Taipei, Taiwan 2013年10月11日 - 2013年10月13日

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to whoa for winning Best Film of 2013. Their film express girl will go on to represent Taipei against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2014.

1st Place: Best Film of 2013

express girl by whoa

Required Elements

  • Character: 凌黎明 or 凌黎茗, 郵差 (Li Ming Ling, Postal Employee)
  • Prop: 腳踏車 (a bicycle)
  • Line: 我不要塑膠袋 ("I don't want a plastic bag.")

2013 Film List

  • 37 team by 37 team

    The girl who just been cheated on, standing alone on the street corner, who is on her side?

  • Butterfly Knives by 安安

    A son Inherited his superhero father's work.

  • CAGE by 不誤正業


  • Daddy's Not Gone by Out of School

    A girl who will do anything to protect her hold on the past.

  • Deadline by Hypnothesis

    A cowboy with a strange disease seeks vengeance for his lover.

  • express girl by whoa

    A super express girl

  • Flash by 局外人

    Apsychiatrist faces his fear.

  • gift by 垃圾朋友影業


  • Golden Fish by 浮洲製造

    A guy exchange his identity with a gold fish after touching it

  • H-doctor by 3.14


  • House of Champions 勝者之堂 by MeimeiWawa Multimedia

    Girl dumps Boy; he finds solace in a Taipei gym of quirky characters and even stranger advice.

  • Kneel by Exploding Boobs

    The buddies are getting married.

  • Love is bubble by Super Link

    An post-woman with super power.

  • Miss Lily by Spacebar

    A dementia old lady lost her grandkid 20 years ago and she still thinks about the incident

  • One on One by Now That's Camp'n Productions

    Learning Chinese is murder.

  • Postmen by 甘榜人

    Two postmen's friendship

  • Raccoon Boy by Kamome

    A mother, a thug, and... a Raccoon Boy.

  • Root Source by Gone Native Productions

    She is the one to save the world

  • Self-repreoof by Gigi image

    2 characters try to live a better life and a better self

  • The bike by 神秘人物

    You never know what's coming.

  • The Scars by Feal Chan

    2 people learn to survive by working together

  • Time 4 Victory by A Cast Comes Together

    Pressures of growing up threatens relationship of two friends and their annual ritual

  • U bike by 都市更新

    A rumor about a city bike follow a runner till the runner runs out of energy

  • You Got Me by 三度影像

    You got me when I stare at you

  • 不正常仲介人 by 小朋友


  • 友誼穴 by Rooftop studio | 頂樓創意


  • 女身男生 by Master Studio

    A newly married couple got to understand each other better after the exchange of identities.

  • by kerchi & keemun


  • 孵夢森林 by telephant


  • 對問 Spirit Speaking by 圓環電影


  • 怪房客 by 知易行難

    The fear is in your mind.

  • 掙脫 by 肆映像影視製作團隊

    Crowed Phobic

  • 朋半 PHAT by Funtastic 飯太睡

    Story about 3 friends

  • 核城 by 梅子熟了

    Nuclear planet has exploded in Taiwan and the 2 characters try to survived.

  • 筊差 by 台北熱

    A girl who is a postman between people and god

  • 郵差與我 by 蜆仔幫

    4 women with polar-personality but they are fell for the same postman who deliver mail to the office

  • 鎖匠 by 創虹


  • 鬼計 by 欣恩


  • 黎明殺手 by 好好玩

    A postman stand up for the situation

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