas Rivers is a star athlete for posting and is preparing the World Championship competition. Will he beat his competitor Lance Altman? This fun filmed documentary explains it all.

  • Rebounce by Socialized Wallflower Productions

    A chance to right a wrong from the past...with audience participation

  • Remember by Lauria Media

    Vito is a man on a mission. Having already stolen the love of his life, the hands of time now threaten to steal Vito's mind. With inspired tenacity, and eternal devotion, Vito fights to retain the very memories which make life worth living.

  • Revelations by Bastard Kids of Michael Bay

    A routine missionary day goes horrible wrong.

  • Smooth by Deo Volente Media

    Barry Smooth and Daryl Law solve the problems of the world one case at a time.

  • Stones of Fire by Inferno Productionz

    Popular 80's athlete, Lance Altman, comes out of retirement to return to the days of Olympic glory.

  • Sublime Intervention by Cane Toad Productions

    Angels, Angie and Gabe, are given the seemingly simple task to make a couple fall in love.

  • Supernormal by Mercury Cinema

    Sometimes the powers that be really do need to retire.

  • the comeback by Sofa King Awesome

    A dirty filthy pervert gets exactly what he is looking for.

  • The Exchange by FortyOneTwenty

    A man destined for a dark path is confronted by a mysterious stranger.

  • The In Between by Anybody want a peanut?

    A film about teleportation.

  • The Kowalski Test by TV GIENEK

    A wealthy banker challenges three teams of thieves to break into his newest vault

  • The Legendary Tales of Altman & Welles by Park and Ride Films

    2 friends and their zany adventures battling dastardly villains

  • The Life and Times of Lora Altman by Bastard's Academy

    The life in the day of an Olympic Athlete who has fallin into the world of stripping hoping to one day return to her former glory.

  • The Switch by RamRod

    If you could turn back time

  • The Vision by Latitude 32 Films

    A man witnesses a murder that occured in the past.

  • Therapydome by That Muchbetter

    This time it's interpersonal.

  • This is Peter. by The A-Team

    Peter struggles with a fantastical allergy which he has allowed to control his life. His bleak existence is dissturbed when he stumbles upon the his soulmate in a graveyard. Will love solve Peter's problems?

  • Three Less Thank You Cards by The Sleepers

    Birthdays and awkward entrances

  • Tic Tic Ticket by Yet Another Film Team

    A ticket to the gates

  • True Love For Dummies by Renegade Swine

    "Love falls in the funniest places."

  • What's Your Fantasy? by Amalgamated Grommets

    Don't try this at home!

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