The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project

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The Judges Have Spoken!

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our Atlanta winners!

Judges' Special Recognition
"Definition" by Anatidaephobia Entertainment
"A Balloonís Tale" by Ditzo Ridder Productions

Atlanta Producer Awards
"Take Out" by Seaver Films
"One Way Ticket" by Vids Media

Best Use of Prop: A Pillow (tie)
"2 Centermeters" by Jackass Penquin
"Stotic Committment" by Redpill/Stacking Stones Productions

Best Use of Prop (a pillow) as a Character (tie):
"The Pillowcase" by Burnt Pixel Alliance
"Mike and Danny" by Street Souljas Productions

Best Use of Line of Dialogue: "Nevermind, Iíll do it myself."
"In a Perfect World" by Black Knight Stunts

Best Delivery of Line of Dialogue: "Nevermind, Iíll do it myself."
"Standing Reign" by The Real McCoy

Best Use of Character: Mike or Marie Martin/Travel Agent
"Mike and Danny" by Street Souljas Productions

Best Costumes
"2 Centermeters" by Jackass Penquin
Honorable Mention:"In a Perfect World" by Black Knight Stunts

Best Choreography
"In a Perfect World" by Black Knight Stunts

Best Special Effects
"Daddyís Promise" by Creative Dinosaurs Production

Best Graphics
"A Million Miles from Danger" by Team Offenburger

Best Musical Score
"Lucid" by The Original Fighting Mongooses

Best Song
"The Traveler" by The Network

Best Sound Design
"In a Perfect World" by Black Knight Stunts

Best Cinematography (tie)
"The Traveler" by The Network
"2 Centermeters" by Jackass Penquin
Honorable Mention: "The Way of Water" by New Lexicon

Best Screenplay
"Standing Reign" by The Real McCoy

Best Acting
"Standing Reign" by The Real McCoy
Honorable Mention: "A Million Miles from Danger" by Team Offenburger

Best Editing
"The Upside of Down" by Elevation Cinema
Prizes: $50 gift certificate to L5Pts Front Page News and a year subscription to Final Draftís magazine, Script ($25 value)

Best Directing
"Mike and Danny" by Street Souljas Production
Prizes:$100 in tape supplies or duplication from Blue Media and a copy of Final Draft software (list price $290)

Honorable Mention: "The Traveler" by The Network

Crystle Roberson for "Standing Reign" by The Real McCoy
Prizes: $300 Camera case from Showcase Photography and 4 coaching sessions from The Entertainment Personal Coach, Nancy Goldman (worth $500)

Congratulations to all of our award winners and everyone who made a film in just 48 hours!

Extra Special Thanks to our SPONSORS: Atlantic Station Studios , L5Pointsí Front Page News, Landmark Midtown Art Cinema, LAB601, Showcase Photography, The Highlander, The Independent, Final Draft, Nancy Goldman, NYCís Premiere Entertainment Life Coach and Blue Media Supply!

Filmmaker Blog and Photos

Want to hear about the Atlanta 48HFP from the filmmakers themselves? Then check out the Atlanta 48HFP Filmmaker Blog, where they tell us stories of their wild weekend of filmmaking. See photos at the 48HFP Photos

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Photo by Chuck Koehler.


Character: Mike or Marie Martin, Travel Agent
Prop: a pillow
Line of Dialogue: "Never mind, I'll do it myself."

The weekend of June 8-10, 55 filmmaking teams from Metro Atlanta, and beyond, successfully completed films. The masterpieces were screened June 13th and 14 at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema.
The audience had a chance to get into the act by voting for their favorite three films of each screening group.

The Audience Has Spoken...

Audience Award: Group A

"2 Centermeters"
Genre: Horror
Team: Jackass Penguin
Team Leader: Chance White

Audience Award: Group B

"Standing Reign"
Genre: Film de Femme
Team: The Reel McCoy
Team Leader: Crystle Roberson

Audience Award: Group C

"The End"
Genre: Sci Fi
Team: DebO404Atl1992
Team Leader: Drew Edwards

Audience Award: Group D

"The Perfect Mark"
Genre: Buddy
Team: CStreet
Team Leader:Christine Lew

Hats off to all the teams that participated!

Jackass Penguin, Chance White
The Network, Nikki Towers
Fossil Lip Productions, Inc., Leeman LeClair
Bright Elephant Films, Tyler Klang
Burnt Pixel Alliance, Joseph McFadden
Vids Media, Richard Mix
Cart Before Muel Productions, Sam Carter
PanPlex Pictures, Brandon Ley
Nedram Productions, Lorelei Marden
Ditzo Ridder Productions, Eric Haviv
A Boy Riding a Bike During a Nuclear Explosion Productions, Michael Goldberg
Trial By Fire, Andrew Sweeney
Creative Dinosaur Productions, Mark Warner
Street Souljas Productions, Harold Blizzard
Imagine That, Brian Kirkner
Elevation Cinema, Phillip Collins
Ferret Goddess Productions, Tabitha Poole
Transtion Films, Jacob Velcoff
Griot Productions, Andre Regan
Casual Penguin, Bailey Sharp
Wild Bird Productions, Becky Biggs
Five Star Films, Matthew Marshall
Black Knight Stunts, Nils Onsager
The Reel McCoy, Crystle Roberson
Sunscraper Studios, Jonathan Moss
Nerd Brigade, Angela Gomes
Zombie Cat, Molly Coffee
Cool Hat Produtions, Matt Nielsen
Co_lab Films, Todd Spainhour
Divided Frame Productions, Brad Baker
The Fighting Mongooses, Jim Crose
Film Vert, Gene Brighton
Anatidaephobia Entertainment, Katie Clifford
Redpill Productions/Stacking Stones Films, Angel Maynard
New Lexicon, Garrett DeHart
Debo404ATL1992, Drew Edwards
The Renegades, Avril Speaks
A Buqui/Theory Production, Michael Crommett
Dead Puppy Productions, Joel Mendelson
Blue Heron Films, Sue Ann Taylor
One Armed Pilgrim, Savvy Lorestani
Made You Look, Carlos J. Ramsey, Theron Barney
cStreet, Christine Lew
The Original Moonshine Company, Ann-maree Lee
3 Green People Productions, Chiken Green
ATL Media Productions, Juan Quintero
Seaver Films, Adam Seaver
Team Offenburger, Scott Gregory
Theater 7, Scott Wiley
Art Within, Jeff Adelman
Surfing Buddhas, Jennifer Conway
Fighting Mongooses, Dennis Schoffstall
Monolith Pictures, James Murphy/Allen Robinson
Rational Spirit, Chris Ethridge