The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project

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The Judges Have Spoken!

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners!

Best Use of Character
Aaron Singfield for "The Realm"

Best Use of Prop
Joe Bauer & Rita Artmann for "Property of the Grim Reaper"

Best Use of Line of Dialogue
Joe Bauer & Rita Artmann for "Property of the Grim Reaper"

Best Make-up
Sheila Barber for "Queen of Hearts"

Best Production Design
Belinda McCulloch for "Life On The Road"

Best Graphics
Joe Bauer for "Property of the Grim Reaper"

Best Sound Design
Digby Hogan for "The Deposit"

Best Musical Score
Michelle Freestun for "The Deposit"

Best Cinematography
John Perrigo for "Queen of Hearts"

Best Editing
Jason Solari, Josh Potthoff, Charis Joy Jackson, Jonathan Proby & Beau Thorne for "Life on the Road"

Best Supporting Actress
Michelle Berka for "The Deposit"

Best Supporting Actor
Rodney Sweet for "Love"

Best Actress
Mercedes Porter for "The Realm"

Best Actor
Josh Potthoff for "Life On The Road"

Best Writing
Josh Potthoff for "Life On The Road"

Best Directing
Jason Solari for "Life On The Road"

Runner Up for Best Film
"The Realm" by Revue Factory Productions

Best Film
"Life On The Road" by The Initiative

Audience Awards for the 48HFP

The audience has spoken! The following teams won the audience awards for their respective screenings. Congratulations!

Audience Award Winner
"The Deposit" by Gunpowder Productions

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Photo by Matt Grehan.


Character: Cindy or Clive Spencer, Sports Commentator
Prop: a little black book
Line of Dialogue: "Why do you persist in calling me Bryan?"


Registered Teams

ArtSpear Entertainment, Rita Artmann
Fabled Pictures, Aaron Wakem
Get Reel, Tana Smith
Gryphon Tech INC, Lynne Gryphon
Gunpowder Productions, Darrell Plumridge
Midgar, Ben Tregea
PMD Productions, Josh Griffin
Rabriate, Adam Webb
RD Gang, Laura Jane Turner
Revue Factory Productions, Liesl, Aaron Hinde, Singfield
SCJ Films, Craig Wilkinson
Team Bris Vegas, Jason Vince
Team Triple Six, Brendan Cross
The Congenial Homies (Feat. Brain Trust), Nicky Bradley
The Initiative, Jason Solari
Wise Mule Productions, Tim Bray