The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project

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Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our St. Louis winners!


Best Use of Character

“Three Easy Steps” by Superfriends

Best Use of Prop

“Attack of the Syndicate of Doom” by Hamsterwheel Productions

Best Use of Line of Dialogue

“It’ s Like Love” by Paper Slip Theater

Best Costumes

“Vous M’aimez” by 88mm Productions

Best Special Effects

“The Adventures of Mambo Man” by Outside the Lines

Best Sound Design

“Caller ID” by Captain Kickass Productions

Best Song

“Tenant 27” by The Ejects

Best Acting

“The Hunt for the Marso Money” by What the...? Productions

Best Editing (tie)

“I’m Sorry Mr. Reeves” by Counterhound

“The Faraday Cage” by The Flaming Deconstructionists

Best Script

“Eventide” by IAU Productions

Best Cinematography

“Le Pont” by Monkey Make Art

Best Directing

“A Fire Set On Fire” by Drunken Butterfly

Best Film

“Marvelous Marso & the Case of the Climbing Cats” by The Irwin Mitchell Experience


Group A
“Vous M’aimez” by 88mm Productions

Group B
“Marvelous Marso & the Case of the Climbing Cats” by The Irwin Mitchell Experience

Group C
“I’ m Sorry, Mr. Reeves” by Counterhound

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Photo by Phillip Wu.

St. Louis Teams

88mm Productions

aoanh FilmWorks

Anonymous Productions

Blu Emu

Cape Filmmakers Co-Op

Captain Kickass Productions


Death Squad

Dot Prime Productions

Drunken Butterflies

Etc. Senior Theater Co.

GNN Films

Hamsterwheel Productions

IAU Productions

Ladies of the Lou

Losing Ticket Productions

Monkey Make Art Productions

Outside the Lines

Paper Slip Theater


Robot Monkey Sklls

Rock Soup Productions

Script Mechanics

Slim Productions




The Ejects

The Flabbergasters

The Flaming Deconstructionists

The Irwin Mitchell Experience

The Lou Crew

The Royal Dumpsters

Welkin Productions

Wessel Enterprises

What the..? Productions