Seattle, Washington July 15 - 17, 2016

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Team Mighty Tripod for winning Best Film of 2016. Their film One Step Too Far will go on to represent Seattle against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2017.

1st Place: Best Film of 2016

One Step Too Far by Team Mighty Tripod

2nd Place: Best Film of 2016

Jouska by Mumukuba

3rd Place: Best Film of 2016

Valor by The Dirty Dutch

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Required Elements

  • Character: Fred or Frida Keeting, Union Boss
  • Prop: a thermometer
  • Line: "Does this smell weird to you?"

Audience Favorite: Group A

Jersey Gurl by Thingamajig

Audience Favorite: Group B

The Cleanly Cleaners by Nornir Productions

Audience Favorite: Group C

Rising to Becoming by Very Films

Audience Favorite: Group D

pew pew by Tricky Whiskey Films

Audience Favorite: Group E

Of Foley and Men by Wandering Goat

Audience Favorite: Group F

A wish for Mr. Wiskers by Pesky Paws Productions

Best Writing

The Distracted Jack Rabbit by Inebriated Perfection

Best Editing

Of Foley and Men by Wandering Goat

Best Directing

Jersey Gurl by Thingamajig

Best Cinematography

Jersey Gurl by Thingamajig

Best Sound Design

Jouska by Mumukuba

Best Musical Score

One Step Too Far by Team Mighty Tripod

Best Actor

Rich Morris Jersey Gurl by Thingamajig

Best Actress

Alissa Cattabriga Valor by The Dirty Dutch

Best Ensemble Acting

Of Foley and Men by Wandering Goat

Best Special Effects

The Last by The Cabal

Best Choreography

My Kind of Indian by Red Cherry Studios

Best Use of Character

Checking Out by A Sassy Sister

Best Use of Prop

The Distracted Jack Rabbit by Inebriated Perfection

Best Use of Line

Of Foley and Men by Wandering Goat

Best Use of Genre

The Adventures of Dick Novak by Finley Mimbles

2016 Film List

  • 2 bands enter, 1 band leaves by Artkore Multimedia

    2 groups show off their musical fighting skills to be the last band standing

  • 205F by Petromaxx Lights

    Olsen's first Homicide

  • A wish for Mr. Wiskers by Pesky Paws Productions

    A girl gets more than she bargins for when her wish for her cat's constant compaionship comes true.

  • Bite Night by Next Fresh Cup Entertainment

    Vampire hunter seeks revenge for the death of her sister

  • Cards by Anothertakeproductions


  • Castles & Demons by Baron Von Team Face

    What happens when a fantasy game goes too far?

  • Check-Up by Indeed!

    A young woman struggles to transition from childhood to adult responsibilities.

  • Checking Out by A Sassy Sister

    Don't mess with express!

  • Clownhog by Terza Rima

    A clown get herself into an untimely pickle

  • Coming Clean by Werxo

    When faced with stripping away the past, two buddies see the value of truly exposing themselves.

  • Company Time by Nourishtainment Productions

    There are over 300 employees at Universal Thermometer Tech Industries. All of them are Fred Keeting.

  • Complications by WildTry

    The Eli Bosnick Story.

  • Contrived by ChappellFilms

    A wife creates an ellaborate plot to avoid the depostion of her marriage.

  • Couch Trip by Red Shed Films

    We hope you like our film.

  • Date Nyte by Avocado Volcano

    A couple seeks re-connection in a witch's potion shop and find an unexpected result.

  • Day and Night by Bridge Entertainment

    A buyer approaches a company about renting out one of their assets but some

  • Day Tripper by Lt. Black Productions

    A assassin with a special skill-set is sent to kill a union boss

  • Dead Meat Kitty by You, Me and Malachy

    Some things never change

  • Duke Montana vs. Dr. Von Flusselvitch: The Final Chapter by Gadzooks Armada

    A hero past his prime must face off against his former nemesis one last time.

  • Fallen Union by Pungent Cheeze

    Following the death of their mother, two siblings quickly find themselves at odds.

  • Fifth Commandment by It's Not Over Yeti! Films

    Honor thy father and thy mother.

  • FIRED! by Olympia Film Collective

    An aging superhero is forced to hang up his tights.

  • First Date Love and Hate by Kill Rich Productions

    Love and Hate battle for the outcome of a couples first date.

  • Flower for Frieda by Growly Dog Productions

    How much time do you have?

  • Fred Keeting: Union Boss in Sandwich Purgatory by Purple Rainier

    Stranded union boss is picked up by a wizard and trapped in sandwich purgatory!

  • Freda and Spot Takeover The World Part IV by T-Rexy

    Full on cookies, and fed up with their situation, two pets decide to unionize.

