48HFP is making a Feature Film!

Founders of the 48 Hour Film Project, Mark Ruppert and Liz Langston, realized from the outset that 48 hour filmmakers are a talented group. It has been the mission of the 48HFP to help people become better filmmakers and promote our filmmakers accomplishments.

48 Virtual Studio

What is it?

With our legion of talented filmmakers around the world, we are creating a 48 Virtual Studio. With the 48 Virtual Studio, we will identify our top filmmakers and work together with them to harness the talent to make something bigger: a feature film.

Logline Contest

You gave us your ideas!

The first step with any film is the story. And that's where you came in. We asked you for your ideas.

Next Steps

The Road to Filmapalooza

For our first feature, we need the Best of the Best 48 Hour Filmmakers. We will be contacting some of the previous city winners. If you are confident that you are among the best 48HFP filmmakers, please send us your resume and a link to your work to mark@48hourfilm.com. We're looking for 6-10 production teams worldwide. Our aim is to be at Filmapalooza 2013 with the first rough cut.

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