The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project

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The Boston 48HFP on DVD

The best films of the Boston 48 Hour Film Project from 2004, 2005, and 2006 are now available on DVD!

The Best of the 48 Hour Film Project: Boston 2006

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The Envelope Please...

The judges have made their decisions. They had a very difficult time this year, because so many of the films were so good. We're more amazed every year by what Boston filmmakers put together for the 48HFP. Thank you all for all of your hard and amazing work!

48 Hour Retro Award
Wait, What? & Longshot Film Factory for "Writer's Block"

Most Authentic Boston Film
Team Nomo for "Mother Go Forth"

Most Original Concept
James Dingle from Advanced Teamwork for "Piggy"

Best Dog
Joon for "The Tell-Tale Stomach"

Best Use of Genre (tie)
We're Making a Movie for "The Guts and the Glory" and
Playomatic Productions for "Opening Night Jitters"

Best Use of Character
We're Making a Movie for "The Guts and the Glory"

Best Use of Prop
Burger Menu Productions for "Room 17"

Best Use of Line of Dialogue
Bait & Tackle for "Gluttonous G. Goforth"

Best Costumes
Kristina Wacome Stevick & History Alive! for "Gluttonous G. Goforth"

Best Special Effects
Douglas Applewhite and Lynn Wilcott for "The Guts and the Glory"

Best Titles
Michael Powers for "Overbyte"

Best Score
Anders Carlsson from Goto80 for "Piggy"

Best Original Soundtrack
The Post-Modern Avengers for "INS and Outs"

Best Acting
Playomatic Productions for "Opening Night Jitters"

Best Editing
Steven Stuart for "Opening Night Jitters"

Best Screenplay
Ed Cachianes for "Mother Go Forth"

Best Cinematography
Gianni Gallo for "Gluttonous G. Goforth"

Best Directing (tie)
Michelle Barbera for "The Guts and the Glory" and
Scott Palmer for "Overbyte"

Second Runner-Up for Best Film
Bait & Tackle for "Gluttonous G. Goforth"

Runner-Up for Best Film
We're Making a Movie for "The Guts and the Glory"

Best Film
Glasseye Productions for "Overbyte"

The Audience Has Spoken!

The audience has chosen its favorite film for each screening night. The winners are below.

Audience Award: Group A
"Opening Night Jitters" by Playomatic Productions

Audience Award: Group B
"Gluttonous G. Goforth" by Bait & Tackle

Audience Award: Group C
"The Guts and the Glory" by We're Making a Movie

Audience Award: Group D
"Eat to Defeat" by Red Balloon Productions

Audience Award: Group E
"Iron Berry" by Ficker Flicks

DVD Raffle Winners

The name of these folks were drawn to receive a copy of "Funny Shorts Made Fast".

DVD Winner, Group A: Amy Perkins

DVD Winner, Group B: Tiffany Jan

DVD Winner, Group C: Pam Boiros

DVD Winner, Group D: Tim Porter

DVD Winner, Group E: Chris Brenne

DVD Winner, Best Of: Jeff Klann

Filmmaker Blog

Want to hear about the Boston 48HFP from the filmmakers themselves? Then check out the Boston 48HFP filmmaker blog, where Boston 48HFP participants tell us stories of their wild weekend of filmmaking.

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Photo by Ian Howard.


Character: G. Goforth, Competitive Eating Contestant
Prop: Bike Pump
Line of Dialogue: "That's why I don't trust her anymore."

Group A, Tuesday April 11th, 7 & 9:30

Advanced Teamwork, James Dingle
Alarm Clock Theatre, Brian Polak
Child's Play, Adam Shopis
Estoria Films, Adrianne Parent
GlassEye, Scott Palmer
Lyve Video, Frank Flahive
Playomatic Productions, Steven Baldwin
Plum TV, Adam Knee
Powered by Ethanol, Heath Waterman
say your name at the beep, Jeff Gibbs
Sophomoric Productions, Peter Pillitteri
Team Dungby, Gita Pullapilly
The Midnight Society, Wes Hazard
The Wicked Awesome, Jim Buckley

Group B, Wednesday April 12th, 7 & 9:30

Bait & Tackle, Chad Carlberg
Baz Films, Jason Bazinet
BTC, Philip Magcalas
Castparty Productions, Justin Fielding
Collective Subconscious Productions, Ned Scannell
Empty Box Productions, Andrew Bradley
Fat Kid Films, Michael Wholey
Hooray For Funn!, Stephanie Romano
Overjoyed Productions, Bill Fagley
Quietman, Brian Higgins
Team Nomo, Morgan Patterson
The Fruitinos, Jeremy Wahlman
the mud, the blood, the beer, John Coyne
The Post-Modern Avengers, Maitland Lederer

Group C, Thursday April 13th, 7 & 9:30

Altered Images, William Smyth
Bait Shop/Burt Wood Productions, Andrew Osborne
Bighouse Films, Matt Balough
Class 5, Richard Stack
Concerned Citizens, David Newland
Echoplanar Films, Nathanael Hevelone
Golden Bowl, Kristen Crusius
Men With Big Shiny Spears, Kevin Anderton
Team Torpor, Doug Cabot
The Faucet Drinkers, Kai-Jae Wang
The Professionals, Damien Garcia
The SomerVillains, Matthew Glidden
theINDEgroup, Justin Shannahan
We're Making a Movie, Michelle Barbera

Group D, Tuesday April 18th, 7 & 9:30

:) Productions, Celeste Chudyk
Backyard Studio, Jerry Paquette
Calmer Than You Are, Joe Madaus, Bill Dyszel
ImprovBoston, Matt McLaughlin
kinney hill media partners, Siobhan McAuley
OBNOTS, Joed Polly
Overstim, Alex Kaloostian
Pavlov Films, Lois Cunniff
Red Balloon Productions, Naomi Greenfield
Shirtless Dingos, Brandon Aaskov
Team S Fest Minus One, Jeffrey Ralto
Wait, What? Longshot Film Factory, Dan McCallum
WAP!, Ian Carpenter

Group E, Wednesday April 19th, 7 & 9:30

Blue Harvest, Jared Detsikas
Burger Menu Productions, Karen Mae Black
Ficker Flicks, Valery Estabrook
Jar-o-pennies, Chris Florio
Jiveman Productions, Asad Butt
Max and the Lovebats, Dan Mason
Sailing with Stupid, Erich Mettler
Semore Philms, Nick Blanchette
Sneaky Camel Productions, Kat Alix-Gaudreau
Summer Villa, Bruce Spero
Tapioca Productions, Audubon Dougherty
Team 47, Robert Colonna
Top Feeg, Joe LaRocca
Two Bits Productions, Bob Mussett