  • Grievances by trashtaco Productions

    Two strippers submit their grievances with each other to the union boss.

  • Hands On by Reality Just Ahead

    Come to 104.8s HANDS ON EXTRAVAGANZA.

  • High Hopes by Lucky Labs Productions

    2 intrepid adventures set out on a quest to obtain their odd fortunes.

  • Highs & Lows by Northwest Films

    When life makes you feel low, just get a little high.

  • I Shit You Not by Freeholders

    Shit hits the fan when Gretchen uses Fred's bathroom.

  • It's Always the Quiet Ones by GIF of a Dog Trying to Run While Being Held in the Air So It Looks Like He's Swimming

    A man on the run is followed by an outlaw.

  • It's Dangerous to Go Alone by ASDS

    An anxious man overcomes his difficulties through an unexpected encounter.

  • Jersey Gurl by Thingamajig

    An East-Coast gangster with a unique ability, finds a new home in New Jersey.

  • Jouska by Mumukuba

    The love for

  • Layers by That Guy With The Beard Films

    Two brothers, lost on a hike, are forced to come together to make the best of the situation.

  • Love and Priority by Belltown Studios

    A former union boss is at risk of losing the love of his life for enlisting in the war.

  • Mad Mad World by Friggabyte

    When will the madness of this world stop?

  • Mom's Moving On by Vitamin Green

    Mom Wants Fun. Sons Are Dicks.

  • Mother's Day by The Totally Official James Cameron 48 Hour Film Project

    A pair of screw-up siblings attempt to reclaim the ultimate mother's day gift

  • My Kind of Indian by Red Cherry Studios

    Journey of an American-Indian girl, who in the quest of finding her love found herself

  • Nemesis Required by Quixotic School for Misfits

    One superhero must hire his own supervillain from the classifieds.

  • No Escape by Laser Cat Films

    Group of ragtag survivors hold out against unseen foes.

  • No Laughing Matter by Film Vandals

    One man learns the true meaning of human existence.

  • Of Foley and Men by Wandering Goat

    Grandpa Daniel recounts the glory days of his slapstick comedy career.

  • One Step Too Far by Team Mighty Tripod

    An eclectic group gathers for support, expression, and release.

  • pew pew by Tricky Whiskey Films

    A young, imaginative girl finds the love of her family is enough to overcome the greatest of danger

  • Reconnected by Lonesome Light Films

    A couple deals with the loss of what made them fall in love

  • Rigid with ick by Dominions

    Flown in against his will, a radical boy competes on a popular gameshow.

  • Rising to Becoming by Very Films

    When a union boss injures himself on the job, he finds himself thrown into the art world.

  • Scent of a Vampire by Sea Crime Detectives LLC

    A vampire's roommate is causing him stress, while his IBS is causing difficulties on his hunts.

  • Second Date by Gigapop Productions

    A young woman prepares her perfect second date for her true love.

  • Serial Killer's Union of Linguistic Liberties by Radsaw Productions

    A union boss barely keeps it together as she struggles to organize a room full of psychopaths.

  • Silence is Golden by Bohemian Dream and A Steel Sisters Production

    Fred finds joy in the park.

  • Smells like Justice by Half Sister

    A detective is torn between following his dreams and his relationship with an old friend.

  • Sunny Wonder by Sunny Wonder

    A young man feels challenged by life circumstances and his relationship with his family members.

  • The Adventures of Dick Novak by Finley Mimbles

    Dick, Wendy and the Professor are tied up in yet another troublesome adventure.

  • The Cleanly Cleaners by Nornir Productions

    Two cleaners. One mustache. One murder.

  • The Contract by Rain Films

    Newspaper reporter follows a harmless lead for a story and finds herself in the crosshairs

  • The Distracted Jack Rabbit by Inebriated Perfection

    A young man has trouble separating himself from his phone.

  • The Dog Dea; by LightForm

    Can a dog kidnapper really change who he is?

  • The Garden by Oort Cloud Productions

    A careless work crew awakens an uncontrollable anger.

  • The Last by The Cabal

    A band of scab superheroes is on the run forced to make a fateful decision.

  • The Nature of Things by RewiredGeek

    A family's Nature Day celebration puts a new boyfriend to the test.

  • Time Knight by Monoculus Films

    The time is knight.

  • Valor by The Dirty Dutch

    Who do you fight for?

  • Vision by Bladder Produtions

    See the next war in a whole new light.

  • Vroom Vroom Motha' Fucka' by Phase IV Dumpster Dames

    A wanderer in a post apocalyptic world is being chased by a psychotic head hunter.

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