The 48 Hour Film Project

Partners with the Screen Actors Guild

Once again the 48 Hour Film Project has partnered with the Screen Actors Guild to allow filmmakers to use SAG members to act in their film. This is an excellent opportunity for our participants to have access to some great talent.

In the past, folks like Teller and Doug Jones have appeared in 48 Hour Films. Perhaps this is the year for Reese Witherspoon?

Click here to see what's involved in working with SAG.

For non-union actors and other crew, use the release forms found on our Production Documents page, including the Participant's Agreement, the Wrap Up Form, the Team Roster, the Certification Statement, the Liability Waiver Form, the Talent Release Form, the Music Release Form, the Materials Release Form, and the Location Release Form.

posted April 20, 2007

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