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Where did I leave my speedboat? This question, asked by wide-eyed snake charmer Bodey Donklin, sets off an unstoppable chain of events that will ultimately leave Donklin half deaf in one ear.
by Nick (United States)

After surviving sky-diving without a parachute, unemployed marketing whiz Bob Punt finds love in the most unexpected place: his step-dad's refinery.
by Nick (United States)

In custody, a comatose terrorist's dreams are mapped onto a computer screen using an advanced brain imaging technique. A renowned dream interpreter is pressed into service to decode the biggest terrorist plot on planet earth. Can they foil it in time
by Shashank (India)

A very poor teenager steals a medicine from a pharmacy to save his dying mother. Someone takes advantage of the opportunity and steals all the money from it. He is accused of that and he has to run and fight the policemen to escape and save his mum.
by António (Portugal)

As God comes to judge the living and the dead, night falls and the seas boil as the human race prepares one man simply does not give in. Alex a simple atheist living in New York does everything in his power to ignore the attributes of God on earth.
by James (Canada)

A man depressed, detached from reality and spiritually destroyed by the death of his wife after giving birth to his daughter, finds help and courage to forgive the culprit and begin to finally show love for his new born daughter.
by James (Canada)

In 1995, 5 friends, all in 3rd grade together, make a surprising discovery. Now, 17 years later, one of the group decides to track down the others to solve the mystery and get closure.
by Gatien (France)

The story is my Life. Son of King of The Beats in NYC. To 2 time cancer survivor after 6 surgeries. I created REBEL TV in 1992 & its my 20th anniversary on 12/8/12. Last aired in 2008 on KTUD-TV in Las Vegas. This man is a Living Miracle of health!
by Howard (United States)

Seperated as babies after witnessing the murder of their parents, twin brothers grow up as opposties: one a top FBI agent, the other a sadistic serial killer.
by Myke (United States)

A drug for live is a drama series about a workman who is unemployed. By coincidence he found out after the tragic death of his twelve year old favorite nephew, that his brother and wife are living a secret life.
by Peter (Netherlands)

Farm talk is a reality program on a farm where the animals are the main players. For a time, life on the farm is followed; the voices are recorded by people. The struggle between freedom on the farm and yet the daily routine on the farm is unique.
by Peter (Netherlands)

Monkey Monk and the missing banana tree is a children's film about the monkey Monk, who after discovering the disappearance of his favorite banana tree, together with his friend Monkey Mank an investigation starts.
by Peter (Netherlands)

Is this life? is an honest documentary series about euthanasia. This program is shown a portrait of a person that wants to end life through euthanasia. This program is unique because after an episode in the studio a concluding discussion takes place.
by Peter (Netherlands)

A cot that was made out of a tree, where men and women convicts were hanged in the 19th century, whoever slept on the cot had unusual chilling experiences, fantasies, thrills, ecstasies and what not. Bad omens to the carpenters and it went on till the vill
by Nathan (India)

A sexy, seductive and sensual lady, an attorney and a gynecologist collude to extract money from five rich men by exposing their impotence. Title-Five Times Married Virgin.
by Nathan (India)

Should Harry get confirmed in a hiring company, the five girls he recently hired should not leave their jobs for the next six months? Title-Harry Is on probation.
by Nathan (India)

NASA Scientists discover a fast approaching comet that will cause ZERO Gravity on earth for 18 hours, causing unthinkable damage to earth and lives. How will NASA solve this enigma? Title-0 Gravity.
by Nathan (India)

A lonely college student’s attempt to be spontaneously kind on campus results in a series of bizarre deaths. Title-Random Acts of Kindness and Murder
by Jacob (United States)

Sixteen year old Johnny leaves a reformatory and avenges his parents' four African killers, the last one being the head of state with an impregnable security . Title-Revenge Impossible
by Nathan (India)

A young filmmaker, who was hired by an eccentric and enigmatic billionaire to shoot a documentary about his life, soon becomes witness to things that had better not be captured on film. Think Fifty Shades meets Chinatown.
by Renee (Netherlands)

2 women, separated by many miles, after being roommates and best friends for years, discover they can meet anywhere they want to, in their dreams and begin meeting up nightly to share adventures and in doing so, learn more about who they are.
by Alexis (United States)

Plowshares: A young idealist suddenly finds herself the majority stockholder of the world's largest weapons manufacturer. Determined to use her new found power for good she struggles to change the course of humanity.
by Matt (United States)

The passionate platonic friendship between an older top chef and a young artist of female erotica gives both him and her the strength through the years to overcome their differences and the challenges of the restaurant business and the art world.
by Bob (United States)

A National Geographic Photographer sets across world to tell a story through pictures. Each picture capturing the heart & soul of each person he meets. His connection has a deeper meaning as the photographer charts a new course for those he effects
by Victor (United States)

In a future where we all wear oxygen masks, an oxygen company seizes the research of a scientist who found a way to adapt lung tissue to the air. Now, the scientist must battle the company to release his product.
by Mickey (United States)

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