Life under Lockdown is tedious to say the least. You can beat the COVID Quarantine Blues with the Stuck at Home 48.

We're returning with two filmmaking challenges to get your creative juices flowing.

  • January 29-31
  • February 26-28

Stuck at Home filmmaking challenges are fun movie making experiments that can be done wherever you are--by yourself or with whoever you are with in lockdown, or even virtually with other people.

The assignment may be a variation of a traditional 48 or something completely new, like a trailer competition mashing up your interpretation of two famous films.

New to the 48 Hour Film Project? The Stuck at Home gives you a taste of the weekend filmmaking experience. Already made a 48? Use the Stuck at Home to tune up your filmmaking skills--or just for fun.

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Stuck At Home 48HFP Winter 2021

The coronavirus is upsetting daily life and presenting new challenges. For filmmakers who are looking for a creative outlet in these uncertain times, we have the Stuck at Home 48HFP.

This is a filmmaking competition open to any filmmaker around the world. On Friday night, you will receive the secret challenge. You and those in your home will have 48 hours to brainstorm, write and shoot a simple scene or scenes and upload them to the 48HFP Facebook Page.

How to participate? Simple! There's no cost. Register to receive the official challenge assignment and uploading instructions. One registration signs you up for all of the challenge weekends.  Then you just participate in the ones you want to do and skip the ones you don't.

Remember, our utmost concern is to ensure the health and safety of our filmmakers. You must decide if you're able to participate at this time. The Stuck at Home 48 is an optional Project that provides filmmakers a creative outlet and a way to prepare for the regular 48.

Our regular 48 Hour Film Project cities will be starting in the summer.

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Film Challenge Weekends

  • January 29 - 31, 2021
  • February 26 - 28, 2021

Challenge will be announced online.

Register Your Team Now!

Who is eligible?

Everyone is eligible - whether a 48 veteran or someone coming to the 48 for the first time. The most important consideration is that you and your team practice safe social distancing and that your participation does not jeopardize anyone's health.

How is it different?

COVID-19 has us stuck at home, right? Therefore, you'll need all your creativity and ingenuity to overcome these limitations:

  • All footage must be shot at home
  • You may collaborate remotely
  • Electronic Kickoff & Dropoff

Where may I film?
At home only.

All footage must be shot during the project weekend and in the home or on the home property of any member of your team.

Footage shot in public space or common space is not permitted.

How does it work?
It's Electronic.

The challenge will be short and allow for maximum creativity. It will be announced online on Friday at 7:00 pm local time. You will have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a short video. Your entry must be uploaded by Sunday evening.

How do we collaborate?

It's a challenge that will test your creativity. Of course, you can simply collaborate with the people in your home - in the spirit of the Stuck at Home 48HFP. Or you can collaborate remotely. Your script can be written by someone halfway around the world, or co-written by you and a teammate connected online. Scenes can be shot in different homes and files shared electronically. And remote musical collaboration is a staple of the regular 48.

When is the competition?

There will be multiple filmmaking weekends - participate in any one you want... or do them all! There will be a different secret challenge each weekend.

  • January 29 - 31, 2021
  • February 26 - 28, 2021

How do I register?

There is no fee to participate. By registering, you will automatically receive the official filmmaking challenge by email each challenge Friday.

Don't let social-distancing get you down...

Stay connected to your filmmaking community virtually in the time of COVID-19.

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