San Diego, California June 27 - 29, 2014

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to A Focus Group for winning Best Film of 2014. Their film Good Ol' Chap will go on to represent San Diego against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2015.

1st Place: Best Film of 2014

Good Ol' Chap by A Focus Group

2nd Place: Best Film of 2014

No Such Luck by Hollywood Tower Players

3rd Place: Best Film of 2014

The Affair by Bad and Classic Productions

Required Elements

  • Character: John or Joyce Jansen, Investigator
  • Prop: marshmallow
  • Line: "I saw one of those yesterday."

Audience Favorite: Group A

Company Healthscare by Rowlbertos

Audience Favorite: Group B

Team Building by Pacific Arts Movement

Audience Favorite: Group C

Good Ol' Chap by A Focus Group

Audience Favorite: Group D

Wish by Society Art

Audience Favorite: Group E

The Affair by Bad and Classic Productions

Audience Favorite: Group F

The Big talkie by Kilna Companies

Best Writing

Unlucky Charms by Team TBD

Best Editing

Sam Schweikert and John Redlinger The Affair by Bad and Classic Productions

Best Directing

Ryan Casselman Good Ol' Chap by A Focus Group

Best Cinematography

Jake Orness Section 8 by King Of Hearts Films

Best Sound Design

Mike Ault Wish by Society Art

Best Musical Score

Joseph Carillo Wish by Society Art

Best Actor

Mike Brayden Good Ol' Chap by A Focus Group

Best Actress

Lisa Winans Desert Rose by Viva!

Best Supporting Actress

Robyn Littleworth The Affair by Bad and Classic Productions

Best Graphics

David S. Dawson Unlucky Charms by Team TBD

Best Choreography

Fernando Jay Huerto, Anthony Noceda, Ciani Palencia and Jessica Wolff The Finnisher by Jabronie Pictures

Best Make Up

Francia Cohen U Pack It by Preposterous Films

John Avlies and Phoenix Spivey Webb Section 8 by King Of Hearts Films

Best Use of Character

Team Building by Pacific Arts Movement

No Such Luck by Hollywood Tower Players

Best Use of Prop

Good Ol' Chap by A Focus Group

Best Use of Line

Wish by Society Art

U Pack It by Preposterous Films

Wish by Society Art

Best Use of a GoPro Camera

Darian by Four Lazy Guys

2014 Film List

  • 3:18 AM by Groovy Productions

    A late night talk show host and a stranger become intertwined on a fateful night.

  • 6 Hours by Rabbit on the Lamb Productions

    Joyce finds her life in danger and isn't sure who to trust or if she'll even survive.

  • A Slice of Ria by Bay Area Natives

    "A Story of two sisters who are distant from each other."

  • A Slight Twist by Rock Paper Scissors

    A serial killer travels, from state to state, to set up fake movie projects, to kill his victims.

  • Albatross by Skeleton Crew

    A homicide investigator develops an

  • Beyond John by Dampt Productions

    A self-centered man questions his life decisions after getting in trouble on a camping trip.

  • Bunney by Mercury Cinema

    A shy and reclusive woman decides to undergo a "personality transplant" to take control of her life.

  • Case no. ZOE-48HFP2014 by FESTIVAL CITY FILMS

    This film has no logline

  • Company Healthscare by Rowlbertos

    Are you too young for a prostate exam?

  • Conception by Mic & Nik's Major Motion Pics

    A woman torn between her heart and her word seeks refuge in her thoughts, but not without resistance

  • Cuffed by Blood Has Been Shed Jerry

    Three people, arrested for a cafe robbery, try to agree on a story to get them off the hook.

  • Darian by Four Lazy Guys

    A luddite uses advanced technology to save the world from advanced technology.

  • DC Design by Palomar GC

    A reluctant genius hides out in a safe environment

  • Departing Gift by Grudio Productions

    A couple receives a gift that ultimately departs them from their house and their lives...

  • Desert Rose by Viva!

    A grieving mother has an unexpected encounter on her road trip.

  • Desperadas by Dave Oleary Films

    Desperate lovers become bandits to escape their past only to hunted by it.

  • Dial M for Marshmlow by Resulting Impact Film Productions

    You can be the stick or the marshmallow

  • Five Minutes Later? by Flipping Bird Films

    Four Government Contractors stumble onto a glitch in time...

  • Fred by Parallax

    An investigation into the reality of love

  • From Peace to Pieces by Seriously Surreal Productions

    A murder and a girl who once was someone else.

  • Full Bodied Wine by Rock Soup Productions - The San Diego Film Company

    Wine Tasters of alien background meetup for an interesting tasting.

  • Fur Fest by The Suits

    A talented artist is thwarted by powerful forces every time she pursues her passion.

  • Good Ol' Chap by A Focus Group

    I saw one of those yesterday

  • Hard Cookie by Form Over Function

    Sales is tough

  • I do ... "this time forever" by Fun Dads

    Adam who is fedup in his marriage takes services of an Investigator to go back in time to Undo.

  • Inner Fear by Shark-bite Bagel

    A couple's getaway uncovers a deep dark secret and crippling fear that has haunted Joyce forever.

  • Instant Date by Cinesthetics

    boy looks for love, but finds bromance instead.

