The 48 Hour Film Project

Horror Production Documents

These documents are for the 48 Hour Film Horror Project. To view the documents for our other projects, please click here.

Paperwork: Never fun, always required! There's no way around it, if you're a filmmaker, you've got to have the paperwork.

All the documents you need to have a successful filmmaking weekend will be right here.

Step One 

First, review the 比賽規則.

The rules are straightforward, but inevitably people have questions. If you have a question you can't find in the rules, send us an email.

Step Two 

The 制作文件 for the 2015 tour are not yet available. They will be released before the tour begins.

This document is due prior to the start of the competition:

  • 團隊合作協議書: The Team Leader must sign this form to indicate agreement to the Project's rules and requirements, and then bring it to the Kickoff.

The following are all required to be submitted with your film at the Drop Off event.

  • 參賽影片紀錄表: We want to know the details—what happened during your wild weekend of moviemaking?
  • Team Roster: Tells us who is on your team, their job, and their e-mail address.
  • 認證聲明: The Team Leader must sign this form to certify that all creative work took place during the Official Competition Period.
  • 肖像同意書
    - This is a combined Talent Release and Liability Waiver Form, meaning there's one less form you have to keep track of.
    - 所有隊員和隊長必須各自簽署
    - Each team member must sign a separate form.
    - Remember, this form helps protect you, the team leader, as well as the Project.
  • 音樂同意書: This form is used for music.
  • 商品同意書: This form is used for sound effects, photographs, stock footage as part of a post-production effect (including relevant video filters) and other materials.
  • 場地同意書: This form is used for location releases.