Taipei, Taiwan 2016年5月6日 - 2016年5月8日

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to The Walking Dad for winning Best Film of 2016. Their film 媽的金項鍊 will go on to represent Taipei against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2017.

1st Place: Best Film of 2016

媽的金項鍊 by The Walking Dad

Required Elements

  • Character: David or Dora Chen, Reporter (陳大衛 or 陳朵拉, 記者)
  • Prop: a carnation(康乃馨)
  • Line: "Do not tell mom!" (or "不要告訴媽!")

Best Writing

媽的金項鍊 by The Walking Dad

Best Editing

Bloody Knows by Action Production

Best Directing

媽的金項鍊 by The Walking Dad

Best Cinematography

媽的金項鍊 by The Walking Dad

Best Actor

Be a headline by 不誤正業

Best Actress

推開門後,發生的事情讓所有人的驚呆了 by Huaji

Best Special Effects

MICHELI by Gigi Image

Best Use of Genre

Standoff by PINK GUN

Best Action

Bloody Knows by Action Production

2016 Film List

  • Be a headline by 不誤正業


  • Beep Bloop Bop by Embearassed Bears

    When robots go bro.

  • Bloody Knows by Action Production

    When you have bloody nose, you can change everything...

  • Dear Mom : by blah blah blah

    The girl who looks for herself

  • Do Not Tell Mom! by 不要亂過橋


  • Don't tell mom by Mr.Nobody film studio

    utilitarianism and family

  • Happy Mother's Day by PowerFilming

    Don't tell Mom, please.

  • MICHELI by Gigi Image


  • My Hero by Mr.ICHIRO

    STV台 女 記 者 在 傳 出 超 級 英 雄 現 身 的 現 場 進 行 報 導 , 但 只 有 她 才 知 道 這 名 超 級 英 雄 之 所 以 現 身 , 其 實 與 她 的 家 人 有 著

  • Play by 垃圾場朋友影業


  • PULLING FOCUS by Beardy&Banana

    When a young teen is struggling to hone her super powers, only her best friend can save her

  • Roommates by Ghost Studio

    You really got to know who is your roommate?

  • Standoff by PINK GUN

    When we argue for our own cause, who will stand down?

  • The Bottle by 大老二

    Either you insist on or give up your different dreams on different stages owing to different motivat

  • Unsaid by Rebel with a crew

    Rich girl learns whats really important in life

  • π by 3.14

    with the careless from mom and children, react the reality of society.

  • 不要告訴她 Don't Tell Her by JP Space

    On Mother’s day, Summer has to decide whether to become a mother or not.

  • 保命委託 by 衛生人


  • 做給他們看 by 無痛分娩


  • 可逆人生 by Loha Studio

    一則新聞報導的背後,會牽連不同的結果。 如果有能力可以回到事件發生的瞬間,冒著已知道後果的風險,你會怎麼選擇?

  • 媽,我回來了 by Top of Mountain 山上影像


  • 媽的金項鍊 by The Walking Dad


  • 少女金屬物語 by Happiness Island

    Aliens and the student

  • 戀戀殺基 by 視覺勇氣


  • 我的小丑朋友 by 走電人


  • 推開門後,發生的事情讓所有人的驚呆了 by Huaji


  • 旅陳 by 金衝繃


  • 白河 The River to Freedom by 源日工作室


  • 贗品 by IMPERFECT影像製作團隊


  • 車子裡的戰爭 by 好理想


  • 迴/cheers by 明天別再說懊悔


  • 鍊鎖反應 by Liver Breakers


  • 龍騎士 Dragon Slayer by Awesome

    What would you do if no one else believes in you

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