The 48 Hour Film Project

A 48 Hour Filmmaker in Cannes

Day 1

This place is a madhouse. Last night after I arrived, went down to the festival, but today was my first real taste. When I got up, I went straight to the fest and walked into the Marche du film, which is the convention part of the fest. This is a booth filled film funhouse with production companies and distributors buying and selling films. It's way more serious than I ever thought but as we all know, film is big business. Needless to say, I have two meetings set up with production companies to pitch them ideas! Both companies are more horror based and one is the company that produces the 'Mega-shark vs Giant Octupus' type movies for ScyFy channel. We'll see!

Also, there is a short film channel that wants to buy the rights to show 46 Miles on their channel for $100. I almost laughed out loud but will still probably take his offer just to get more exposure, if the 48HFP people agree to it. Funny though. I told him to watch our other film Fonn Baeo as well so maybe we can hit the big time by selling him 2!!!

After wandering around for a while, I headed back to the hotel, put on the tux, and my 'ticket please' sign headed immediately back to try to pander a ticket to the new Pirates of the Carribean premier from a VIP. Tickets to the big premiers are available only to invitees and they have to use their tix or the fest gets mad at them. So, you are supposed to wait outside the theater for someone to hand you a ticket, which I did. And, it worked! I got 'balcony' seats. So, I headed to the entrance by the red carpet marked Balcony and wouldn't you guess, they made me and some others wait until Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Ian McShane, and Jerry Bruckheimer walked the red carpet first! The nerve! Don't they know who I am?

Anyway, after the b-listers move on, I am able to walk into the theater, up some stairs, past the theater and into a SMALLER THEATER! Yep, a large group of late comers were ushered into another theater to watch the film. I don't really care since we're sitting in a dark room watching a movie (and I had much better seats than I could have had in the large one). But, as we passed the Lumiere theater there was a guy literally trying to fight his way past the guards saying he had to watch the film from that theater. Crazy!

Well, as expected, the film was just okay but entertaining. I left, had my first sit down dinner in over 3 days and am now back at my hotel room.

Good night and I'll try to get you an update tomorrow night!

- Brad

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Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4

Brad Stabio (pictured on the right) of Denver Team Cinema Geeks attended Cannes with leading actor Chris Grundy. He shares his emails to his team with us.

Their film 46 Miles was the 48HFP 2010 International First Runner Up for Best Film. (Watch it here.)

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