  • Lady on High by Hawks With Videocameras

    Susie fears that her husband plans to murder her - but her story is highly suspicious.

  • Lost & Found by state of flux

    A new leash on life.

  • Love Travels Fast by Real Good Films

    A heartbroken traveler teleports through space and time in a desperate search for his true love.

  • Magpie by D. Padraic Productions

    ShSome journeys down a dark path lead to light

  • Matryoshka by Let's Have a Look

    What begins as a slow day turns into an a interesting series of events for a private investigator.

  • MISSING by Rebel Kids Entertainment

    People keep disappearing and no one knows why.

  • Mustang Love by Cane Toad Productions

    Opposites attract on a road quest - Can Zombie Bunnies bring them together?

  • No Such Luck by Hollywood Tower Players

    An PI investigating the theft of a lucky horseshoe must reevaluate the evidence after a murder.

  • On The Clock by Blacklisted Burrito

    The only possible time travel this side of H.G.Wells

  • Placebo by Bang Zoom Pow

    Drug trial goes horribly wrong for one unsuspecting woman

  • Return of Selma & Elise by Collective Audacieuse/x

    When Selma reneges on a deadly pact, it's up to her BBF Elise to patch things up or be left in limbo

  • Section 8 by King Of Hearts Films

    SOCOM team encounters terror during a CIA extraction

  • Shapes by City Band Productions

    Sometimes the risk IS the reward.

  • Soul Intent by Bogota

    A romance with feeling

  • Stacy's Trip by First Attempt Films

    Distraught from receiving divorce papers, Stacy spends a night partying and wakes up in the future

  • Straight!...Out of Hell by Grooveko

    Ex gays at a BBQ discover something shocking about one of their own.

  • Strange Kind Of Love by Class Act Revolution Production

    A man crosses the line of forbidden love with an evil entity on a popular TV Show.

  • Stray by Ellipsis Productions

    A woman if forced to decide if she will leave a lost love in a time of need.

  • Sugar Rush by Happy CAMpers

    A heist gone wrong strands three female bandits to sort out love and trust during a hot pursuit.

  • Sweet Tooth by Datu Puti Productions presented by Gendut Films

    The Sweet Tooth killer from outerspace is hunted down by a criminal scene investigator.

  • Team Building by Pacific Arts Movement

    When a spoiled office manager accuses his office workers of theft loyalties are forged.

  • The Affair by Bad and Classic Productions
  • The American't Dream by Essentials Productions - The San Diego Film Company

    Disgruntled employee rethinks his past decisions which resulted in a bleak future

  • The Big talkie by Kilna Companies

    Voice from the past meets fool from the present.

  • The Finnisher by Jabronie Pictures

    A Finnish investigator runs from trouble and into the arms of a sweet, but incompetent accomplice

  • The Headline by Fine City Productions -The San Diego Film Company

    A witty investigator's story cripples a slick tycoon.

  • The Hit by Sid-Sistla Films

    Looks can be deceiving!

  • The Last Resort by zAP Productions

    Donna Fisher is accused of the crime of "resorting"

  • The Mellow Killer by 81K Productions

    Close on his trail, a struggling investigator searches for a serial killer.

  • The Moderator by TinyBeast Films

    Taking down bad seeds with survey methodology.

  • the pact by sleeping lion

    i saw one of those yesterday

  • The painted Marshmallow by maxchroma

    a young investigator solves the mystery of the painted marshmallow

  • The Trail by The Stand-ins

    Little things on a big path.

  • Thorn St. by Tea and Bag Production Co.

    A new unexpected drug is trending and hits the streets.

  • To Catch a Ghost by Yet Another Film Team

    Even ghost have sweet tooths

  • Toast Queen by Guerrilla Aesthete Productions

    When a woman takes a trip down memory lane, a figure from her past begins to haunt her.

  • Trail Mix with Obstacles by Project Duck-Rabbit

    Failing to impress his outdoorsy girlfriend; tragedy forces Collin to deal with nature on its terms

  • Treble in Town by Henry

    When everyone starts singing, it'll take Inspector Joyce John Jansen to get to the bottom of it.

  • Tulip and the Marshmallow by EnLighthouse Entertainment

    When an enchanted kingdom is missing one of its residents, they hire an investigator to find her.

  • U Pack It by Preposterous Films

    An Osha Investigator, comes to the wrong warehouse

  • Uncomfortably Numb by Team J+

    When a detached hospice worker learns her days are numbered her life takes a sudden turn.

  • Unlucky Charms by Team TBD

    Two CSIs hypothesize how a man died in his cereal.

  • Unwanted Caller by aMAZEing Productions

    Some Callers Want Too Much

  • Whorror House by Phantom Card Pictures

    Joyce Jansen finds out from an informant that her man is cheatin and psycho revenge murders his ass

  • Wish by Society Art

    A misunderstood deaf boy escapes the torment of others in his own imagination of sound and art

  • Writer's Block by Snarky Films

    A fantasy writer's creations cross over into his reality.

  • You're Not Funny by The Balestra Bunch

    A struggling comedian pits his passion against those close to him.

  • Zombie Tours by Down The Block Films

    Joyce is hired to check out the Gillian and her "zombie" story

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