The 48 Hour Film Project

The San Diego 48 Hour Film Project

What Happened During Your Weekend?

The San Diego filmmakers share stories from their wild weekend of filmmaking. (Blogging ended shortly after the filmmaking weekend.)


We made our 48 Hour Project Movie and a "making of" documentary in the same weekend. Here is the link: The documentary follows the trailer for the film.

- Paul M. Giret, the Suits

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Another fun year...

The most challenging aspect of this year's contest for us was figuring out how to approach making a "SILENT FILM" that allowed us the freedom to make a story we all were thrilled to make. We spent over six hours debating how to deal with our approach. Everything from classic silent film era styles to newer approaches with tracking graphics and the like. In the end we settled on something in-between and I think we are very happy with the results. I've heard more than one of my team members state that they believe UNLUCKY CHARMS is our best entry to date.

- David S. Dawson, Team TBD

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