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A confident young college freshman meets a person who is just like her in every way, resulting in tempers flaring and colliding. A sweet coming-of-age comedy.
by Lucas (United States)

A minimum wage worker wins a 10 million dollar lottery and is diagnosed with terminal cancer on the same day. He decides to put this money to good use by giving away million each to ten deserving people. But whom will he choose?
by Reuben (India)

Ever dreamed of mind travelling? Well, Andrew did and one day, after a lot of zen training, he succeeds. He travels from country to country where his looks change but his age always stays the same. Oeps, in Paris he by accident morphs into a woman..
by Fleur (Netherlands)

A small hamlet of survivors springs up in a post-apocalyptic tragedy, set in the glare of desert sun, the land of glass. Fighting to survive, a young woman makes choices that could destroy her family and world, but justify humanity.
by Ashlee (United States)

A jar of peanut butter and a spork help a monkey pay for medicare for her 8-year-old.
by Billis (United States)

A girl deals with her friend who is being abused during a robot attack on Earth while everyone is trying a new sleeping drug.
by Jake (United States)

A group of friends set out to beat D.W. Smith's film record.
by Jakob (United States)

"The ghost" A normal kid from a normal family,suddenly finds himself left alone in his parent`s house.....
by Juan Carlos (Venezuela)

An Iraqi Special Forces Colonel determined to expose war atrocities of invading forces uncovers instead their sinister alien source, leading to surprising alliances.
by Joseph (United States)

She’s a Haitian model-turned-Habitat for Humanity construction worker. He’s the job-hopping white son of the Majority and Minority House whips. His brother is a yacht broker who helps his parents torpedo his brother’s silly dreams. Until now.
by Joseph (United States)

When a 1%-er moves to the penthouse of the building where a couple (s)he helped financially destroy now rents a den, the couple seeks closure.
by Joseph (United States)

After a run-in with the law, high school senior Nikki gets a job with a traveling circus, eager to disappear. As she travels from town to town, she puts together clues about her biological mother and learns about her past and the meaning of family.
by Hannah (United States)

An introverted girl haunted by events in her past finds out she can travel through time; but what she thinks is a great opportunity to correct the past will turn into a dangerous game – and she discovers that some things just are meant to happen.
by Joana (Portugal)

An individual’s quest for enlightenment takes them through Washington DC’s astounding array of “teachers” before their discovery that it lies within.
by Joseph (United States)

When an unemployed family man literally stumbles on a fortune while hiking, the trek’s organizer, a very recent Sicilian immigrant suspecting the find, suddenly becomes the man’s closest friend.
by Joseph (United States)

An American turned suicide “dirty” bomber targets a White House Thanksgiving dinner guest - the day he and his wife will host their families in their Capitol Hill home.
by Joseph (United States)

Jack takes a dump in a port-a-potty at this farm where Petroleum is explored. When his “gases” mixes with the site’s gases an explosion happens. Jack flies away but survives. A Fart -Phantom is born, and now will hunt Jack until he helps with its req
by Daniel (United States)

A man is abducted from his home in San Diego, CA and put into a trunk of a car that is headed to Phoenix, Arizona. He must find a way to escape from his captors as he encounters sweltering heat, road obstacles, and various stops along the way.
by Scott (United States)

The Government hires a hitman, who is really a vampire, to take out a ruthless dictator who is really a werewolf.
by Myke (United States)

A high school girl gets bullied to the point where she does not want to go to school. One day when she decides to kill herself after school in front of everyone, something strange happens.
by Caitlin (United States)

Jelani thought he had it all when he became the only one out of his mother 5 children to go to college. Gradution.. a football scholarship, everything was looking up until his girlfriend Nikki gets pregnant. Will he choose fatherhood or college star?
by Nakita (United States)

Kamarri just wants to be understood and find her place in the world. With a boyfriend who resents her, family who has disowned her & friends who have abandoned her, its time for Kemarri to find out who she is & where she stands in the world.
by Nakita (United States)

Four young college graduates visit America's #1 Haunted Attraction on Halloween and they receive more than a scare.
by Derrick (United States)

Three employees that work at a dollar store engages in mischievous acts after they realized that their jobs are in jeopardy.
by Derrick (United States)

Following in his father footsteps, a young man joins a team of assassins to find out who murdered his father.
by Derrick (United States)

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