Toronto, Canada 23 - 25 September 2016

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to 143 Funro for winning Best Film of 2016. Their film Lariat will go on to represent Toronto against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2017.

1st Place: Best Film of 2016

Lariat by 143 Funro

2nd Place: Best Film of 2016

Sneaky by Secret Handshake

3rd Place: Best Film of 2016

Fumbled by Eyemagine

Required Elements

  • Character: Jess Silver, Yoga Instructor
  • Prop: watermelon
  • Line: "You must be thinking of someone else."

Audience Favorite: Group A

Upgraded by Brainstorming

Audience Favorite: Group B

DEADLINE by The Alan Smithees

Audience Favorite: Group C

Lariat by 143 Funro

Audience Favorite: Group D

Retreat by Time Bandits

Audience Favorite: Group E

Sneaky by Secret Handshake

Audience Favorite: Group F

"Hello My Baby!" by Neon Twee

Best Writing

Pick Your Own Adventure; The Riddle of the Two Skulls by Mighty Morphin Hermione Grangers

Best Editing

Upgraded by Brainstorming

Best Directing

Troy by The Last Minute Miracles

Best Cinematography

Lariat by 143 Funro

Best Sound Design

Lariat by 143 Funro

Best Musical Score

Undone by Foster Films Canada

Best Actor

Robert Cormier & Brandon James Sim The Duel by Do these glasses make...

Best Actress

Jessalyn Ferguson Silver & Gold by Razmanian Devils

Best Ensemble Acting

Fumbled by Eyemagine

Best Special Effects

Upgraded by Brainstorming

Best Choreography

Scarlet by Helix Reel Entertainment

Best Costumes

48 Hour Take Down by Wolfynix Productions

Best Use of Character

"Hello My Baby!" by Neon Twee

Best Use of Prop

Scarlet by Helix Reel Entertainment

Best Use of Line

Undone by Foster Films Canada

Best Use of Genre

Troy by The Last Minute Miracles

2016 Film List

  • "Hello My Baby!" by Neon Twee

    "When a dashing young Goof falls in love at first sight, he'll do anything to be with his baby"

  • 48 Hour Take Down by Wolfynix Productions

    No film team will survive their writer's block

  • A Little More Interesting by Minus Comm Films

    A journey through the fantasies of the everyday.

  • A Man Walks Into a Bar by ZALA Productions

    A stranger with a dark past goes on a date, leaving destruction in his path.

  • A past life by BadPro

    A young man struggles to follow his own advice but flashes from a past life inspire perseverance.

  • All Liquored Out by Team DJlicious

    When a minor tries to buy alcohol, he gets more than he bargained for

  • Backtrack by Kucher and Stone

    After lying to the world, a podcast journalist must confront the killer she helped exonerate.

  • Bloor Market Hustle by Bytown Buds

    A dispute over a coveted citrullus lanatus results in an urban chase of mediocre proportions.

  • Breaking Backs by Mouthy Kid Productions

    A Yoga Instructor is used by a Crime Boss to namaste his deadbeat debtors... forever.

  • Come As You Are by Fresh Films

    A man seeks a yoga instructor to achieve the greatest pleasure in life

  • Crush by Mob House Crew

    A young woman

  • DEADLINE by The Alan Smithees

    The Scarlet Shadow Strikes Again

  • Diplopia by MedSchoolDropouts

    He runs into her again (and again and again)

  • Downward Dogs by InDev

    Sean travels back in time to have another shot at passing his yoga teacher training test.

  • Drifter by Rolling Bear

    Young drifter finds redemption in an unexpected meeting

  • Fumbled by Eyemagine

    A sacred annual family football game brings up buried wounds when a surprise guest is invited

  • H1-KA by Two Feet

    Two friends have to band together to survive as a strange virus threatens their city.

  • Happy F#@%ing New Year by

    Breathe in and out, it's the f#@%ing New Year.

  • Holiday Homicide by Boxspring Films

    Holidays can be murder

  • Lariat by 143 Funro

    A young woman is forced to choose between a new life or follow her family's troubled past.

