San Francisco, California June 18 - 20, 2010

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to [winfilm:team-label] for winning Best Film of 2010. Their film [winfilm:label] will go on to represent San Francisco against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2011.

Required Elements

  • Character: Geoffery or Gigi Cook, Consultant
  • Prop: a plate
  • Line: "You are not going to believe what happened."

2010 Film List

  • 3 Sisters by EyeQ Films

    A sister is tired of caring for a younger sister.

  • A Fine Day for Geoffery Cook by International High School

    Suicide's never been easy

  • Albatross by Chronosynclastic Infidibulum

    A dinner with friends turns into a tale of island survival

  • Antique Plates and You: The Legend of the Snow Maiden by Over The Top Film Collective

    On this week's episode of Antiques Plate and You we go to the home of a lovely California couple with a fascinating Russian plate collection.

  • Beaten Path by GOCA

    Two strangers find themselves forced together when they are kidnapped and lost in the woods.

  • Breakdown by Barewitness Films Inc.

    Sometimes it takes a road trip to know where you're going.

  • Chummers by production line/norcal red

    Wall the Sidage, Fire the Galley, Scrub the Chummer!!

  • Code Red 3: The Key by Original Sinema

    When Claude's crazy mother grounds him, how on earth will he make it out of the house to Tom's party? Claude and Geoffery must endure a trying obstacle to steel his parents' car keys in their effort to espcape.

  • Con/Artist by Antisocialites

    A desparate con artist meets an ambitious fine artist and they team up to help each other out of their respective sticky situations.

  • Consequence of Death by San Fiasco

    Two hikers find them selves in a dangerous situation when one is abducted.

  • Cracked by Taza Films

    The story of a woman pushed to her limits

  • cracked-open hours by Tumult Productions

    a wild. magical and strong woman proves compassion opens hearts

  • Cream: A Love Story by 2 Lefthanded Idiots

    A love story with a twist

  • cybernesia by comfortably dumb

    memories are being lost in cyberspace

  • Daymare by Last Wave

    A man loses and recovers himself.

  • Director's Cut by The Sixty-Sixers

    Women arrive at a theatre to audition for a role. The acting consultant and the janitor have something else in mind for them.

  • Electric Mushroom Parade by Electric Mushroom Parade

    May god have mercy on your soul...

  • Estrogen Warriors by Iron Horse Productions

    A Film de Femme as told by a Group of Guys

  • Flatline by Imagination: Gone Wrong

    An ordinary college student on a summer drive with his girlfriend becomes entangled in a series of surreal and ominous events involving a hitchhiking stranger and the disappearance of his one true love. Gradually, he learns that things may not seem all that they appear to be, as an forbidding sound brings him closer and closer to his eventual fate.

  • Gasp by Outlaw Media Productions

    It's not over till your last breathe

  • Ghost Drive by Goodie Room Productions

    The hard drive never lies.

  • Hired by Hot Pastrami Productions

    Why Geoff is late for dinner

  • Horror Academy by Cross-Bay Productions

    Dr. Blank runs an academy in woods training serial killers.

  • Hours: 48:00 Minutes: 00:00 by EagleVision

    Who's killing off the crew?

  • House Sitter by Major Diamond Productions

    Jeffery Cook finds out it takes more than a college education to become a house sitter.

  • Inside by Team Rhobot

    Kate just wants to live a simple puppeteers life, but sinister forcesin her neighborhood have a different plan.

  • Lady Cat by Team Rocket

    Shelly, a "cat-lady", wakes up to discover that her cat has taken human form. This is a wish come true. This is "marvelous!", but she soon realises that this is definitely, "NOT marvelous".

  • Le Petit Road Trip by Montage Productions

    A Frenchmen, newly relocated to San Francisco, embarks on a lunchtime journey with his roommate and the friends of his roommate. Parking hijinks ensues.

  • Leaving Sunnyfield by Twisted Arrow Productions

    One escape from crazy

  • Leftovers by SF Film Workshop of Art & FIlm for teenagers

    A distraught hostess cleans up after a costume party. She discovers a bear and an alien. Romance ensues.

  • Malfunction by Stabbing My Jelly!

    The perfect family. The perfect parents. The perfect child. the perfect film for the whole family.

  • Matron by The Center For Kids Who Can't Film Good

    3 office workers try to steal some alchohol from their boss

  • Mr. & Dister Action by Thinking Stone Productions

    A sidekick no longer wants to be the distraction.

  • Nexus by EXIT Media

    Troubled young Sabrina goes to great lengths to seek help with her grief over the loss of a loved one.

  • No Exit by Schlussel Films

    A group is trapped against their will in a nightmarish technovironment, until one newcomer discovers that the only thing holding them in is fear.

  • Nothing Stops the Railroad by Dollar Short Productions

    Jealous murder

  • Oedipus Text by ICY Productions

    As the internet becomes our means for interpersonal relationships, some find it exhilarating while others find it confusing.

  • Okiku by Chinese Takeout

    A ghostly tale of revenge based on traditional Japanese folk lore

  • One of Two by There's a Bathroom on the Right

    Men and Women watch antiques sideshow over beers and footrubs. Death and Hilarity ensue.

  • Painted Ladies by G & T's Whiskey

    Be careful who you trust.

  • Perplexion by Golden Ticket

    A young female assassin gives a life consultant the wrong idea, and he gets more than he bargained for.

  • Psychodin by Four Eleven Productions

    Do not exceed the recommended dosage

  • Red Road by Not my day job productions

    The hardest road to follow is the one you don't expect

  • Reservation by Chadbourne Media

    After 20 years, a couple has reservations

  • Rite & Wrong by Dead Keg

    The universe gives you what you need, not what you want.

  • Rotinaj by LIFE

    Regular Joe tries to get to work but gets into trouble on the way.

  • Snarf by Full Tilt Boogie

    Don't get your panties in a brunch.

  • Snatching Feargus by Whalen Bros

    A pair of small-time crooks run out of luck when they kidnap the wrong fabled character.

  • something to die for by Pick 3 Productions

    A shady consultant instigates a web of betrayal when his briefcase is stolen.

  • Sprinkles by Abacus

    Failing bakery owner seeks help to improve his business

  • The Awakening by Misanthrope with a Movie Camera

    An eccentric entomologist explores the potential of heterocera.

  • The Elephant in the Room by The V-Digitals

    A day in the life of two call girls who meet a variety of interesting characters.

  • The Green Life by, Inc.

    A parody on the simple life and young women going green before they become legitimate models.

  • The Hand Hotel by The Raptor Bros.

    A Hotel Consultant deals with the corruption of a dysfunctional hotel staff

  • The Ladder Theory by Hi and Bye Productions

    Stuck between two high places Michael tries to make that leap of faith that will either keep him in limbo, falling into the unknown abyss, or finally land somewhere that will take him to new heights.

  • The Mugging by 938

    An attempted street crime does not go according to plan.

  • The Picnic by 1Light

    Finding love is not always a picnic.

  • The Prism by CurlyHairedPeople

    Touch the Prism and you enter the arena....

  • The Sound of the World by The Whittlers

    When silence goes awry.

  • The Yesterage by 4QR98 Pass

    Have you ever seen a hummingbird with one wing?

  • Thief in the Night by Barkada Inc.

    Not all thieves do their stealing while awake. And while some may break and enter, Alex discovers one may be closer than he thinks.

  • Thump by Shia Productions

    A telltale joyride.

  • UNTIED by ZoRo Films

    a comedy

  • Wish You Were Here by RadioActive Studios

    A disfigured man finds solace in his mirror.

  • XY by Atlantis Entertainment

    People aren't always what they seem

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