The 48 Hour Film Project

The Visa "Life Takes" Invitational

The Top 10 48 Hour Film teams from Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco (as selected by Visa's judges) teams made another 48 Hour Film on the weekend of September 7-9, 2007. Visa sent two people from each team to San Francisco for a special screening and awards weekend on September 29, where there was a reception for all of the teams and cash prizes for the top three films.

The top ten films were:
- "Britty First Dates" by Figers
- "Cheese Run" by JeffroGee Productions
- "Exit" by It Donned on Me
- "Ghost in the Machine" by the Tri-County Lawn Bowling Association
- "Life Takes Timing" by Subject to Change Productions
- "Rated ARRRRRRRRRRR" by Team Subsanity
- "Rock, Paper, Scissors" by Rabid Manatees
- "Terms of Use" by Team BP
- "Top Secret" by One Glass
- "Two Coins" by Team Midas

The third place film was "Exit" by It Donned on Me. The second place film was "Two Coins" by Team Midas. And the grand prize winner, walking away with $10,000, was Team BP for their film "Terms of Use"!

Finalists for the Visa Invitational

New York Teams
Brooklyn On Foot Sarah Brown
Bucky Wilson Michael Schreiber
Cup O'Meat Productions Ron Houghtaling
FIGERS Tim Bierbaum
One Candle Stanley Wu
One Glass Valery Estabrook
Redux Productions Alexander Poe
Team Midas Robert Del Greco
This Team Is Not Yet Rated David Chen
Wunderkrafthaus Pat Groneman
Los Angeles Teams
All Together Now Tora Chung
Bucks Boys Joshua Greenberg
Cultural Detritus Carl Hansen
JeffroGee Productions Jeff Hutchinson
Rabid Manatees Brian Schwartz
Soapbox Christopher Alender
The TCS Tobe Sexton
Time Lapse Productions Stefan Silvers
Tri-County Lawn Bowling Association Padraic Culham
Wilcox Films Bernie Su
San Francisco Teams
CurlyHairedPeople Dax Santi
Dream Maker Eric Martin
8-bit riot Carissa Spencer
It Donned On Me Tony Nguyen
Montage Productions Michael Wardner
Permanent Lounge Productions Bruce E. Smith
Pyrotecnia Film Group Martín Yernazian
Subject to Change Michael Kelly
SubSanity Sara Deneweth
Team BP Lorelle Strange

Congratulations to these teams!


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Character: There is no required character.
(It is the filmmakers' choice for any and all characters.)
Prop: a Visa card
Line of Dialogue: "Life takes ________."
(The filmmakers must fill in the blank.)
Genre: Filmmakers pick their genre from this list.

About the Invitational

The 48 Hour Film Project is proud to partner with Visa to announce the Visa "Life Takes" Invitational.

The Visa "Life Takes" Invitational is a special filmmaking competition scheduled for the weekend of September 7-9, 2007. A total of 30 teams will compete for the grand prize of $10,000; 2nd prize of $5,000 and 3rd prize of $2,500.

In June 2007, the 48 Hour Film Project held its regular competitions in New York (June 15-17), San Francisco (June 15-17) and Los Angeles (June 22-24). All regular rules apply, and as with all of our 48HFP cities, the winner of "Best Film" in each city will go on to compete for the prize of "Best 48 Hour Film of 2007."

Judges selected the Top 10 teams from each city (NY, SF, and LA) to compete in the Visa "Life Takes" Invitational. Participation was optional, and in the event that one of the Top 10 teams elected not to participate, an alternate team was given the opportunity.

Each of the 30 participating teams shall receive a $500 Prepaid Visa Card towards expenses for the invitational. Two members from all 30 teams will be invited to San Francisco for a screening and awards ceremony scheduled for September 29, 2007. The Top 10 films from the invitational will be screened and the winners announced.

Click here for the Visa Presents the 48HFP Official Contest Rules.

Please note:
There were no creative restrictions on the NY, SF, and LA 48HFP competitions scheduled for June. All of the regular 48HFP rules applied. Filmmakers retain the same rights to their films as filmmakers in other cities. There will be special requirements for the Visa Invitational which will be announced to the teams invited to participate.