The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project

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August 6-8
Entry Deadline: June 23

We teamed with SOFA to bring the 48 Hour Film Project to Cincinnati August 6-8, 2004. During this weekend over 1000 filmmakers, actors and crew wrote, shot and edited 4-to-8 minute movies.

Congratulations to the Best Film of Cincinnati 2004: Dog Day Productions' "Glorious"!

All the completed movies were shown at Greaves Hall on August 14, beginning at 5:00pm. This year 36 teams competed for the coveted "Best of Show" and "Audience Choice" awards. As there are three screening groups this year there will be three (count 'em - 3) audience awards. Come support digital cinema at NKU and in Greater Cincinnati!

GROUP A - 5:00pm
47:59:59:29 Productions, Chris Strobel
Dog Day Productions, Ryan Lewis
Fictitious Pictures Ltd., Aaron Millikin
Icarus, Christopher Allan Stevens
The Insomniacs, Natalie Henry
Media Bridges, Christian Appleby
Orville and Wilber, Laura O'Connell
Pirate Productions, Brian McMahoh
Pocket Veto, Janice Ostendorf
Priapus Productions, Chris Sears
Seventy-One South, Jamie Buckner
Warm Toast, Mick Warm

GROUP B - 7:00pm
3.2 million miles, Linda Byrket
Black Box, Brian Bergen
The Countering Group, Lonna Kingsbury
Dogmeat, Scott K. Wegener
Jabberwocky, Nick Knittel
Mr. Pink Productions, Daniel Fithen
Open-Heart Burglary, Aymie Majerski
Paynesland Films, Jonathan Payne
Pier Group Films, Matt Johnson
Southern Ohio College, Cyndi Snyder
Team Sleep, Ben Hafele
WHO Productions, Jeff Winkelman

GROUP C - 9:00pm
Bombshelter, Dan Phenicie
Bowling 300, Jason Rink
Brawny Lads, Jonathan Detmer
Full Throttle, Nick Baute
G-Force Digital, Gerald E. Fortson
Jeboda Beasli Productions, Abby Linne
Left Alone Picture, Eric J. Chatterjee
Myopia Productions, Richard Salisbury
Pixel Farmers, Mark Stucker
Quadrid Productions, Craig Spinks
Team Banzai, Adam N. Duke
Watertower pictures, Dan Reynolds

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Photo by Keith Lanser.


Character: J.P. Honeysuckle, Judge
Prop: a trophy or award
Line of Dialogue: "Some people call me Maurice."