  • Lizzie by NÜWÖRLDÖRDER

    Young woman recovers from the lost of her sister through a new found romance

  • Modern Love by Pot-heads

    Two young folks, down on their luck, looking for love in the modern world

  • Namaste by Get in Film-ation

    When it is not the time for peace, it is time for vengeance.

  • Namaste by The TAP Pack

    The wicked past of a recently reformed yoga teacher catches up with her.

  • One Last Stop by Industry Shakers

    A crazed rideshare driver proves his love for a passenger by reuniting her and her lost fruit

  • Out of Phase by Splice Studios

    Loud Music and Lingering Moments

  • Owned by Subliminal Flashframe

    A burglar has to deal with 2 inspectors knocking at the door of the house he's just broken in.

  • parallel by Distinguished Observer

    not enough redbull

  • Pick Your Own Adventure; The Riddle of the Two Skulls by Mighty Morphin Hermione Grangers

    A treasure hunter uncovers that something may be forcing him to make decisions against his will.

  • Quicksilver by David Dekel

    A secret agent tries to leave her old life behind, but unexpectedly, it catches up to her.

  • Remember to Breathe by Makeshift

    A yoga instructor finds serenity in her daily routine, but refuses to confront a somber reality.

  • Retreat by Time Bandits


  • Revenge in Silver by Pink Couch Productions

    Kid from the street fights a one man war on the city's toughest gang.

  • Right On Man by CamL Productions

    Retired superhero must get back into shape and into action to save Metro City from imminient destruc

  • Robophobia by The Lakeview

    A couple suspects a neighbour of being a robot and goes to great lengths to prove it.

  • Sarambha by Studio311 Films

    After a tragedy, a young man goes on a rampage of violence in order to purge his inner demons.

  • Scarlet by Helix Reel Entertainment
  • Seedless by TwoRoomsNoRugs Productions.

    A young couple struggles after a traumatic accident

  • Seeds by R.I.C.O.

    Two recovering sexholics have to confront life's realities.

  • Silent Resolve by PrettyFeet

    A deaf man must deal with abuse.

  • Silver & Gold by Razmanian Devils

    A former yoga instructor finds the true meaning of Christmas while robbing a house on Christmas Eve.



  • slow-down by Reparito

    When things are going too fast, sometimes you just need to slow down.

  • Sneaky by Secret Handshake

    Though William's cat is missing, he finds something else he was looking for.

  • Something Fishy by Chameleon Productions

    A couple with a magical fish.

  • Spiritual Gangster by Mad Moose Media

    Fight your way out

  • Strum by RTAYearOne

    Magic ukulele changes a vegan's life

  • The Adventures of Jess Silver International Yoga Instructor by Hulk Hogan's Heros

    Yoga instructor and her trusty sidekick attempt to thwart the evil doings of a melon wielding madman

  • The Delirious by The Delirious

    You must be thinking of someone else

  • The Disclosure by MAD Resilience

    A young woman regrets disclosing her secret to a stranger.

  • The Duel by Do these glasses make...
  • The Maltese Watermelon by Broadview Productions

    It's Not Just A Game

  • The Ravine by Front of House Productions

    A young woman encounters an old acquaintance while out for a walk in a ravine.

  • The Rite of Passage by Ball Busters

    What defines adulthood?

  • The Scorpion's Tale by FifteenFifty Productions

    "When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time." - Maya Angelou

  • The Sentry by Effin Productions

    Takes a little lady to buy a little time

  • Troy by The Last Minute Miracles

    It's better to have loved...

  • Undone by Foster Films Canada

    How far would you go?

  • Upgraded by Brainstorming

    Sometimes the things you need, are the things you have.

  • Yoga Crimes Division: Juicetice Cleanse by Creative Meat

    Juicetice is a dish best served fresh.

  • Zoe and Jess by Detroit Film Studio

    Zoe plans for a date is interrupted by Jess' emotional meltdown.

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