San Francisco, California June 10 - 12, 2011

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to [winfilm:team-label] for winning Best Film of 2011. Their film [winfilm:label] will go on to represent San Francisco against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2012.

Required Elements

  • Character: Dan or Danielle Sagan, Debt Collector
  • Prop: chalk
  • Line: "Do you have any questions?

2011 Film List

  • "Can You Hear Me Now A**Hole" by Brothers Whalen

    A blue toothed narcissist gets a lesson in communications history.

  • 36-Month Grace Period by Sounds Crazy Let's Do It

    Daniel Sagan is running out of time.

  • Carousel by Not Yet Rated

    A chance encounter stranger in the park triggers the memory of a first love from long ago...but not forgotten.

  • Coeur Mecanique by [ yes it is happening ]

    2D/3D Mix Media Animation Film about a little girl

  • Compulsion by Mastermind Filmfest

    Do you have any questions?

  • Debt by Dudethproductions

    A wreckless teenage girl realizes that her actions affect more than her own life when she discovers that her sister, whom she is illegally responsible for, is missing.

  • Dirty, Dirty 30 by Full Tilt Boogie

    It's time to take it up a notch.

  • El Giz by Wachanos Films

    After losing his very loved companion, young Daniel Sagan enters into a world of fantasy. Where he makes a living as a debt collector until he is confronted by Haiwel, a mistical power who makes Daniel Sagan realize that even he has debts that need to be paid sooner or la%ter.

  • Expired by LIFE

    Someone makes a deal with a mysterious man, but in return his soul is on the line.

  • Extremely Danger by Children of Terminology

    Super villan protagonist endures hardships with his arch-nemisis/father and his story is revealed through a job interview.

  • Ezekiel by fattyacid

    On faith alone, Ezekiel Smith & Bishop Dan Sagen journey on a fantasy adventure through city and forest on bicycles.

  • Family Business As Usual by Triple Rainbow

    A group of close friends discuss the business that makes them a family.

  • For Science. by The Classy Vagabonds

    In a world of undesirable men, why does one woman still go on dates? For Science.

  • Gigaflop Hack by The Center For Kids Who Can't Film Good Too

    A rookie FBI agent is sent to infiltrate an elite group of hackers.

  • Graduation Buzz by Film Antics

    He's got his diploma, now he wants his girl back...not if his buddy can help it.

  • Hopscotch by Rock Yer Sox

    A family gathering of half siblings is abruptly interrupted by a no nonsense debt collector who unknowingly brings their simmering differences to the surface.

  • How The Spot Was Won by Chinese Takeout

    Two folks meet on a crowded street. With just one parking spot to spare, who will triumph?

  • I'm Here by Hi And Bye Productions

    Three students are searching the truth of a locan Urban Legend.

  • Into the Sea by Vishal Singh Films

    A husband mourns his wife's passing in this poetic tale.

  • Jeb: Champion of my Heart by Whiskey Films

    A man on a mission

  • Just the Way You Are by Truth Be Told

    Desperate for a birthday gift to win over his girlfriend, Jasper enlists the services of a "consultant" who specializes in such matters, and gets more than he bargained for.

  • Killin' it in RENO!! by Rock!t Productions

    With the help of a few new friends, two women realize that going with the flow is the best way to take control..

  • Last Man Standing by Team Obidobi

    A team of detectives called to investigate a dead body are surprised to find that the body is the caller.

  • LIve Repo by International HIgh School

    A debt collector's origins and unorthodox methods are explored in this exceptional documentary film.

  • Macaroni and Lutes by I'm Not Tina Fey

    Sometimes there are tinges you can't run away from.

  • Me + You = US by G & T's Whiskey

    Therapy for Marriage and Family

  • Morning Dark by hatebooth

    A young woman resorts to desparate measures when the hospital bills pile up for her girlfriend.

  • Mum by Luna Park Productions

    Unhappy, guilt ridden, middle aged man finds love and life beyond his mother's home for the first time.

  • Nursery Noir by The Sons Of Pitches

    Do you have any questions?

  • Paid in Full by Outlaw Media Productions

    Some people goto extreme measures to collect fines.

  • Paranoid Passion by Stabbing My Jelly!

    A film of love, adultery, and debauchery

  • Peace of Mind by 10 Count Films

    James, a government experiment gone wrong, discovers he now has the ability to read the thoughts of others, he struggles to discover who he is while fighting off the people after him.

  • RAWR by Dogma '11

    In a world where big debts go uncollected, sometimes a debt is paid for in unexpected ways

  • Repo Session by It Donned On Me

    A standard collection call turns out to be anything but routine.s o

  • Roomies by

    Would you kill for free cable?

  • Secret Identity Theft by Willard's Bees

    Peter Presenkowski's lifelong goal is to find the superhero identity he was born to assume. In his search he has accrued massive debt. When collection agent Dan Sagan comes to reposes his belongings, Peter recounts some of the laundry list of identities he has tried on over the years.

  • Shaw by Living the Dream

    A private detective struggles with his vices in San Francisco

  • Tainted by Genesis

    A science fiction future that is almost to close to reality

  • The Abnormal Psychology of Incident Stress Triggered Jealousy In The Young Male Adult by EXITmedia

    A young couple finds themselves participating in a psychological research study to earn extra income.

  • The Ausmerican Dream by Libido Mosquito

    Transported to a land of complex characters, a man seeks to make his home in a country unfamiliar with his customs.

  • The Love Drug by The Red Eye Jedis

    A groovy day in the life of a tax collector.

  • The Nose Job by 2 Guys and a Camera

    Living and working out of her car, a down-on-her-luck P.I. must take on a dangerous and mysterious job to settle her debts.

  • The Pursuit by Rajnionics

    Two girls, one dream - quest for the perfect man. Nandini & Divya embark on this journey meeting various oddballs along the way.

  • The Return by Pink Umbrella

    A warrior comes face to face with his guilt ten years after his life's red letter day.

  • The Shake Down by Sixtysixers with Fifi & Fanny

    The story looks into the lives of debt collectors through a support group

  • True North by EyeQ Films

    A romantic comedy that unfolds during an eviction.

  • Why I Live with Dumbbells by RadioActive Studios

    Woman seeks refuge living at the fitness center

  • x by Fuglee Productions


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